The Dons in Town

The Dons in Town

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African – Ghanaian Movie Review

The Dons in Town ~ 2009
(Also known as Pirates of the Night)
Story – Christopher Ozoemena
Screeenplay – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Moses Ebere

Prince David Osei – Bernard (also credited as Justin)
Gavivina Tamakloe – Lord Boka
Majid Michel – Hakeem
John Dumelo – Mike
Amanorbea Opoku Boakye – Akorfa
Abieku Segoe – Chief Titus
Eddie Coffie – Pastor James
Brenda Osei Bonsu – Stacey
Eve Asare – Chrystal
William Opare – ASP
Rukaya Mashood – Eve
Eddie Afram Owusu – Landlord
Louis Saah-Acquahman – Akwesi
Roger Quartey – Desmond
Moses Lamptey – Mr Addo

Chronic Unemployment

My Rating – 60%

Hakeem is a graduate with a 1st class degree in Computer Science. Three years after graduation he has not found a job and lives off his girlfriend Evelyn. The big dreams that he had before graduation have not materialised and things come to a head when he catches his girlfriend Evelyn in bed with her boss in the house that they live in together. In a fit of rage after she seems so nonchalant about her wicked act he attempts strangling her. He is imprisoned because of this and only freed after his mother offers a bribe after selling family heirlooms.

One day Hakeem is out drinking when his wallet is stolen. The shopkeeper is infuriated and demanding payment, believing that Hakeem is trying to rip him off. The argument between the two spills out onto the road and it is here that Hakeem comes across his old friend Mike who comes to his rescue by paying his bill.

Mike tries to persuade Hakeem into join his 419 crew. Hakeem stands his ground and refuses on that day but later relents. He has a rethink when his mother’s house is ransacked for goods by the landlord in return for debt that his mother has owed for 2 years. His manhood is insulted by the fact that this man could come and treat his mother like that and curse out his non working status in the process. He has reached breaking point and takes the initiative to reach out to Mike.


First thing is first. Let me take a deep breath. I think I am in love with John Dumelo. I get the same feeling when I see him on screen that I used to get with Nonso. Brutha is fi-ya!

What sort of fool was Evelyn? You just got caught with a next man and you are telling your man,

“I wasn’t expecting you this early… Stop running around wearing this betrayed look.”

Eiwoooo! She didn’t even have the decency to rendezvous in a hotel and then she is giving back chat! The chick that played Evelyn, Rukaya Mashood was a baaaaad actress. Not bad as in good but bad as in awful. Not the worse I’ve seen, lemme not call names before the offended start flooding my blog, but pretty low down on the totem pole in terms of a convincing performance.

The actress that played Stacey, Brenda Osei Bonsu was pretty good, I don’t remember seeing her before. The only thing I had a problem with was the way her accent kept changing. Did anyone else notice how her accent changed at the end of Part 1. It went extremely British all of a sudden and from there it would switch from scene to scene. Weird! Why didn’t anyone tell her to stay in character? I wonder ooo!

From fast paced and engaging the movie got a bit boring for me in Part 2. It turned into being about this whole spiritual battle. The dons go to have a spiritual bath to protect their 419 business. What arrant nonsense? We see how chronic employment can affect the mind of young men. We see the change from the beginning of the movie where the men were talking about legit jobs to the greed that consumes them to the extent that they speak about 419 as though it is a legit business. After a 4.5 million jackpot after fleecing a mugu, Mike is talking about taking the “business” to the next level.

A big peeve that I had with this movie was that there were too may pointless scenes. Minutes upon minutes showing us thinking scenes and shopping scenes. Three long ass shopping scenes in one movie is too much. We get that the dons now have money. WE GET IT! WE GET IT WE GET IT!!!

The movie was for the most part enjoyable to watch (most of all part 1.) On top of that you have my two major eye candies of the moment Majid and John starring together. Does it get better than that? At the end of the movie I saw The End of the Dons in Town advertised, and so the movie continues. On the trailer shown we see the dons getting super extravagant. No doubt there will be a big fall to come. I think a continuation is going to be too much more of the same so I don’t think I will be bothering with that. Nevertheless I would recommend this movie.

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  1. nwachukwu ruthy says:

    thanks nolly, i'll make sure i see the movie but let me tell u sumthing and am very serious about it,pls leave my john dumelo alone for me.i know i love him more than u do so please leave him for the dude is hooot.

  2. Ma friend commot!lol like Brandy and Monica said "the boy is mine!"

  3. Are we talking about the same dude? I don't know. But all I know is that I love love love dude with the small dreads. But yes. Come visit my blog.

  4. Thanks for the review, though I am a bit skeptic to watch this one cause it seems like I have already. This is just another pirates of the night-crime -to- christ- type of movie… I mean seriously WHY?? and also dude with the small dreads (dnt know his name) is it me or every movies that this guy play, he's doing a supporting role for Majid, morel ike somebody's little B**ch. If I were those board members, I would nominate him for best supporting actor. Whats the point? its like without having Majid, he wnt do the role or what, cause I really dnt get it.

    • This is Pirates in the night repackaged! It is the same movie just different title… you know now that is the new 419! I highlighted it below the title of my copy. If you have watched Pirates in the Night then most definitely do not pick it up.

  5. i love ghana movie and i like john dumelo

  6. Dons in Town/Pirates of the Night…..this movie was great afterall.
    I was in love with ending of the educates us on how the LORD is powerful but once you sell your soul to the devil, there's no turning back. It's a good thing the devil took his body!
    This is the first time I was impress with Abdul Salam Mumuni and his crew!

  7. I've watched the Dons in town, I don't know how many times,infact I like all the boys who act in it.I even like the music back ground " Dons of Sakawa". I don't have any problem. I'd like to get the Nigerian and Ghana movies, I'm a South African who admires all the Naija movies and Ghana movies.I also waqnt to buy the the Prince's bride.Where can I get these movies in South Africa

  8. i love this movie so so bad

  9. vanessajohnsone says:

    dis movie is sooo fantaculose

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