Terror and Tears

Beast In the House

Terror and Tears African Movie Review
Continuation – Beast In The House

Year Of Release: 2011
Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay & Director – Amaechi Ukeje
Producer – Chinedu Nwani

Eucharia Anunobi – Edna
Chioma Chukwuka – Barbara
Mike Ezuruonye – Milton
Sam Dede – Alfred
Walter Anga – David
Annie Macaulay – Mama
Angela Okorie – Young Edna
Junior Pope Odonwodo – Young Alfred
Browny Igboegwu – Morgam
McSmith Ochendo – capon Gordon

Forbidden Love/ Love in Adversity

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 40%


This one is a story of forbidden love with a cultism and political backdrop. Both Edna (Eucharia Anunobi) and Alfred (Sam Dede) have both been promised the post of state governor by the current state governor. However they cannot both take the role and despite efforts to get them to see reason with each other neither will back down. Edna is affiliated with the Jungle Queens an all female deadly cult on campus while Alfred aligns himself with The Crocodiles a deadly male cult. The battle for the government post gets more and more gruesome with even more being at stake when the discovery is made that Sam’s son Milton (Mike Ezuruonye) and Edna’s daughter Barbara (Chioma Chukwuka) are dating and will not heed their parent’s advice to stay away from each other. How long will the battle rage and who will be the casualties?

The movie starts with a Barbara being chastised by her mother Edna and then immediately switches to a cult ceremony and some guys dancing around a fire. The switch was too sudden and unrelated. I didn’t even get a good enough look at the guys face to know if he is one of the cult members, turns out I didn’t need to know what he looked like because he barely features in the story.

The movie starts to kick into being about something about 34 minutes in when Barbara and Milton meet on campus. Chioma Chukwuka is good playing the spoilt brat. The part where she was whining to Milton about not being able to enrol by herself was funny but she is way to old to be playing a freshman on campus and obviously from the way she was acting she wasn’t meant to be a mature student and allz I’m saying is if she was not meant to be a mature student and was not a teacher there was no need for her to be on that campus!



Both Barbara’s mother and Milton’s father are vying for the position of State Governor. And neither are expecting to get it off their own merit. It is all dependable on how much they can do for the current governor of state. Or how much dirt that has on him. From this we can glean just how much corruption is involved in politics and the assignment of government positions.


Cultism wreaks havoc on university campuses and is ingrained in society right through onto the upper echelons of society. We see this is real life too. Let’s take for instance the ASBU gang rape that just recently happened? It has been suggested that the rapists are cultists and it is well known that cultist often have links to people in positions high in society. This is perhaps a reason why despite a video doing the rounds none of them have been called to justice. Alfred aligns himself with The Crocodiles cult in order to achieve his political ambitions. He takes part in an initiation ceremony only to find out that a new recruit is his son. He is aghast at finding his son as an initiate. The telling thing is that it is not because he does not want his son to be involved in wrongdoing but rather he is worried about the scandal that it may create and the fact that his opponents will have negative information that they can use to affect his appointment

When Barbara tells Milton that she is going to report the actions of the cult girls to her mother he shakes his head and knows that it is pointless. He knows what kind of powers cults hold and how connected they can be. Barbara is naïve and the irony is that her own mother is affiliated with the Jungle Queens. The same cult from which she wants to get members arrested.

Forbidden Love

The parents are being selfish and ruining their children’s happiness with their petty ways. Instead of confronting the guy who offered them the post they resort to brutal and violent means to each try and get the other to step down.

Memorable Scene

Ooooh lawd when the man in drag showed up at Edna’s house I nearly fell out of my seat. I had no idea it was a man until the scarf came off. Imagine having a serious conversation with a Nigerian man built like a brick house and wearing eyeliner. It was too funny.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

When the breast came in the can I was cracking up. Say What? What was that a beetroot chopped in half with a nipple drawn on? That needs another Say What? How can a cut off human breast be as hard as a beetroot na waaaa! Now the fake penis was way more realistic. You could actually tell what it is immediately, unlike the breast.

Why on earth was Milton acting surprised when Barbara had the CD. He played dumb right until the end. Milton how can you be so stooopid? Say What? You should have told the chick right away. They were filming you. What did you think that they were going to use it for?


The movie didn’t end there which was disappointing. (I have since found out there is a continuation called Beast in the House. I’m not too thrilled about watching it but since I have it I may as well.) The drama only properly got started by the end on part 2 even with that I would not recommend this movie. The pace of the movie is slow. It drags on a bit. Overly dramatic music is used where it does not even need to be used. That is a bit annoying and misleading. For instance Chioma is on campus calling her mother and they start playing some heavy beat dramatic music like she is about to be attacked or something. It did star some great actors. Eucharia gave it everything she’s got. I really enjoyed her performance. I also loved the repeated mention of safe sex throughout the movie, but the movie on the whole was not well executed. It was just bleurgh. Thumbs Down.

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