Tears From The Heart


Tears From The Heart – 2011
Story – Princess Halliday
Screenplay – Princess Halliday, Tchidi Chikere
Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Gabriel Okey Okonkwo

Bukky Wright – Alhaja Mairo
Yvonne Nelson – Fatima
Stephani Oforka – Bimbo
Senanu Gbedawo – Dami
Tchidi Chikere – Tunji
Princess Halliday – Anne
Irenita Eze – Jane
Adejoke Ajibade – annes Mum
Gwen Ezeh – Sandra
David Aginwa – Waiter

Love in Adversity
Juju (Charms) Money Rituals

NollywoodForever.com Rating 58%


Dami played by Senanu Gbedawo works for the family business and his life is being controlled by his overbearing mother who is constantly calling him and ordering him about on her whims, so much so that his girlfriend Bimbo breaks up with him. Meanwhile him mother seems more impressed with her nephew Tunji played by Tchidi Chikere who has many many girls that he plays. She wants her son to be like this as opposed to serious with one girl. She sends Dami to do business in Abuja with his cousin TJ as a chaperone to make sure that he does not get serious with any girl. The question we must ask is why?


The mother is so selfish, when Dami tells her Ann is pregnant. Instead of congratulating him she says,

“Do you realise the kind of trouble you want to bring in this house for me. Don’t you know you are too young for this rubbish. You are 30 years old Dami. Don’t look for my other side.”

Most mothers would be pleased that their 30 year old son has found a woman he loves and wants to build a family with but this mother is only concerned for the money rituals she has made rather than her son’s happiness. She exclaims,

“This life is too sweet for me to die young”

Eh hehn but she is willing to sacrifice her own sons life and happiness.


There was juju overkill in this movie. It is 2011 and still juju themes feature heavy in Nollywood. I guess this must be a reflection on society or they wouldn’t keep on showing us the same darn thing. Alhaja Mairo is doing juju to succeed in business and to stop her son getting into a serious relationship. She has promised him from childhood to the spirits which is why she is so stuck on this idea, It is overkill when we see Fatima greasing up her thighs with charms to trap Damilola and to make him not listen to his mother. At this point I could only shake my head.

Performances By The Cast

Senanu Gebadawu was speaking Yoruba I was impressed. It seemed pretty authentic to me. Senanu is dreamy when he was feeding Anne all his romantic lines he was really convincing. He played the heartthrob really well. Hmm now I know how he tricked that assistant into stealing her bosses money for him. I would have liked to see him paired longer with Stephanie Oforka. The movie would have been better had her role been swapped with Princess Halliday’s.

Princess Halliday plays Anne the chick that Dami meets at the pizza place.. Oh lawd the acting was so forced. She appeared decent enough when not speaking too much but then when we see her gisting with her friend I was just cringing. She is definitely not a natural. It may come with time but for now I’m not feeling her at all. She is a co-producer in the movie and partly responsible for casting so that explains why she is in the movie. Bad move. She isn’t the worse actress, just not very good at all.

Bukky Wright was the standout performance. She did a stellar job as the overbearing mother. The Yoruba additions were a very nice touch. And her performance at the end was outstanding. I love this lady.

Memorable Scene

Dami tells his mother that his girlfriend has just broken up with him and she exclaims,

“I have been telling you that you should have more than one girlfriend. Yes! Girls are meant to be toys that you play about with in your spare time when you don’t have much to do. Yes! Now look at it. I have told you when you have more than one girlfriend when one breaks up with you just pick up the phone and call girlfriend number two, girlfriend number three, girlfriend number four. Depending how many girlfriends you have you can call up to girlfriend number 20. You don’t have to be there looking like a fool because a girl breaks up with you.”

NollywoodForever Says What?

In one scene Dami comes to Anne’s house he knocks the front door, peers round it and then closes it. Ann then comes to the door peers through the peephole and then acts like she is unlocking it. But we already done seen it was open! Say what?


I would recommend the movie. It was aigght. Nothing great but performances from Bukky Wright especially and Senanu Gebadawu made it enjoyable. I wasn’t however too excited about the juju storyline and the long scenes of nothingness. Up and down between scenes. This is one where you will need to have your remote control handy. I also somehow felt that the movie was just lacking in something. Not one of Tchidi’s best. In my opinion he should stop lending his name to people who are not on his level. Nevertheless it was aiiight.

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  1. Yoooo, now I wanna see, even if it's just to see Bukky Wright say that line, I love her too.

    I think such a role is good casting for her.

    There's even a Yoruba movie, Omotara Johnson, she did Chidi Mokeme, yes oh, he was speaking my mother tongue, even better than me. I loved it and her acting was superb, just thought her casting herself there was a lil unrealistic.

    But, I'm off to find this wan

    • Oh really the only Yoruba film I have seen is Jenifa. I would like to watch more but it is the off key subtitleing that puts me off seeking out the movies.

  2. ive seen the movie Tears from the Heart and it really is good. couldnt help crying as it all seemed so Real. indeed,I am Truly Touched. whoever the Independent 'one minded' individual is that puts up such remark on review is clearly mentally derailed. whole cast Performed well in accordance to the Story Line.

  3. Brandon says:

    oohhh, i Love Princess Halliday's Dimples!

  4. marcus says:

    nollywood Review Writer/one man film critic! u sure do not know what you're talking about.i have just seen the movie and i must state that it is Meaningful and makes sense. Be careful of your choice of word..Source for Valuable information as much as you can before bringing up your penniless self to the internet representing a site. Talking about level, i know Princess in Person. she's on the High end both Intellectually and Financially. shes bagd several Degrees in core Disciplines both Nationally and Internationally plus she can put your entire sorry ass generation on a pay roll if need be! P.s she's currently filming in the u.s!!

  5. I saw it and i think it is intresting. I loved it. It was really touching, tough i have only seen the beginning.

  6. Bukky wright had the stand out performance, nd for Senanu, his yoruba was really convincing. I loved both of them….not a catchy story line though nd wat was Yvonne Nelson doyn there, I think she's way above playing such roles in movies and yeah princess halliday shoulda woulda coulda let Stephanie Oforka play her role instead….

  7. That Anne was a complete mess. Every scene with her was fast forwarded. Please producers and directors know your limit.

  8. please how can I get this movie

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