The Game

The Game

Nollywood –  Ghanaian Movie Review

The Game
Story, Screenplay & Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Starring Actors/Actresses:
Majid Michel – Teddy Elbert
John Dumelo – Ronnie Lawson
Yvonne Okoro – Brandy
Yvonne Nelson – Shennel Johnson
Beverly Afaglo – Detective
Nadia Archer Kang – Jackie Oppong
Johannes Maier – Bill
Lion De Angelo – Fred
Fred Nuamah – Jake Freeman
Ebi Bright – Letoya Benson

Themes Explored:
Sibling Rivalry

My Rating- 58%


Shennel (Yvonne Nelson) is an assassin who is hired by Teddy Elbert (Majid Michel) to kill his brother Bill (Johannes Maier) in order to receive an insurance payout. Things however are not as clear cut as they first appear to be. Ronnie Lawson (John Dumelo) is a business man that runs his late father’s multimillion business empire. Brandy (Yvonne Okoro) is lying to the media that she is engaged to Ronnie Lawson to boost business with her modelling agency. Little does she know that she has been busted when Ronnie Lawson turns up at her agency posing as a wannabe model.


This movie at the beginning felt so much like the Ghanaian movie Naked Faces in the way that the characters were introduced. We are introduced to the cast as players in a game. Alongside their faces targeted through a viewfinder we see their vital statistics. I felt that there were too many characters introduced at the beginning. As the movie had not even started it was too much information to take in and to remember who was who.

Teddy pretends to fall for Shennel only to reveal that he knows her true person and wants to marry her for business purposes. When all is revealed at the end of the movie, all these middle scenes did not actually make sense. It is all very well having explosive twists, but everything that comes before the twists has to tie in together with the ending and for me this didn’t.

Notable Dialogue
Teddy – What do you think of love at first sight?
Shennel – I think it saves time

The guy that plays Majid’s brother Johannes Maier and the girl that plays his secretary Nadia Archer Kang were ABSOLUTELY DREADFUL. If you are going to bring waka passes on set why on earth give them starring roles and have them speaking so much? It really is highly irritating! I don’t know if they brought the yellow in just to brighten up the place but it was just torturous watching the both of them.

Yvonne Nelson did her thang. She played the Femme Fatale role very well. She also scored highly in the fashion stakes. Scene by scene she was dressed to kill (no pun intended) Yvonne Okoro was great. I enjoyed the scenes involving her and John Dumelo the most. They have a great chemistry,  great banter and are enjoyable to watch. My favourite scene was where Brandy tried to use a fake Ronnie to convince the real Ronnie that he in fact was the real Ronnie Lawson, an affluent business man. This scene was hilarious.

We see the way in which one thinks that a rich man is supposed to behave as opposed to what is, from the dress, to the swag down to the method of eating. Brandy tells the real Ronnie, who she believes at this time to be a struggling actor that her fiancé Ronnie is in the house and so he has to fix up before meeting him. She starts pulling and tugging on his shirt all in order to make him decent in preparation to meet this rich man, who is in fact a poor man in disguise. The Irony is stark.

Why does Brandy never think about the fact that the real Ronnie, or even those that know him may come and expose her, especially as she is being so vocal in the media about the fake engagement. I was surprised when Ronnie decided to go along with her plan to “play” Ronnie Lawson when it was claimed that he was a very private person, that few people had seen who shunned the public eye.

If this were the case, that he wanted to keep his identity quiet then why at the meeting with her uncles are the media there taking pictures after she told her uncle already that she was very private and didn’t want any media there. Why does Ronnie stand there posing for pictures instead of shielding the supposed unwanted attention? The guy even starts answering questions as though he has turned up for a press conference, to the extent that he is whipping out his chequebook and donating to charity. Did he write the cheque to give Brandy a clue as to who he is, or was he just generally trying to live up to being the real Ronnie as requested?

I didn’t really get was why Teddy would want to kill his brother Bill, as whatever money he made would have had to share with Shennel, plus the fact he was already living off a large inheritance. He wasn’t living in poverty so what gives? What made him hate his brother, that whole thing didn’t even make sense at all. The relationship between the brothers wasn’t even explored to give the viewers an inkling as to why he would go so far as to kill him and not give a frigg about it. The simple explanation given was that Bill was favoured more by his father. I’m sorry that doesn’t cut it as far as I am concerned.

Another thing I didn’t get was why Ronnie Lawson after he had made Brandy fall in love with him ran off and then hooked her up with another man. It didn’t say that he was an alcoholic or on drugs so what gives? By that stage he knew that she didn’t care that he was poor (supposedly) and she even went as far as to sell her things and to take out a loan to raise the money for his mother’s supposed operation, that means she loves you fool! If I were Brandy I would have been PISSED that I had sold off all my stuff for some big lie AND had my emotions messed with by bringing another man into the equation. Yes she too was deceitful in the beginning but his trickery took it a step too far, and for apparently no good reason.


I would recommend this movie. The picture quality was excellent. Despite the flaws I did enjoy watching because it had so many layers to it. It kept me gripped by adding new dimensions to the plot every step of the way. I think that the twist went a little too far so much so that it was actually confusing. There was a twist in the twist in the twist and I was also confused by the significance of the card game the scenes. I got that they were trying to tie in the “game” theme but it all seemed rather unnecessary. I think perhaps on second viewing I would “get” it a lot more but then it was not executed well enough for me to want to watch it again.

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  1. ok,#1>>a lot of pple who left a review in d site that i watched dis movie claimed dat it was d exact replica of an indian film "Race".

    #2>>> d way d characters were introduced in the beginning really confused me.

    #3>>> d secretary was a really hot mess…she kept talking like someone who had food in her mouth.

    #4>>>all d twists n turns of d movie made it really confusing 4 poor me

    #5>>>>Yvonne nelson looked gud, n so did john dumelo…i wasn't feeling majid at all, n i just cudn't figure out y bc i am a big majid fan…john n his gf was d high point 4 me in d movie, cuz most of d characters were confusing

    #6>>>seriously tho john really expected a lot by thinkin dat d girl wud wait 4 him after he disappeared with her life savings.

    #7>>>58% is a gud rating nolly bc a lot of d stuff were jumbled…n if indeed dis is a replica of the said indian movie Race…den i'm even more disappointed.

    • I am not against remakes per se just bring something fresh to the table that's all I ask… As has been said before, there is nothing new under the sun… As I have not seen the movie Race that is not something that bothers me too much.

      The secretary just didn't have a clue… She couldn't even talk naturally you could literally feel her trying to remember each word as she sounded it out… HOT MESS!

      Yes John expecting the girl to wait was ridiculous even the fact that he went to that extent would make any woman have second thoughts about him.

      • I want to please know the name of the song that is used between john dumelo is part and Yvonne it starts can you feel fell the air moving feel it tremble who sings it help help loved the movie

    • uv said it all copyin race movie haba u pple r meant 2 b arrested coz datz copyright,nollywood is what i call pirate,m also feln bad nyway bollywood also copied hollywood wit approval sha ha u pple wil neva change n u dnt wan us 2 b buyin pirated film yet we pay 4 wat u also downloaded u did nt even change d word d same tin nyway d copied work ws perfect bt ………..

  2. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi Nolly,I watched dis movie about a week ago and it was ok.John & Yvonne Okoro's part reminded me of Tchidi Chikere's efficacy with Stephanie & Desmond.The problems I had with the movie are as follows:

    1.Why were almost all the names of the cast english names?Dis is a Ghanaian movie shot in Ghana so why couldn't they use simple native names like Osei,Owusu,Ekow,Nii,Sena etc.

    2.The sex scenes were just out of the place.To me they were so unnecessary.Can't Frank Rajah direct a decent & simple sex scene 4 once.I admire Majid's wife 4 her ability to withstand her husband's acts in movies.Wat's up with all those smooching of breasts & other vital parts of women.It's degrading.Dis is the reason why we watch african movies cos if we wanted 2 watch those scenes hollywood has millions of them.

    3.The movie lacked the Ghanaian or African element.I believe movies serve as a marketing tool 4 the country it came from so if the movie does not do that but rather copies someone's way of life then that's not gud enough.I'm a Ghanaian so I know what I'm talking abt.Dat's why I liked Shirley's checkmate cos u could feel the Ghanaian factor in it as compared to her earlier works.Venus films & Frank Rajah shd try as much as possible 2 minimize the overwesternization of their movies.Thanks.

    • Which sex scenes? I don't recall anything distasteful… What to you is acceptable in the way of showing intimacy?

      I agree they should try and use Ghanaian names more. All the names don't have to be but it should be representative of Ghanaian society at large.

      • TheChuckylee says:

        Yea I'm talking abt the one between Majid & the secretary.Although it wasn't explicit but provocative.Just luk at way he grabbed her boobs and it looked as if he was trying 2 insert his fingers under her.Imagine u watching dis scene & a child or someone u're shy of just walks in.I'm not quite sure if u'll be comfortable.I'm not saying dat they shouldn't do any sex scenes but these are african movies so no matter how advanced we become we'll still hold on 2 our values.The sex scene in chelsea btw John & Nadia was okay well maybe bcos it was a diff director.I'm just worried abt dat sex trend in Ghanaian movies esp that of venus and Frank Rajah most esp.Anyway dat was just my candid opinion.

        • I think that in any industry there will be different types of movies and not all movies are suitable for children. Because movies are African does it mean that they should always be child-friendly?

          As for values? Hmmmm well I don't know sex is taboo in African society, but then everyone (well not everyone but you know what I mean) is doing it but preaching the opposite so what gives?

          I think if a movie is going to involve infidelity murder etc, then its a given that it is not goign to be suitable for kids.

      • Hi Nolly

        Please give answer to this…I want to please know the name of the song that is used between john dumelo is part and Yvonne it starts can you feel fell the air moving feel it tremble who sings it,, I mean the name of the Artist that sang part2 sound track…. Plssssssss

    • I am tired of everyone saying that these movies with all the sex is copying Hollywood. I cannot tell the last time I watched a movie and it had all of that sexual content in it. Ghanian movies are more like movies coming out of the porn industry more so than regular hollywood movies. Some hollywood movies have some nudity and some sex scenes, but for the most part they are way more tastefully done, well unless it is like a slasher flick or something.

      If it is a regular movie, there will be kissing, and getting into bed, getting undressed, but we don't see anything. I don't think I ever saw a hollywood movie where a girl was being f!ngered or a guy getting a bj or vice versa. Not to mention if a three-way, it's usually just them getting into bed, or getting out, not all the content in between.

      • There are Hollywood movies that show sex, look at Monsters Ball for instance, the one that won Halle the oscar. There are alot of Hollywood films with nudity, that is why we hear about some actresses getting body doubles, however if it is relevant to the story I don't see what all the hoopla is about. Africand are acting like the influx of "porn" is corrupting the culture. Peodophilia already exists. HIV is through the roof, Aristo culture CHECK, Runs, CHECK. You have a Senator marrying a 13 year old girl, and people are worrying about corrption of the culture. Erm ok.

        • When I wrote my first post my initial thought was Monster's Ball, and I knew someone would reference it. And people discussed it ad nauseum, still not sure why she would do it, or even show her boobs in swordfish (very unnecessary), (even a bj scene in that movie. And a number of other stars have had nude scenes or sex scenes (but not as explicit), but as I said those movies are few and far between. I cannot remember the last time I saw anything like those movies, well except for Piranha 3d (but that is a B movie).

          I am in America and I watch a lot of movies, but I hardly ever see movies with the explicit sex scenes as there are in the Ghanian movies(unless it is a B movie). I am not worried about the African culture, I am from TnT and we have our share of bad also, I am not knocking it. I am just stating an opinion based on my experiences with regular movies in America and movies like the game etc. The sex scenes are way out there for what is supposed to be a regular movie, IMHO.

          I don't worry myself with content in movies, I don't think it should affect anyone lives or influence anyone, it never did for me. I just got tired of the comparison to Hollywood, b/c I don't normally see that in the Hollywood movies I watch.

          • LOL and it was me that referenced it. Of course that was the first one to come to mind. I have watched alot of movies, from the USA and elsewhere and there usually isn't this big hoo haa over sex being shown as there is with African movies. The only think with these movies is that they tend to use the sex stuff gratuitously and not because it is core to the story. They seem to just want to throw it in anywhere and it just comes across nasty rather than artistic.

            I know what you mean about the hollywood comparison, but I guess what they mean is that Hollywood movies are less censored. It would be nothing for a Hollywood actress to go topless in a movie. She wouldn't be seen as the devil because of it whereas a Nollywood actress would probably have to flee the country. Even in The Proposal we see Sandra bullock naked, it was part of the story, it was funny, it wasn't a big deal. Now picture that in an African movie, People would be up in arms!

        • Oh and BTW, your site saved my life. I only started watching african movies a couple of years ago and I watched everything, but since your site, there are certain movies I watch and some I avoid like the plague, lol. Your site is great, and your reviews are mostly on point. I also enjoy Miss TILIS's site alot. I wish you did more reviews so I don't waste time on crap movies, but I try to get the ones you give above 60%, and for the most part they are really good. My first movie was My First Love with Genny and Patience, and it is still my fave of theirs, and Genny is my absolute fave. I guess those types of movies spoiled me, b/c I cannot stand the newer movies like 4Play, the Game, Kiss me if you can, etc. I watch them b/c of Majid, lol (but he is not that great to me), but he is cute, lol.

          So thank you, and please keep up the very good work.

          Trini Fan

          • Hi Michelle! Thanks!

            I know what you mean about being spoiled. That was the same with me when I first started watching, then all of a sudden I started getting all of the rubbish movies one after another in close succession. Man it was horrible. Thats how this started, searching for reviews and not finding any.

  3. Thank you sooooo much Nolly, lol! I've been waiting for this review for about two weeks now.

    As usual you are always on point with your review. I asked myself all the questions you mentioned because it was a bit confusing. So Teddy (Majid) wants his brother dead because he was favoured by their father. That wasn't enough reason at all.

    One more thing I want to add is why is it Brandy wasn't wearing a ring when her supposed fiance Ronnie Lawson was so wealthy?????????? I mean the media knows about his family background so why will he propose to a woman he dearly loves without an egagement ring?????????

    I was expecting a 24 karat diamond ring on her finger to show it off. I did like the chemistry between Brandy and Ronnie but I think this should've been a whole different movie.

    OMG……….Majid's brother Bill (Johannes) and his secretary was attrocious. The first time I saw Johannes was when he played the priest in Prince's Bride. He only performed the ceremony at the cemetary so it wasn't that bad.

    LOL…Detective Jake Freeman and his oranges, he loved it sooooooooo much he even brought them to Lagos, Nigeria for the investigation…..LMAOF

    Overall I think this is by far Frank Rajah's best yet.

    • LMAO I didn't notice the ring thing! Perhaps because the ring was soooo expensive it would be a risk to wear it so she had to keep it in a safe at all times? Lol

      You really think that this is Franks best movie… Even better than Prince's Bride or Chelsea?

    • Detective Jake with his oranges was so annoying.Imagine sucking oranges all the way from Ghana to Nigeria. The oranges were so irrelevant.

  4. nolly u need 2 watch treasure hunt…itz hilarious…mercy johnson did a gud job

  5. i even thought the movie will be splendind with the way chetablog compared it with nollywood hustelr…from ur review i'm not too happy but i'lll try and watch even tho i don't watch movies frm ghana…i'll try.

    • The worse thing about it is Cheta was RIGHT! I was doubting him but after watching Nollywood Hustler I can concur than The Game is a better movie… I couldn't believe so myself, but I guess that's just the way it is sometimes!

  6. this movie just seems fake…from the names of the characters to the whole story…wow.i think franj rajah arase uses biracial or light-skinned ghanaians to sell his movies…and they can't even act…including the so-called nadia, van, et al.

    • I agree he batantly does use them for this reason. After Van and Nadia blew up in the Caribbean he figured that he was onto a winning formula.

  7. ok another comment…LOL. i found out that frank rajah (AS ALWAYS) stole this story line from a Bollywood movie called RACE. that guy always steals ideas…u can tell he's not original. why do nigerians always have to give us a bad name outside our own shores? why? nonsense.

    • lol…we sure raised d same point…i really don't like it when dis movies r an exact copy of anoda production previously done…2 me itz like cheating, n i wonder y d producers can't come up with smthg else…

  8. Louisa King says:

    It seems to me from some of the comments above that some people are expecting any movie to be all things to all people. What is wrong with a film director deciding to create movies to serve a particular niche market? It should be clear by now that the entire African movie industry has matured past the "general audience" stage and is predictably segmenting in various film genres and specializations. Frank Rajah Arase's signature is evident now, and he has cultivated a particular audience following that wants to watch brain teasers set in this 21st century. Those seeking cultural narratives should watch earlier Abdul Salam Mumuni and Frank Rajah movies. They "have been there and done that" already.

    The comment from Nigerian critic and TV addict about ":light-skinned" Ghanaians is truly offensive. Majid Michel is not in movies because he is light skinned, and his pigment makes him no less a full-blooded Ghanaian. Nadia Buari is NOT biracial, and neither is Nadia Acha-Kang. The other characters (whose backgrounds I know nothing of and which knowledge is NOT germane to any critical discussion) are also no less Ghanaian or African. These throw-away prejudicial comments about skin color offer nothing constructive to film criticism.

    I viewed the film as an allegory of the dog-eat-dog power plays of the wealthy classes and the have-nots who struggle on the margins all across the African continent. For that reason that film did not need nation-exclusive cultural reference points to resonate and make its point. Remember that the Ghana movie industry has always tried to grapple with Ghana's multiethnic diversity unlike the ethnically segmented Nigerian industry. So something like selecting names for characters or enacting region-specific rituals have to be given a lot of thought.

    • I do not find the light skinned comment offensive at all. LETS BE REAL. How can one watch a movie that represents a country that has majority brown and black skinned people and all we see is yellow? It is insulting to BLACK PEOPLE. Same way in the Latin American telenovelas everyone is white and blonde, it is not representative.

      I am all for representing Ghana's diveristy but if one were to have never been to Ghana and watch these films you would think that the country is full of light skinned and bi racial people. It smacks of inferiority complex and self hate to me.

      I have been to Ghana and I don't know where YOU go that brown and black skinned people are the minority but I sure know walking down the streets of Accra I definitely was amongst black people. Sure I saw a few "others" here and there but they were the overwhelming MINORITY.

      Who said them being light or bright made them any less Ghanaian? I am not questioning their nationality I am simply saying what we are being shown is not representative of Ghana at large.

      The reason I fell in love with Nigerian and Ghanaian movies in the first place was because they showed people in my image, and before I discovered them the only movies I could sorta relate to in that sense were Black American movies.

      • Louisa King says:

        Well Nolly,

        If you must hold onto your assertion, there were TWO lighter-skinned characters – Teddy and Bill — in the entire cast of characters in this particular film and that makes this "insulting to black people"? Wow!!!

        So the visibly dark skin of the 3 gamblers, the two leading characters of the second story line – Ronnie (John Dumelo) & Brandy (Yvonne Okoro), Shennel (Yvonne Nelson), plus the two police detectives and the myriad secondary characters and crowd characters do NOT count as black people in your book? Wow!

        There are a lot of things to quibble with regarding this film but the charge of promoting black inferiority complex is the most puzzling to me. I think you are wrong.

        • If you believe that actors in actresses in Ghanaian movies are representative of the popluation as a whole then so be it, I do not agree. That is my feeling and the feeling of many that I know. I accept you don't agree with me we will just have to agree to disagree. If you walk into any Ghanaian shop and see their movies on a shelf you will see a sea of yellow. When I was in Ghana I saw a sea of black. I would not go so far as to say black people should be insulted, on the mere inferiority complex of a few self hating negroes. It is an observation, its not gonna make me throw all my movies out the window… yet LOL

          • Louisa King says:


            so you are basing your assertion about "self hating negroes" on the producer's choice of actors featured on a movie album jacket? Unbelievable. Let's just look at the actors on the jacket of this particular movie – you have Nadia Acha- Kang, John Dumelo, Majid Michel, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro and Johannes Maier. And you jump to the conlusion that these are all "yellow people" when there are only TWO out of the six actors who are visibly lighter-skinned?

            Nolly, I truly respect your work on this blog. it is the reason I come here as one who has studied and written about the Ghanaian and Nigerian (not under my pseudonym you see here) since their respective inception in 1988 and 1991. But I think you shortchange yourself when you bring out the canard "people say…" to buttress your often spot-on analyses. It seems that there is a tendency to superimpose American/European racial categories onto different cultural/ethnic tapestries. We have accepted without question the homogenizing racial definitions that were used to enslave and colonize us. What makes a person Ghanaian, African, Sudanese? Pre-defined skin-color?

            One thing to be mindful of if one is not a Ghanaian is that until recently, much of what has been passed off as Ghanaian culture/identity has been the overwhelming influence of ONLY ONE ethnic group (albeit a large one). In our movies, dating back to our now defunct celluloid filmmaking era of the 1960s, 70s, & early 80s, there has been little to no representation of what are termed ethnic minorities and their unique cultural practices in Ghanaian films.

            I can posit that Abdul Salam Mumuni and his team of directors, casting directors as well as affiliate producers (Heroes, Moshagov, Raj, Gupado/Marhills, Silverline etc) have featured the most diverse ethnic, religious, regional mix of actors, storylines, and cultural reference points than any other filmmaker/producer to date. And I have the hard data to prove my point. This diversity is more meaningful to me as Ghanaian who knows the history of ethnic and regional biases in my country, than any external perceptions about skin pigmentation.

            So in your book Majid Michel and Johannes Maier, and Nadia Buari (not in this film) are NOT "black"? Who is "black"? What is "blackness"? What does it take to be "black". We need to be careful about adopting European racial myths hook line and sinker.

            Nolly the issue here is not simply a matter of us agreeing to disagree. These are not opinions.

          • Nadia Archer Kang is not light/mixed? 3/6 are of a mixed phenotype. Half of Ghana is not yellow. This whole thing extends BEYOND "diversity" Diversity which part? They think yellow sells (and clearly it does) so they keep bombarding us with more yellow no matter the acting ability. Same way the Nigerians keep using Biola Ige because they think her good looks sell movies despite the fact that she SUCKS BALLS as an actress.

            Like I keep saying I do not believe that those they are highlighting in their movies are representative of the general population. You have now turned this into who is black? and adopting European racial myths? I don't suscribe to the one drop rule so take that as you will.

          • Louisa King says:

            Nolly, Nadia Acha-kang is NOT of mixed race. She is an Ada from the Ga-Adangme ethnic group sandwiched between the Ga of the Greater Accra Region and the Volta Region of the South East. i told you in my earlier post about the pigment diversity in Ghana and you chose to ignore my points about what actually matters to Ghanaians in terms of regional/religious and cultural diversity. And you cling to racial constructs. Sad.

      • Louisa King says:

        And Nolly,

        I am Ghanaian and I will tell you that we come in a variety of hues even within families. Besides those who have European or Middle Eastern parents or forebears in their genealogy, there is also a significant Fulani influence in the skin color of many Ghanaians who hail from the Northern, Upper East and West regions, not to mention some of those Anlo Ewe from South Eastern Ghana who tend to also be lighter skinned just like the Igbo in Nigeria.

        I do not deny the residual color-consciousness (from our colonial racial traumas) that still prevails in the society (as in other parts of the African continent). But jump from that to the offensive comments Nigerian Critic is galling to say the least.

        This particular movie is not the terrain upon which to fight those color battles. Let's stick to actual relevant critiques of the film.

        • I am not disputing that skin tones vary but it is absured for anyone to imply that Ghana is not a BLACK country as one might imagine after watching a Ghanaian movie.

          I agree the skin colour thing has nothing to do with the movie per se but it is still a topic that has been brought up as a result of the movie and worthy of mention.

          Same way if you see an actress in a movie looking bleached out, it may have nothing to do with the movie if the movie is not about skin bleaching but it is inevitable that it will be mentioned. Thats just the way it goes sometimes!

        • LouisaKing, I get what you are saying and where you are coming from. There are Ghanians of all colors so if they are in the movies then they have a right to be there.

          I also understand what Nolly is saying. These movies are always promoting the lighter skinned Nigerians or Ghanians, like they are ashamed of the darker skinned people.

          This is a problem in the black community and many other communities, like Hispanic and Indian where they are looked down on if they are darker skinned. That is a fact, it happens. So when the majority of the movies coming out, have lighter skinned people as the lead then it looks like they are the preferred color.

          Sometimes I notice in music videos etc that the majority of the video vixens are lighter skinned. You will hardly see any dark skinned girls. That is just how it is. Nolly decided to voice her opinion on it, and nothing is wrong with that. I get what you are saying, but that does not take away from the fact that in a lot of these movies the lead is lighter skinned. But at the same time there are a lot of dark skinned people in the movies, however, they are not the reason people watch. They watch for the lead.

  9. Louisa King says:


    One thing to remember is that all characters apart from the three gamblers are human embodiments of the "moves" being made int he card game. As such they acquire "traits" and "act" in specific ways, only in so far as they serve their gambler creator's power-move against the other two gamblers. The story's characters have no agency of their own, because they have been deliberately created as "character fragments" since their utility is only situational. Hence there will be no deeper raison d'etre for Teddy wanting to kill Bill, other than such a mission illustrating the game of intrigue between two male gamblers, Chris Addo and Ricardo Williams, with Kelly McAnthony shrewdly sticking to her game.

    • I see where you are coming from but either way to the viewer Teddy wanting to kill his brother because his father favoured him more just didn't make any kind of logical sense. That whole concept just didn't really work for me.

      • Louisa King says:


        people have hated their siblings for lesser reasons. Teddy explained the depth of his animus quite extensively in the closing scenes of the film and it wasn't just about their father favoring Bill more. A bit of psychobabble will suffice. Teddy is an all round thoroughly depraved character, ruthless, incapable of love/human compassion. All the women he devours are mere serial nodes in his quest to feel something, anything at all. Eventually his stated reason for wanting Bill dead isn't even about the money. It is all part of his need for conquest/victory at any cost and each "win" gives him near orgasmic pleasure as you saw at the end when he frolicked in ecstasy just before Bill made his surprise reappearance to mark the film's denouement. Teddy is a very soulless character.

  10. Hi Nolly, it's amazing how you always catch everything, good or bad in a movie!!

    I totally agree with you and all those who said that the secretary and the elder brothers were acting very badly.

    I will add to it the maid! I have more question than you to ask…..

    1-How can a secretary and a housemaid dress like this at work???? What was it all about?

    2-Why did Yvonne rent tha car using dollars?

    3-what was this orange sucking thing with the inspector?

    4-Was Schnelle really necessary in the plan of Bill? I don't think so!!!

    The story of YVONNE OKORO and JOHN DUMELO was the best

    From abidjan!!!!!

    • Merci mon cherie!

      In terms how the secretary and house maid dress I cant remember how it was but I'm assuming it was unprofessional… I think that that would be believable because when I went to Naija my uncle's "maid" was dressed like a Unilag girl on the hunt for an Aristo. And even where I work secretaries just dress anyhow… Even myself I roll to work in jeans and sneakers… LOL

      Yes the Yvonne and John thing could have been its own movie.

      • mehn…nolly i think this Louisa King is prob from Frank Rajah Arase's camp…too much defending…wen the truth is out in the open and majority of ppl have spoken…good luck to "Louisa King".

        • Either that or she is light skinned and sees me pointing out something blatently obvious and true as an assault on her identity. Who knows?

          • LMAOFFFFFFF……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Louisa King says:


            Your banter with Nigerian Film and TV addict is truly disappointing to say the least; particularly when none of my comments constituted a personal jibe at you or any other commenter. I would assume that the very purpose of your blog is to elicit healthy debate.

            I told you exactly what I did in one of my comments, that I have studied and written academic pieces about the Video Film industry since it's inception in 1988 in Ghana and 1991 in Nigeria. I also indicated that my publications are not under the pseudonym under which I comment here. So I don't have to know Frank Rajah Arase or be light-skinned (whatever that means) to discuss the complexities of ethnic identities in Ghana, my home country.

            It is quite telling, and I don't think personal jabs are helpful at all. Nevertheless, I also did tell you that I admire much of the work you do here on your blog because often your analyses are on point.

        • Louisa King says:

          Well, at least you wish me luck. Thanks for the "enlightening response," if this is is what passes for film criticism in your neck of the woods where "truth is out in the open and majority of ppl have spoken…" constitutes verifiable data to buttress your analyses. Good luck to you too.

  11. Louisa King,

    I too appreciate you taking the time to come here and read and comment however you need to lighten up…you may not be one of Frank's crew and you may not be mixed but U MAY WELL BE!

    I stopped the back and forth with you because it was going nowhere how many times can we make the same points over and over? Like I said I have my view you have your own. I don't agree with some of your assertions and u tell me its not opinion its fact… I don't agree. Ghana is a BLACK country and Frank n Abdul blatantly use people as their lead characters in a proportion not representative to the general population.


      • I do think they produce alot of useless movies but when they get it right they get it really right One thing you can say about them thought is that even when the movies are not that good, at least you won't be bored!

  12. *the *chatterbox* says:

    thank you so much for your review, i watched it last night and i enjoyed it a lot. there were of course a few issues that you menitioned that guy who played bill was really wooden, at first i thought maybe i was being too harsh on him but in that scene when shennel seduces him he did not seem interestedat all!!!..the girl was ALL OVER him ( n YVONNE is foine..esp in this movie )and in the next scene when he is supposed to be contemplating what he has done instead of looking guilty he looked constipated to me…Nwei personally i would have liked a liitle bit more depth with characters esp Majid ( a sociopath perhaps??? not like mad but u know those selfish evil villians who can hate for no reasom at all???..just my thoughts thats all). John and yvonne storyline was not linked in well i understand the whole "game" theme but it felt irrelevant…however i think they made a cute couple. the only other criticism i can give is if they (producers, directors etc…) are to use someones script, they don't have to inclue everything and they do need to tweek some things and make it relevant to us, i mean not one of the characters had an african name or surname one or the other is fine it doesnt have to be both and so on ..other than that a good movie.

  13. collette Orji says:

    Hmmm,I watched The Game and I enjoyed this Movie.I feel honored commenting here @ this moment coz I think you have all said it all…Lapses and comments will always come forthright but The Game will indeed keep you glued to Finish.I happen to have either worked with almost each one of both cast and crew and I will say this.It was necessary for interpretation to make Bill be as light skinned as his brother,Too sad,its said he wasn't exactly fanstantic though I think he's just coming up.Now,the secretary didn't go pretty well too with the character,let's hope to see her in another flick.Acting is doing natural things in special ways,there's nothing wrong with the orange thing and the detective.Natuaral attitudes go a long way even in story telling.Frank Rajah is a personal Friend and all I can say here is that…He's reaching deep into the markets,He's making business go well and we all love good returns especially if no one is hurt in the process.Release yourselves and enjoy movies more both to release stress and to educate.Its an interesting grip worth watching,we had beautiful acting from majority of the cast.great forum here I should say…Thumps Up Nolly,Fly!!!

    • Hey Colette! *waving*

      I too enjoyed the movie, and even thought it makes sense that Majids brother be light skinned too, that doesn't mean that they should just go pick up any lightskinned guy that does not have the acting talent to carry the role!

  14. I am going crazy for johanes maier he is so cute OMG I am a jamaican and I love nollywood movies I don't care about it being ghanaian and nigerian I love them all yall need to stop d hating and work together to get the movement out there. Stay strong u can't have d world seeing yall fighting over who is better….anywho back to the movie I haven't seen d second have yet jus here watching d first part and I think d director need to polish it up somelines were corny and over worked let's get it together but I still buy yall stuff can't wait to see the secopnd part I just hope bill isn't really dead cuz I will just die lmao

  15. too many twists, some really lame.

    —–>how on earth did johannes act dead for so long at the crime scene, even when majid came to the crime scene and people were gathered all around? not convincing at all that no one noticed he was alive.

    ——>so will Johan stay legally dead? i mean if he took the insurance money, isnt that insurance fraud? that makes him, yvonne and the police man criminals too!

    ——-> where on earth does some one(johanes) who just killed a woman(the assasin) in broad day light on the street, start having a lengthy conversation?

    ——-> so who shot majid and his house girl at the end, cos i truly have no idea???

    ——>who cast that secretary and who dressed her up? she looked more like a hooker than a sec, her outfits alone were enuff to make johannes suspect her!

    my best scene is when the assasin tries to kill yvonne. the look of fear on her face was so real. excellent acting by for majid, im kinda getting tired of seeing him grope girls, its boring me now

    • Tammy you are very observant I must say. As for your questions. I have no answer. I can't even remember now who shot Majid at the end.

      The secretary was dressed like a hooker because she was tryind to snare her boss, this is quite common now.

      Majid Majid… I never dey tire!

  16. Am really not a fan of movies,but there was something that drew my attention 2 dis particular movie and this web site,it is the song from the movie the one played during d act of brandy and ronnie lawson,and i am so addicted 2 dis movie bcos of this song,and i will b glad if i can get d name of d artist and song from you guys.PLEASE I HAVE REALLY SEARCHED ALL 2 NO AVAIL.

  17. All i can say, cant wait to see for myself and i will comment back


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