Genevieve Nnaji

Adesuwa, Nene, Victoria and Grace are group of girls at university live in a house together and fund their studies by doing “runs.” For all those that don’t know Runs is, it is basically prostitution. These girls are patronised by Aristos. In the Nigerian context Aristo refers to rich middle aged to old men who patronise female students. All the girls are involved in runs apart from Grace…

Immoral Act

Immoral Act

Woman works as a maid and is “let go” when her oga’s wife leaves him, after he refuses to take an impotence test to determine why they have not had any children. The maid is unemployed and her oga is drowning himself in self pity. It is only when he sees his wife out of the street pregnant and in another man’s arms that he decides to rehire the maid. His main concern is that publicly he will become an object of derision, so his plan to rehire the maid holds a more sinister motive. He wants to impregnate her to prove his “manliness.”

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