African – Ghanaian Movie Review

Temptation ~ 2010 (Repackaged as SEDUCTION)
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Frank Raja Arase
Producer Abdul Salam Mumuni
Venus Film Productions

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Majid Michel – Michael
Martha Ankomah – Nicky
Fred Nuamah – Barrister
Artus Frank – Raymond
Dan Mensah – Henry
Zynnel Lyclia Zuh – Tricia
Roger Quartey – Dr Ken
Salma Mumin – Queen
Jessie Afful – Jenny
Abieku Sagoe – Dr Asmoah

Nollywood Themes:

African Movie Synopsis:

Michael and Nicky played by Majid Michel and Martha Ankomah are a married couple with a young daughter. Their marriage is troubled because their daughter has a hereditary disease from Nicky’s side of the family and Michael blames her, accusing her family of being cursed. Nicky wants to save her marriage and tried talking to her husband to resolves the problems however, their marriage is on the rocks and the arguments continue.

Nicky is being romantically pursued by her family doctor, Ken. She was due to marry him but as he cheated on her just before the wedding she called it off and married Michael instead. Doctor Ken now wants her back and begs her to divorce her husband. At the same time that his is happening Nicky’s husband ends up entangled in a web of blackmail after his indiscretion with a married woman.

My Rating – 64%

The Movie Cast

Martha Ankomah
I thought that Martha’s performance was excellent. She really is a versatile actress. Her best performance was at the end of the movie where she needs to take her daughter to the hospital and can’t get through to Michael’s phone. She really put her heart and soul into acting out the panicked and terrified mother.

Majid Michel
Majid Majid, what can I say. He never disappoints and of course he delivered AGAIN.

Artus Frank
This is my third time seeing him in a movie and the biggest role I’ve seen him in yet. He played the villain well and with an understated cool. His look certainly suits the villain role.

Zynnel Lyclia Zuh
Zynnel wasn’t bad but her performance was just mediocre. She has potential though and I would expect that she will improve.

Salma Mumin
Salma Mumin played the part of Queen, Nicky’s sister. What was up with the overacting? The part where Nicky tells Queen that she thinks Michael is cheating ion her she starts wailing like a banshee and screaming like a fishwife at the market. It was all very over the top and not believable at all.

Doctor Ken
Why would Nicky still have Ken as the family doctor if he cheated on her? It would be different if her husband Michael didn’t know about their history but he did and was bitter about the whole situation. That seems crazy to me to voluntarily be in that situation. Are there no other doctors in Ghana?

Michael was already treating his wife like trash by refusing to eat her food and not sleeping with her, so why allow himself to be blackmailed repeatedly as opposed to just telling his wife what had happened, begging for forgiveness and swallowing the consequences?

The Motive
What was the sister’s motive? The one that she gave just didn’t add up for me. She said that Nicky treated her badly but we didn’t see any evidence of that. Why was she acting like best friends with her sister if she hated her so much? Most people that have family members that they despise to the point of wanting to ruin their lives would just distance themselves not create a whole elaborate plot. In that sense the whole sibling rivalry reminded me of Ghanaian Movie – The Game

Nollywood Forever Says WHAT?
At the end of the movie when Michael comes to the hospital to give blood, Nicky keeps asking him over and over, “Where did you sleep last night?” This was annoying me. Your kid is dying and you are there banging on about where your husband spent the night. You would think that she would leave that for another time.

Why didn’t Majid recognise his sister in law’s voice? When she made that call to him at the beginning of the movie? It wasn’t like she was disguising her voice.

If Raymond and Tricia were simply hired by Queen and not acting off their own back then why do we see them repeating the same exact scenario with another man?


I would recommend the movie. I liked the story and the twist was stellar (although I did suspect it) I was highly engaged with the movie however it did not have that je ne sais quoi to elevate it to the greatness I have so badly been craving and hoping for this year. If it had contained the same levels of tension, drama and excitement that was packed in at the end I may have felt differently, nevertheless Thumbs up.

NB Can anyone tell me if the name is Abieku Segoe or Abeiku Segoe? I keep seeing it spelt differently!

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  1. louisa king says:

    Hi Nolly,

    It seems that Tricia and Ray were just a pair of professional con artists who got hired by Queen. Their stake in it all was the money to be extorted, while Queen's point was to exact her revenge in destroying her sister's marriage. To the three conspirators it was a win-all-around.

    Great analysis though. Thanks.

    PS: Judging from the Venus Films and affiliate production company releases this year, it seems the quest to find the most compelling female lead actor pairing for Majid Michel is not quite hitting the mark. He on the other hand is just stretching his range by leaps and bounds with each successive performance. Interesting to watch.

    • Hi Louisa!

      I just felt that it would have been more realistic to not have them carrying out the same exact con. For me that part just didn't fit.

      Venus just need to forget all that and just draft Genevieve in. I love Majid and Genny together.

      • Louisa King says:

        Hi Nolly,

        I understand your point. But that was their regular shtick and they had gotten away with it over and over again, with their victims NOT reporting to the police because of the potential for scandal (as Tricia stated when Michael suggested they report the blackmail to the police).

        Their complacency is also the reason they get caught in the end (just like we see happen in Hollywood movies when the villains get careless and then get caught).

        I can imagine Genny and Majid a spy/or investigative miniseries featuring multiple locations around the continent for each movie installment. How about that? I could try working on that. LOL!

  2. My problem with Mumuni's films is that the story is never well thought out. He doesn't put in effort in building his stories. The sister saids "I hate you because you always made me wash your clothes and made me have an abortion against my wish" what kind of hatred is that????? Is not like your womb was damage as to every Ghanaian and Nigerian movie abortion story.

    I think Mumuni should've put in more effort in the sister rivalry story. The sister had no motive for hating her sister so much.

    I loved Martha Ankomah is thia movie and I think she should be challenge a little bit more. She got a lot of potential.

    • I know what you mean. LMAO @ what kind of hatred is that????? Is not like your womb was damage as to every Ghanaian and Nigerian movie abortion story.

      You know that. Now that would be a reason to really complain! Who is going to go to that extent to ruin their sister's life for such flimsy reasons? It would have made more sense if she had disfigured her, arranged for her to be gang raped,or perhaps turned her whole family against her. Then we could say, oh she was wronged, but no the girl was only asked to wash clothes and she is going ballistic KMT.

      • Louisa King says:


        Nikki DID ask her sister, Queen, in the end whether her stated reasons were ALL that she had to justify the plot to destroy Nikki's marriage. It was obvious that there certainly was more to Queen's story. And the easiest answer was sheer ENVY. After all her sister was married to a famous movie director while she had no one in her life.

        • I guess that could really happen but to me it does not make sense. We are not told if she had someone in her life or not, and I cannot see what there would to be jealous about being married to a man who is horrible to you does not eat your cooking, or make love to you. The marriage was already in the doldrums so in that sense it was stupid that she went to such lengths.

          The other thing that I did not put in the review is. Majid is the one that approached Tricia in the restaurant. She didn't have to come onto him at all, so the man was a cheater from day dot. that just shows you how the marriage was already in shreds.

          There had to be more, but they didn't show us any more, or even hint to the fact there were underlying reasons which would lead us to believe that Abdul Salam Mumuni and Phil Efe Bernard just did not develop the story and script enough. Perhaps they thought that the viewer would be so satisifed with the twist that they would forgive the lameness of the reasons Queen gave for hating her sister.

          • This is what I've writing about Nolly, Abdul Salam Mumuni and his crew have no RESPECT for us the viewers. He doesn't put efforts to his stories at all.

            I guess Majid's character was always a cheater so Queen did not have to work hard at all to get him to fall in her trap. He did approach the woman himself and started conversing with her.

            We need Mumuni to develop his stories a little bit more and put in more efforts too.

          • What makes it so disappointing when Mumuni and crew do things like this is that generally they do have so much more potential than they are currently fulfilling

      • In my opinion it would of made more sense if the doctor was behind the whole thing, his intention would be to destroy Michael and Nicky's marriage, while the black mailers made their money the same way. The sister thing was just a sorry attempt.

        • Yes that is true! I don't know why they didn't think of that. they need to take more time formulating these stories and letting other people read them to make sure that it makes sense.

  3. ok one thing i dont understand is that the guy is supposed to be having Aids in the end. and yet hes back with his wife. so shes willing to have aids too? and its not all queens fault. who seduced the girl afterall? wasnt him?

    • It turned out in the end that Michaels character did not have aids. His lab report was accicentally switched with someone elses, as a result he was told the wrong diagnosis. The aids twist was an element of the movie that took Micheals already bad situation to worse.

    • Nollywood you came here to thief my name abi? LOL

      Char is right the HIV thing was all a mistake. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. Because you have HIV does not mean you have AIDS.

  4. watchout for BELIEVE ME…

  5. I loved this movie.the story line was great..the only part I did not get was Nicky sister motive for betraying her. Majid was excellent as usual.. I love every movie this guy does.. I am waiting to see BEAST…Martha, I am enjoying see her rise, the first time I saw her was in Sin of the Soul and I wanted to see her again…..Frank, definately plays the bad boy role well..I hope he does not get type cast, because all the movies I have seen with him so far, he plays the bad boy……THIS ONE IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED O..

    • I want to see the beast but it looks a bit like horror and I don't like horror at all but I may attempt it one of these days.

      Artus looks like a bad boy so they probably will keep throwing him in those roles.

      • Louisa King says:


        No it is not horror at all. It is actually my favorite this year. It features Majid Michel in one of his most physically intense roles so far besides Crime to Christ. The battle of wits between him and Kofi Adjorlolo, with both characters performing at their best, was a sight to behold. Watch it.

        • You know I havent seen Crime to Christ. I will check this one out and see what it is saying.

          • Nolly…..The Beast is the same movie as hollywood movie "Fear" starring Mark Whelberg and Reese Whitherspoon.

            If you've seen Fear then it's no different from it.

            I really don't understand why Abdul Salam Mumuni always copy other people's hard work.

          • Oooh gawd LOL Remake remake remake! I haven't seen that one either. Since I started watching Nollywood my Hollywood intake has dramatically dropped, although I never was one for Hollywood Blockbusters in the 1st place. I always preferred the arthouse films.

  6. Betty Boop says:

    It's ABEIKU…..lol

  7. Heyyy Nolly haven't been here in a while ….. love love this site.

    The only thing I liked were the actors they played their roles really well atleast most of them did. Its hard to say anything positive because this is a remake of the movie 'Derailed'- Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen and also elements of the bollywood version- 'The Train'. Remakes seems to basically Abdul Salam Mumuni & Frank Raja Arase's thing.

    Usually thei movies are remakes of Bollywood films (if u think m joking i can list all their movies and give every bollywood movie they copy) this is the first time i've seen the duo do a remake of Holly/bollywood film and if ur gonna do a remake it should be better or atleast as good but their movies always fall short this one included. What makes it worse is they not only copy the overall story when the actors say their lines its a mirror image of the original movies.

    Definately not as good as the original. However i can understand if u didn't know about the originals why anyone would think this movie and their previous movies are good. Its just disappointing because there's no originality. And i think and know we can do sooo much more that sed The actors were greattt though Majid was just beautiful to watch and martha

    • Hey Bibi!

      Yes it has been a very long time… Welcome back! I haven't seen Derailed… In fact I haven't seen any of the movies copied from which is why the remake thing doesn't bother me as much. I guess in a way for those that have seen the films that they have remade it must be as annoying as repackaging is for me.

  8. i actually thought this movie was bad and deserved about 45% not 64%. firstly i think martha's acting here comes on to false for men like the character she tried to portray wasn't portrayed well maybe it was the way the script was handed.

    my vision for her role or at least what i thought her role was a nice wife who loves her husband but he is just an ass and won't learn to love her and takes her love for granted and he cheats on her.

    but to me she seemed clingy annoying asking questions that were not necessary cheesy and all sorts and it actually made me accept majid's infidelity and if i were in his place I'll probably cheated on her…

    majid could have been better and don't think i have ever said this. The acting was just all over the place and this is the cast as a whole, script is just not good, story was great liked how she played majid tha lil twist to it.

    in conclusion it could have been better…

    my opinion by tha way!!

    • Oh wow! I really liked Martha in this. I also think that she has alot more potential than we have seen.

      She can still love her husband and he can still be an arsehole but she annoying and clingy. Do you not think?

      I agree with you though it could have been alot better.

  9. ify onwochei says:

    anytime u review a movie, i just end up not watching it cos u would ve done justice to it perfectly. my dear thumbs up. u made watch jungle ride and i no i ll watch temptations. i ll give u my comments wen i watch it………….. keep it up dear…………

  10. Miss_sixty says:

    Overall, this movie was very um, let's say, *watchable*. (I must confess, there were a few scenes where I kinda felt like I was cheating on my man. Temptation indeed.)

    Some comments:

    0.The kid was the best actor by far in this movie.

    1. What led Nicky to have a cosy, one-to-one meal with the doctor? What exactly was going on there?

    2. Given the hot water "Tricia" had got him into, and the extreme pressure he was now under as a result, why on earth did Michael still go on to arrange a further sexual liaison with her? What was her own motivation for this given that she was supposed to be part of this blackmailing duo who had purposely stitched him up, as well as others?

    3. Why did Nicky waste so much time screaming hysterically and ringing her cheating husband who was who knows where over and over again, when her child was in need of urgent medical attention. Useless mother.

    4.At what point did Michael go shopping with "Tricia" wearing the Afro hairstyle, i.e. when she recognized the cashier? Are there some missing scenes or did he eventually remember something that had never actually happened?

    5 Er…hello?! Somebody actually died in the course of all this. What happened to the murder investigation? And why did Michael take the call from Raymond who was threatening to kill the whole of Accra/Kumasi if he didn't get his money in the presence of the policeman whom he had no intention of explaining what was going on?

    7. Er…so did Nicky have the hysterectomy or not? And if so, which doctor did they go with?

    6. Michael's HIV test results. Yes he is. No he's not. Come on, please.

    7. And the sister's issues?????? What was that about?

    8. And not forgetting the original marital issues between Nicky and Michael prior to "Tricia" entering the scene? That stuff doesn't just disappear with some ice-creams and a theme park ride.

    The movie was very promising to begin with but too many story-lines were started but just not developed leaving us hanging……

    And as for the type-written preaching… it got highly irritating after a while. But they could have at least got their spelling right "…but flesh is WEEK"!!!!

    • Hey I guess I missed this essay sorry comment LOL!

      0. The kid I don't remember being particularly good.

      1. Nicky went to the doctor because he requested to talk, ie try his luck again.

      2) I don't even know why Majid went to go meet the chick again. He can't even eat his own wife's food but is there putting his life in danger for one random. Who knows what he was thinking. As for Tricia I would assume that whole thing was to make the scenario more real to Majid to get him even deeper into the whole mess.

      3) The same was some people bring men in to abuse their kids I guess. A man is the most important thing in their lives even over their own children.

      4) Hmm you have a point there. I don't remember him going shopping with her while wearing the afro.

      5) That policeman scene was very strange. I couldnt even tell ya.

      6)For real.


      8) The sister maybe has some undiagnosed mental instability. I don't remember any hystrectomy ytaking place.

      9)For real the guy still cheated. Point blank

      10) That typing just took the cake. It irritated me greatly.


  11. This film was great and I enjoy it.

    Hey, Nolly, I was looking for your review on "I SING OF A WELL" but I could not find it. This is a really great and enjoyable movie. Please find and watch it and give us your review. You can get it on Bunibuni.com

    • Hi Jimmy,

      I have not seen it yet but I will post it when I do!
      Please can noone post links to where movies can be watched for free online because those comments will be deleted. Thanks!

  12. Ok, I must say I feel this movie deserved a better review. I just watched it and I must confess I was super impressed, not only was the acting completely believable, the buildup to the climax was really engaging, but the bad news is that there shoulda been a more a reasonable reason for Nicky's sister to have wanted to blackmail him.

    Secondly Ray or Frank Artus I guess, OMGeeee, that guy blew me away, he played the bad guy so easily and with some suave. I had only seen him in Chelsea and then this, I was so impressed.

    The end, I hated the end with a passion, we don't know how Micheal tells his wife that her sister is blackmailing him but he had to have mentioned the affair right? And then we see them having fun with their daughter like nothing happened. I'm not saying you must divorce by force but I would like to have an idea of how they worked through his betrayal and cheating and if he still blames her for their child's disease.

    Moving on to the child, omgeeee, I love that little girl, as in, for once the child actor was not stiff and emotionless, the girl was so believable.

    I know we have different tastes but I would give this a 70 cos it definitely had me hooked.


    • You are entitled to believe that but you must remember this is only my opinion and we can't all see every thing in the same way.

      Yes I agree a better ending would have made the movie much better. How can a wife that nags as much as she does to the point of even nagging on her daughter's deathbed all of a sudden forget the fact that the man cheated and actively pursued the woman too. I guess the message is to women, just be grateful you got a man and stop nagging.

  13. der is nothing original about the movie…they stole d idea from DERAILED which wayy better than this. i dont understand how dey think it is ok to jus copy someone else's hard work…it is called PLAGIARISM…..

  14. Majid. I love u! When I was watching the movie, i was like this is soooo familiar, then it hit me" 2005 Derailed with Jennifer Aniston and Clive Owen". But I'm so loving the African version. Everyone does the whole "cover" thingy. Bollywood does it. Hollywood does it. They've remade a whole lot of movies… Don't know where to start. So why can't we? Go on Africa with ur bad self. WE ROCK!

  15. lynns muia says:

    Majid and Martha u guyz after watching this movie then i realised something,that you people can really feel the movie and thats very good u can deliver all your feelings and make it look real i loved that,to you Artus do u know that you can be a very very gud bad boy i can advice this pliz dont let what u did in the movie affect a part of u.all in all the movie waz nyc bt next tym try samthin weird that its out of the box samthin that not many can think of.

  16. Please send the download link of this movie Temptation to my email omolara_animashaun@yahoo.com

  17. the track which was playing when the movie ended..I want the title plss

  18. can anyone plz tell me the title of the song which played when Majid found out he was “HIV positive”…plz plz plz

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