The Darkest Link

The Darkest Link

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Darkest Link
Story/ Screenplay – Juliet Chisom Okereke
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Mercy Johnson – Lisa
Biola Ige – Emma
Francis Duru – Ray
John Dumelo – Sam
Remy Ohajianya – General Onuoha
Barry Luck Uche – Sam
Pastor Ezenwa – Chief
Mary Uranta – Doctor Margaret
Chinezelu Agnes – Doctor Bill
Blessing Abhulimhem – Ify
Ikechukwu Onyeka – Psychiatrist
Sunny Nwabeke – Eric
Kenneth Kings – Namdi
Hellen Okorocha – Sofia
Uche Agu – Obi
Richard Nwosu – Jake

Spirit World

My Rating – 48%

Ray and Lisa are soul mates and on the night of their engagement Ray collapses and has to be hospitalised. He falls into a coma and is told that if he is to live he must have a heart transplant. When it looks like all hope is lost a donor is found. After the transplant it looks like a whole new beginning for the couple and it certainly is as when Ray comes around from the operation he is behaving like an entirely new person and having flashbacks about a life that is not his own.


I thought Francis Duru played his role well. My favourite scene of his was when he was fighting with the ghost. You could see the panic and fear expressed in his body and eyes. His breathing pace changed. It was believable and you were pulled into his fear of this ghost.

Biola Ige was ruining this movie for me. If she must be there I say have her not speaking. It was painful. I saw no improvement from the other times I have seen her. Her acting is so basic and unconvincing. She shouts to show anger, over exaggerates emotions and shows nothing in her eyes. She just goes through the emotions and doesn’t immerse herself in the character. Biola is clearly there to be eye candy. Two girls living alone and she comes from her bedroom in sexy nightwear with her cleavage popping out. As if!

Part 1 is pretty non eventful. There are a lot of draggy scenes. In one scene after we see Emma and Sam arguing the non eventfulness seems to last forever. We hear piano playing and then Sam sitting still for an eternity. I made a phone call. I made a cup of coffee and the dude was still sitting there. Oh the tediousness! Part 1 was a waste of time; it should have been 20 minutes maximum play time. Added to that, there is a lot of kissy kissy between Emma and Sam. Biola and John slobbing all over each other was just gross and not sexy at all!

I would not recommend this movie because Part 1 was just too much of a chore. It started to get better in Part 2 but then I didn’t have part 3 and I certainly won’t be going to look for it either. The story line was interesting but the execution was just poor. THUMBS DOWN.

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  1. Thanx Nolly, I actually felt I was been unfair to this movie at first, reason been that I did not have enough strenght or zeal to continue part 1 after a couple of minutes into the movie. Part 1 was so draggy, boring and to top it up Mercy's endless crying, haba! I got tired of the movie, stopped it and never went back to it. This producers shld realize that we are not roborts that will sit in front of a TV screen forever. Thanx Nolly for a wonderful review u just made me not to even think of reconsidering watching the movie again. 🙂

    • Jumoke,

      I too felt like I was being unfair for not having the energy or desire to seek out part 3… However the movie makers should try and capture our attention in the first 15 minutes to make us want to watch more not turn off. Watching a movie is supposed to be an enjoyable experience… not a chore like housework.

      The only time I keep on watching something as draggy as this was in the beginning is when I have nothing better to watch. If I had had a shipment I would have ejected after 20 minutes or so.

  2. You even tried getting to part 3, the crying was to much for me to continue loool! you are just right 15 minutes is enough to make us want to watch more not turn off lol. Some producers need to sleep over this an make some improvement! I rest my case……

  3. Wow. I had a different experience with this movie. If you have already watched parts 1 and 2, pls take time to watch part 3. There was so much suspense that I couldn' t wait to see the whole thing. It is actually one of the few nollywood movies that was well acted, thought out and well executed. There were no loose ends by the end of the movie and the end was meaningful too. I thought Biola Ige was quite good. I didnt know her before so i can't comment on her usual performance, but I think she did a very decent job. Francis Duru was good in this one. I got past his Calabar accent. I just didn't see any chemistry bw him and Mercy. He looks too plain for the seductive Mercy. Wonderful performane by her by the way. I also like the fact that the doctors they used were female (not the stereotypical male). Pls watch the whole movie and adjust your rating.

    • If it takes me watching a 2 whole hours before the movie will get good then I'll pass. Nowhere on this earth should someone have to sit that long!

      I don't doubt there was suspense in part 3, and that is great, but I for one will not watch it, neither will I be adjusting any rating.

      As for Biola Ige being good. What can I say, different strokes for different folks. You must be easily pleased. I'd like to hear what movies feature in your favourites. That would be very interesting to know.

  4. If you think Biola Ige was bad in this movie, then you should see her in Loyal Enemies as Van Vicker's fiance. I am not Francis Duru's fan but I must say he did really well in Darkest Link.
    I only watched this movie because I saw both Mercy Johnson and John Dumelo on the cover but it was a total dissappointment. I kept hoping for it to get better in part 3 but Mercy Johnson ended up killing Francis Duru to save her father.

    • Wow! I guess I know to definitely steer clear from that one then… She takes the crown as the worst as far as I am concerned. Let us just hope the torture does not continue too much longer. Hopefully somewhere someone somehow will get a clue and ban her from any filming location.

      So glad I didn't watch part three.

  5. I watched parts of this movie and it was ok. Francis Duru is a wonderful actor…one of my faves. I really like Mercy alot, but this was not her best performance, she was ok. Biola is always annoying, she counts her words when he speaks, acting is not her forte. I really wish they wouldn't put her in speaking roles, but hey she's a million percent better than Van Vicker. I hope that Francis Duru can give him some acting lessons one day.

    • You have spoken well. LOL

      • OK I take my Biola Ige comments back. That was her first movie I had seen so I cut her some slack. After watching a couple more from her, I agree she needs to be banned. Darkest link was her best performance so i now know how u felt watching her.

        Nolly, my favorites include Cindy's notes, Guilty pleasures, Jungle Ride, Perfect Picture, Empty Coffin. Those are a few that come to mind

        • LMAO! Lo I am glad you have seen the truth and the truth is that she is absolutely atrocious. I like all those movies too, the only one I have not watched to completion is Cindy's Notes. I lost my part 2. I know its somewhere but I've not yet found it!

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