The Lamb

Weeping Child

The Lamb African Movie Review
Continuation – Weeping Child

Year Of Release: 2011
Story/ Screenplay – Chibuzor Eriobu
Director – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Producer – Uche Nancy, Chibuzor Eriobu

Mercy Johnson – Chioma
Jibola Dabo – Eze
Yul Edochie – Prince Derek
Halima Abubakar – Ijeoma
Micheal Godson – Young Prince
Ebere Okaro Onyiuke – Mama
Joyce Kalu – Uloma
Odera Arinze – Young Uloma
Ifunanya Francess Igwe – Ogugua
David Onome Ogbeni – Solomon

Sexual Abuse

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 20%


Prince Derek played by Yul Edochie is heartbroken because the only woman that he ever loved got pregnant and died at childbirth. The circumstances surrounding the pregnancy are unknown. His kinsmen are demanding that he get married soon but it is the furthest thing from his mind. Chioma played by Mercy Johnson is married to a drunk who appears to be impotent. They are childless and both frustrated by it. Ogugua is Chioma’s 15 year old niece. She is being sexually abused by her father and soon her mother and aunt hatch a shocking plan that only adds trouble to the young girl’s condition.

The main problem in Chioma’s home appear to stem from the issue of childlessness. Despite her husband being a drunk Chioma’s sister advices her to stay in the home and not “lose it to another woman” the reason being, “it’s mans world.” Is she right? Somewhere like Nigeria is it better to be in an unhappy marriage as opposed to being looked upon unfavourably by the rest of society?

The Believability Factor

The believability factor in this movie is virtually ZERO. How can a mother connive with her sister to arrange her daughter to be raped to give her sister a child? If Chioma is so convinced that she is not the barren one why doesn’t she go and impregnate herself with another man rather than arranging the rape of an innocent young virgin? Did they even check to see the girl was at a fertile time of the month? Rubbish! The mother just watches her unconscious 15 year old daughter be raped in front of her on her orders and before this she had shown no signs of being an evil woman. How does that make sense? Character development was BAD. It also wasn’t clear if the father had always being abusing the daughter because she was acting as if it was the first time but then what about the bleeding?

Unfortunately this movie is full of Say Whats? Let the Say Whatting? Begin!

Nollywood Forever Says What?

How do you get rushed to the hospital for starting your period? Her mother even states “it always happens like this” Say What? I don’t remember getting hospitalised when I started my period.

Useless nurse you see a man sexually abusing a girl on the hospital bed and when he tells you that he is her father you say, “sorry sir” Say What? Nonsense.

The Prince’s love died 16 years ago? And he is still acting like a pansy pining over her? Say What? That’s taking it a bit far!

Ogugua’s mother and aunt Chioma recruit one random dude from the roadside and invite him to rape Ogugua telling him, “The reason we are doing this is because of her health condition. The doctor said if she isn’t disvirgined by 15 or 16 she will never be able to give birth ok” OMG! I have heard it all now. SAY WHAT? This is the stupidest shit EVER!


I DO NOT recommend this movie. I got to the end of part one and after the last SAY WHAT I am through. I’m completely done. I am totally disappointed in Uche Nancy. How on earth would a woman think its ok to put this out? Frigg Weeping Child. I’m not interested in watching this movie any further. The character development is at nil. The story is ridiculous and not well thought out. It doesn’t make much sense at all. The story could have worked if the sister had planned the rape and the mum knew but didn’t report because she had some dark secret she didn’t want revealed or if the mother was stepmother and always had something against the child (that we see), but the way that it was executed it made no sense at all. This movie is absolute trash. BIG THUMBS DOWN.

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  1. i don’t like de way de film end

  2. Amelie jacobs says:

    You need a proper understanding of the movie because from you review, you’ve got alot of misunderstanding.first, ogugua is not uloma’s daughter……she is her sister’s daughter.secondly,wah ever she planned with mercy johnson wasn’t to give mercy johnson a child but to find a male child to continue their family name since they were 3 girls although ogugua’s mum died during childbirth……d movie is a thumbs up for me……although it has some flaws.

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