The King is Mine

The King is Mine

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The King Is Mine ~ 2009
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni
A Venus Films Production

Starring :
Jackie Appiah – Rose
Nadia Buari – Louisa
John Dumelo – King Duala
Kofi Adjorlolo – Agyemang
Kalsum Sinari – Esther
Eddie Nartey – Justice
Amanorbei Opoku Boakye –
Eve Asare – Cecilia
Luckie E Lawson – Queen Serwa
Helen Asante – Sandy
Omar de 1st – Clint
Roger Quartey – Messenger
Moses Lamptey – Boateng

Sibling Rivalry

My Rating – 39%

The King has chosen Rose to be his new bride, despite the fact that she already hs a fiance. It is a love triangle in that while the King is after Rose, Rose’s sister Louise is after him. Louise is bitter that the King chose her sister when she was the one that firstly expressed interest in him. When it becomes apparent that the Prince has no interest in her whatsoever the already fraught relationship between the sisters reaches breaking point. Although Rose is at first reluctant to begin a relationship with the King she eventually relents, dumping her fiance and seemingly really falling in love. This relationship with the King is soon in jeapoardy at the hands of her jealous and vengeful sister.


Here I am going to list all the questions I had while watching this movie, since I had so many:

Why do Jackie’s eyes keep changing colour? Not only is she Rainbow Brite in her dressing, but now her eyes too?

We see the King handing Jackie a Cerruti 1881 box with a piece of jewellery in it. They may have been founded in 1881 but they sure didn’t have boxes like that in 1881! The modern day jewellery does not seem to go with the olden day set. So when on earth is the movie supposed to be set?

The shakespearian language used would suggest it is set in olden times but then if in fact the movie is set in modern times as the jewellery would suggest then why wouldn’t the King just to a DNA test on Jackie’s baby once it was born?

The digital camera used in the movie by the maid to photograph Louisa and Justice further adds to the cunfusion as to when the movie is supposed to be set. So when is the movie supposed to be set I ask?

Queen Serwa tries to persuade the king to save their so called “loving marriage” but what kind of love or affection have we seen between them? In fact there is no chemistry between them and we never even see him speak fondly of her.

Why can’t Queen Serwa be sent away? She was not born into royalty so shouldn’t the King have a say on who should and shouldn’t be his wife?

The King went to all lengths to make Lousia his after growing bored with Rose so why does he not even want to make love to her to the extent that she says she has to force him? After he is forced he is angry with her and himself… WTF?

Louisa begs her brother Justice to impregnate her. I was inceredulous. At this point I am thinking, naaa that can’t be her brother, maybe I got something wrong somewhere, until I hear him say, “this is incest.” They are about to get busy in order for him to impregnate her and she starts kissing him softly. Er why would she be doing all that if he is just trying to impregnate her? Even prostitutes generally don’t kiss. It is supposed to be a means to an end so whats up with all the romancing?

Rose is walking around the place constantly tap tap tapping her wig. Why didn’t Jackie just take the darn thing off and have a good itch instead of doing all that during filming?

Why would Rose have a kid for the King with no marriage? Wasn’t the whole point that she become his wife?

At the end of the movie Louisa is rolling around on the dirt floor wearing a sack dress about to be executed and what do we see on her head but a brand new looking shiny Louis Vuitton scarf? What was that about? It looks so misplaced.

The bit where Louisa stabs herself did not make any sense to me. Wasn’t she just saying how much she wanted to live and begging for her life to be spared? As she is about to be saved she stabs herself and with the knife in her manages to give this whole eloquent speech on pity. Nonsense.


I would not recommend the movie. I did however enjoy the soundtrack and recognised the the voice of the guy singing from some of their other movies. It is not as fast paced or dramatic and Frank and Abdul’s other offerings which added to the poor execution and stiff feel makes it quite an uninteresting watch. It it watchable only if you are interested in carrying out a spot the absurdity exercise.

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  1. thats pretty gud nolly bt i have watched this movie a long tym ago and the made waves in the market.

  2. Good Nolly, I have seen this movie a while ago, but one thing you pointed out was Jackie's makeup, as a matter of fact why do they make their eye lashes and eyebrow so thick and long, it makes them look like a witch. The movie was just a waste of time. Mumuni and Arase needs to find some other story line other than their usual royal stuff with shinny dresses… without appropriate time setting.

  3. this movie is the ghanian ripoff of "the other bolyne girl" the movie staring scarlett johnson and eric bana. the ghanian movie industry should come up with their own script and stop ripping off nigerian and american movies.

    • I am not totally against remakes or similar plots, after all they say their is nothing new under the sun. However just make it good!

    • That is so true.Very on point. I was pretty peeved when i watched this movie. The whole movie was the "Other Boleyn Girl" !!!! How sad!!! Like the movie Break up with Genevieve Nnaji being the movie "Two can play that game"!!! How awful for a movie director to take a foreign movie and have actors and actresses act the same movie!!!

      I hope we get more original in our movies!!

      • The other Boleyn Girl is not an original story either, so there are ways to tell stories and keep it fresh, wherever the soty originated from.

  4. I'm not even going to say much cos most of frank and Abdul's movies are the same. It's obvious that the screen writer loves Shakesperean language and the script is shitty.. i didnt even finish the movie cos i was bored to death!!!

    Later luv!!

  5. I ve watched this movie also and what I am saying is, Nadia did a great job in this movie………….

  6. I agree completely with laila…there was one point in the movie where all I could think was "I swear I've seen this plot before…"and then I recalled the infamous King Henry the Eighth …this film is a total ripoff of "The Other Boleyn Girl" for sure.

  7. @ Nolly, where is the review for "heart of man"?
    I did watch this movie last nite and I thought this movie was hilarious, its really a powerful movie.

    Its one of the best movies that ghollywood and nollywood together has ever produced.
    What I like about it is that its not predictable like many Nigerian movies. Cos what one think will happen it wouldn't happen that way…….

    The pics are clear and the sound is brilliant,
    Again I would like to congratulate Majid for the job well done………boy oh boy, u are one of the fewest finest in Africa………. keep the fire burning……
    I would also like to congratulate Martha, she really did well.

    That iswhat we call real deceit, betrayal, greed, dishonesty and u name it.

    To the writer, congrats, you did a great job

  8. GirlOfThePeriod says:

    @ Laila and Viv this movie wasn't a 'rip off' of The Other Boleyn Girl'. It was a modern adaptation of the story of Henry the V111 and Anne Boleyn, so is The Other Boleyn Girl so obviously the story line would be the same!

  9. Girl..I just love you!! Just listen nothing Abdul Salam Mumuni brings out will be creative!! His stories are just useless!! I've vowed to myself NEVER to spend my money on is movies as they are all useless!!!

  10. bernadette says:

    What you have failed to realize is that this movie is based on the tudors and the origins of Queen Elizabeth of England story. Everyone knows this story — they just gave it a nollywood flavor in modern times! Just from your review of this movie I have put two and two together and know the storyline. I will however check this movie out as I am bored but I am also a history buff! LOL

  11. I watched this movie because I kept hearing everyone talk about it. I have to agree with you that it is not a good movie at all. NF, I want to vent my own frustrations with this poor movie.

    NF, some of your criticisms made me laugh: Jackie tapping her wig and her changing eye color…too funny! You're right though!

    For me i had no doubt that it was set in modern times. the cars, cell phones, and infamous camera (from the servant) made that clear. It was a sign of poor directing and poor screen writing. NF, you're right. They could have easily done a DNA test to find out the baby's parentage. This is reveals another problem: the script is weak!

    What bothered me was the Shakespearean English. It was ridiculous. Why do they have to talk like that? This isn't a medieval or renaissance movie. John Dumelo's "spill it" and Nadia Buari's "save it" and "oh well" are just a few examples of that the out-dated English could not be maintained. Jackie slipped into modern colloquialisms as well on a few occasions.

    Another thing that bothered me was this fake African royalty stuff. It looked like something out of Coming to America (Arsenio Hall and Eddie Murphy). Directors, screenwriters, and producers need to do research before they make movies. As Africans, our movies should be authentic in their portrayal of cultures and customs. The whole scene at the end, when Lousia is being escorted to her death, is unbelievable. You had me rolling with your comment about her head tie/scarf. I was thinking the same thing! Plus I wonder, would such a scene ever take place in modern times?

    My final point of agreement with you is on the ending. TERRIBLE! We don't know what happens with the king, Rose, and the son. We don't know how he hears the truth. We don't know if he brings back the queen Sewa after hearing the truth. Does he apologize for his mistake in judgment? What of the uncle and mother? What are there reactions when the truth is revealed? There just too many loose ends. It seems the director focused too much on all the glitz and glamour associated with royalty and not enough on the substance of the movie. What a disappointment.

    • I strongly with you Ralphina. Abdul Salam Mumuni and Frank Arase Rajah always do this kind of movies…..speaking in metaphor.
      Even the palace looked like some part of art center…..more than it did as a palace.

      Abdul Salam Mumuni needs to put more efforts with his stories because it has become pointless and waste of time. He focuses too much on fashion/glamour, and cars instead of the actual script.

      NF really have an eye for all these things that's why she good at what she does.

      We need to get Abdul to read this blog!!!! LOL!

    • Ralphina, I hear you. People were talking about this movie like it was some kind of MUST WATCH. I was surprised at how bad it was in comparison to the hype. There was no attention paid to detail. Just haphazardness.

      Shiny Louis Vuitton indeed. I mean what were they thinking?

      There have been some royal movies I have liked in the past like the one with Ini Edo and Chioma Chukwuku who were sisters and the palace is split… I forget the name and Royal Palace was a good one, but more often than not these royal storylines are a complete disaster.

      I find that with alot of the Frank and Abdul movies hey end with alot of things left open ended which is beyond fustrating. It is like they just cannot be bothered to tie up the loose ends.

  12. NF,

    Don't stop writing on this blog. I need someone to compare notes with about the movies. I like how you give all the details about the movies. Cast, director, producer—-that's great. I also like how you organize the blog—summary then spoilers. Keep up the good work!!!!

    Thank you!

  13. NF,
    One last point about "The King Is Mine." The soundtrack did not fit the movie. I didn't like it in fact. That's the only point I think we disagree.

  14. nwanyiOwerri says:

    This movie should have been titled the "war of the weaves". Now I am not against a little enhancement myself but still. When you have more hair than a wooly mammoth on Rogaine, no one can watch your acting.

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