Take Me Home

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Take Me Home

Director – Emeka Jonathan

Story/ Screenplay – Theodore Anyanji & George Ifediba




Clem Ohameze – Jide

Chiege Alisigwe – Sylvia

Desmond Elliot – Emeka

Mercy Johnson – Loveth

Tonia Nwosu – Tessy

Ndidi Obi – Jessica

Joyce Kalu – Roseline

Linda Ojere – Salome

Henry Opara – Benson

Gab Liberty – Mark


Themes Explored:

Infidelity in Nigerian Movies

Betrayal in Nigerian Movies

Deceit in Nigerian Movies

Religion in Africa

Karma in african Folklore


My Rating 80%



Great interwoven tales about cheating, betrayal, deceit and manipulation.


Mercy plays Loveth, a wayward wife that cheats while her husband is out of the country on business. Chiege plays Sylvia a repeat husband snatcher, while Henry Opara plays Benson, someone who appears to be and upstanding member of the church but who in fact has a plot which is less than ethical. He seduces another member of the congregation, who is an “old cargo” desperate for marriage. He promises her a life partnership, but in fact plans to bleed her dry financially without ever actually making it up the altar.






Religion plays a role in this film in that all the waywardness and cheating that takes place is blamed on the devil. (I personally am sick of “the devil” being brought into everything, but nevertheless it most likely valid as a reflection on how deeply entrenched in religion (Christianity/ Islam) is in Nigerian society)


The pastor in the film has a revelation that both sisters Loveth and Tessy her sister who is being scammed (and impregnated and dumped) by a church member are being held in bondage by the devil hence their gross misfortune. It is discovered that their late cultist father made a covenant with the devil offering up his daughters as collateral.


Of course the pastor excises their demons, but then the shock… Wait for it! He tells the Tessy that,


“God has given me to you as my wife.”


As a man of God has said that his desire to marry her is ordered by god himself Tessy does not even question his claim or resist. I find this idea of not questioning anything once “God” is mentioned very disturbing and dangerous, especially with those who may have ulterior motives. Nevertheless Tessy becomes the pastor’s wife and in a sense it is fitting because she gets the virtuous husband that she dreamed of, and deserves considering what she went through.


The other characters in the film get what is coming to them and this film shows us that Karma is real. What goes around surely does come around! I would definitely recommend this film. It is entertaining and Mercy Johnson does a great job as Loveth. She totally immerses herself into the character and becomes that conniving, manipulative and wayward wife.


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  1. I love this sincere review. You really know what you are doing. Ride on.

  2. You are one of the best things to happen to Nollywood. With criticisms of people like you, mediocre films will stop going on shelves.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank You both!

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