The Black Soul

Black Soul

African Movies Review
The Black Soul ~ 2010
Repackaged as My Worst Experience
Story/ Screenplay & Director – Willie A Ajenge
Producer – Andy Nnawuihe

Ramsey Noah – Kalu
Jackie Appiah – Ruth 2
Fumi Holder – Kate 2
Rebecca Asamoah – Young Kate
Sandra Mprah – Young Ruth
Willie Ajenge – Warden
Henry Ofori Deckem – Abulo

Nollywood Themes:
Mental Illness
Rape Rating – 68%


Ruth attends St Morgan’s High School, a boarding school in the fictional Federal Republic of Mangonda. Ruth is a daddy’s girl who never wants to do anything that could possibly disappoint her father. She is drawn into bad girl activities that she would not normally engage in though peer pressure by her roommates who regularly take trips across the border to frolic at parties with older men.

One weekend her roommates persuade her to come with them out of the country to entertain some “big boys.” As soon as she gets there she is full of regret weanting to leave but unable to. If she thinks that this is the biggest of her problems the real problem is not yet to come as the guys that they are hanging out with are entangled in the drug trade and the girls have to bear the heavy repercussions for what was supposed to be a weekend of fun.

On their trip to meet the big boys for a weekend of fun it was kind of comical watching all these small girls bobbing along with MASSIVE wigs on top of their heads.

The girl who played Kate, Rebecca Asamoah was the best actress of the bunch (of the young chicks). Ruth played by Sandra Mprah had very stilted speech which made her slightly awkward to watch. Ramsey Did a great job as Kalu the mad man, he was especially convincing as someone with a mental health issue, especiallu during his outbursts. I thought that he got the right balance. He didn’t overdo the mad man act.

Facially I thought that Jackie Appiah resembled Rebbecca Asamoah more than Sandra Mprah, they both had roundish faces and delicate features. The same was the case with Fumi Holder resembling Sandra Mprah more than the actress that played the younger version of her.

Picture, Sound & Soundtrack
Soundtrack had me grooving to the golden age of music. We had throwbacks like La Isla Bonita by Madonna as well as Brandy’s I Wanna Be Down. The picture and sound was very much old school Nollywood. You would think that the movie was at least 10 years older than it was. I struggled to believe that it was a 2010 movie. The picture had that fuzziness that old movies have and the first scene was so echoey I struggles to hear what was being said and in the part to the sound was just bad.

The girls are thrown into prison because the guy that they are in the car with is involved in drugs. What I didn’t see was whether or not the guys went to jail too. Would it really be feasible that these girls would have been sent to prison and their parents not contacted?

In prison Ruth comes to hear the other girls true stories. Stories that, although they are supposed to be friends she has not heard before. Kate tells her, “at least you have a dad.” We find out that the only daddy’s Kate has known are of the sugar variety. These men support her education and living expenses in exchange for sex. Kate never knew her parents but made up stories about them simply to belong.

In hearing this we see a stark realisation coming over Ruth. She followed these girls knowing that she didn’t want to, she was assuming that the other girls had as much to lose as she did, not taking into account the fact that they don’t have parents that really care about them and they are also promiscuous and so will sleep their way out of any sticky situation.

It is only in the prison on hearing her friends stories that she realises why they behave the way that they do. That is why it is always good to have your own mind, know your boundaries and NOT compare yourself to anyone else. Everyone has different circumstances.

Emotional Scenes
The scenes where the girl’s were revealing all about their pasts and backgrounds was very moving and touching. I even had a tear in my eye.

That scene wasn’t the only emotional one. The scene where Ruth’s virginity was taking was pretty harrowing too. The scene was not graphically shown but was done in such a way that you felt the full extent of what her pain was through the build up to the act, as well as the after effects of it.

Life After Imprisonment
I was so shocked when Kate stabbed Ruth. I totally never expected that! One thing you would not call this movie is predictable. I sort of understood it as her wanting that stable family unit that she had craved for all her life, but it was sad and shocking that lack of any family attachment had left her psychologically so traumatised that she could in cold blood kill someone that was supposed to be her best friend.

Kate was so heartless I thought that she infiltrated the family to experience love and a family environment as sick as that was it was definitely not as bad as the real reason she killed her friend and stole her identity which was for MONEY!

I guess the reason why they made the timeframe so huge, was so that it would make sense that Ruth’s family would believe Kate was Ruth, because it had been so long since they had seen her. In that case they should have got an older actress.

It was heart-warming to see how Ruth was so loved and missed even after her disappearance 19 years previously.

Nollywood Forever Says What?
***** The girls manage to escape 19 years later. I was blown away 19 years? I thought that that was way too long. I mean do things like that really happen? 19 years languishing in prison, being raped and abused and the girls are there looking young and fine. They would have to be at least 35 but they looking to be in their 20’s. Wouldn’t all that hard life have aged them even further. I would expect them to look to be mid 40’s. In my head I just altered the 19 to 9 because that was the only way that I could make sense of the story.

*****Kalu went mad because his childhood girlfriend disappeared. I’;m sorry I couldn’t stop laughing. I had to hold myself back from screaming at the TV, “BUILD A BRIDGE SUCKA!”


I would recommend this story. It was a little dramatic, a little far fetched, but wholly enjoyable. The moral of the story is be careful what friends you keep and always stick to your convictions despite peer pressure. The drama was really hiked up at the end with the dramatic escape and the ending was satisfying and brilliant.

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  1. i love this movie.cos any movie ramsey noah is,i love it

  2. i love this movie so much!

  3. Its 16th of August 2014 and I’m just seeing this movie and I must say its interesting. They could have done better with the years,the resemblance and all the things you mentioned but as a script writer,I’d say the story-line is great and different. Beautiful movie over-all. *RECOMMENDED*

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