The Maidens

The Maidens 

African – Nigerian Movie Review

The Maidens ~ 2010
Story – Christopher Ozoemena
Screenplay – Emeka Amakeze
Director – Iyke Odife
Producer – Christopher Ozoemena

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Mercy Johnson – Rhoda Nigerian Actress
Rita Dominic – Queen Angela  Nigerian Actress
John Dumelo – King Desmond Ghanaian Actor
Biola Ige – Linda
Chiwetalu Agu – Paul
Emeka Amakeze – Kizito
Adaorah Ukoh – Adaoki
Angela Okorie – Juliet
Chukwuma Uchegbu – Reverend Father
Mercy Jane Idewe – Rose
Blessing Inans – Grace
Chidi Chijioke – Chijioke

Nollywood Themes:
Royalty in Nollywood Film
Marriage in Nollywood Film
Family in Nollywood Film

My Rating – 40%

King Desmond played by John Dumelo rules his household with an iron fist. Not satisfied with his wife, played by Rita Dominic he takes to sleeping with the palace maidens. He ends up getting a maiden called Juliet played by Angela Okorie pregnant. She is cut up about the whole situation and feels as though she has betrayed the Queen’s kindness, but at the same time felt unable to resist the King’s advances. The king moves her into luxury accommodation and rejoices when she bears him a son. If this development does not throw the harmony of the palace into disarray the shenanigans that follow surely will.


The first scenes are way too long. I felt totally bored just waiting for something to happen. In fact the whole of Part 1 is long and protracted. Hardly anything happens and I only hung in there because of the stellar cast, particularly to watch Rita Dominic having not seen her in a movie for a while. There is some improvement in part 2. We see the king find favour with the maiden Linda played by Biola Ige and the drama that ensues when her boyfriend and palace employee catches her sneaking out of the Kings room.

Speaking of Biola Ige I have to ask again WTF? If you don’t know what those three letters stand for, ask me and I will tell you. I need to say it three more times. WTF? WTF? WTF? I have to say she is not grating on me as much as she first did because they have thrown her in so many movies I have had to develop techniques to lessen the torture, but I still don’t get it. THE GIRL CAN’T ACT POINT BLANK. If you must keep using her, train her or something. This is getting ridiculous.

Linda’s dad Paul, played by Chiwetalu Agu had a cheek getting upset about the fact that she was sleeping with the king when HE was the one that encouraged it. Now if the king had wanted to marry Linda I’m sure Papa Paul would have been shucking and jiving but because the king discarded her like a used condom he is now giving her a telling off. Hypocrite!

The Queen too had some nerves scolding the maids for all the “frivolities” taking place with the King in the palace. She tells them that they are taking, “liberties” by sleeping with her husband. Ex-cah-youuuuuse me miss! Is your husband not the married one and the one in a position of power? She should have been talking to him instead of the maids. They are powerless if they want to keep their jobs.

Don’t you think Ijeoma Okorie who plays Juliet looks like a young Phylicia Rashad? That’s Claire Huxtable from the Cosby show for those that don’t know. Very pretty girl and from this one performance I have hopes she can do good in Nollywood.

When the Queen appointed Rose as the new maiden to attend to her husband after Juliet’s pregnancy debacle I couldn’t stop laughing. How are you going to appoint the sex bomb that is Mercy Johnson to attend to your husband and you know he can not keep it in his pants? Any sane woman would not do that. The Chemistry between John and Mercy was too much. Fire. In fact since he could not help himself from sleeping with everyone why didn’t she sack those young chicas and get some elderly maidens up in the place. Or even better still replace them all with some men.

What was the deal with the Queen not sleeping with her husband because of religious convictions? I didn’t get what that was all about. If she wanted to be in a marriage without sex why didn’t she marry Jesus and become a Reverend Sister? And how did all the maidens get to know the King wasn’t sleeping with the Queen? I didn’t see him blabbing about it.

I thought it was weird how the King and Queens daughter featured heavily at the beginning of the movie and then all of a sudden she is gone. No sign of her until part 3 when she goes to console her father after Juliet loses the baby. The King is absolutely shameless. What kind of man is this that will be trying to sleep with everywoman in the palace even when the Queen is home and awake. He was completely lacking in discretion. He deserved to feel the wrath of Rhoda for all the pains he caused his wife.

Why did the King not notice that Rhoda’s coy act was a ploy. From shy and sweet she puts on some royal attire and turns into a monster. Was he so smitten that he couldn’t immediately see the change? Personally I thought the change was too sudden for him not to notice. She changed to self assured and arrogant overnight.

I would not recommend the movie. It was just about watchable but watching a whole 4 parts was simply too much for me. I fell asleep uncountable times and so many times I wanted to give up but continued thinking that it has to get better. I mean it did get slightly better and it had its good moments and its funny moments but they were too few and far between for me to tell someone to watch the movie on that account. Great cast on the whole, but totally wasted. THUMBS DOWN!

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  1. Whats up nolly…this movie is highly the best so far..but sorry to you have any problem with Biola?you are too personal..lets face the fact for sure..once more i love this movie.

    • As I have explained to you I have no problem with Biola personally as I don't know her or ANY Nollywood star. I have a problem with her acting because it is SHODDY! Everyone doesn't have to agree with me but that is the way I feel. she is ruining my viewinf pleasure and as I am a paying customer I must voice it. Simple.

      Hmm You need to start working on better movies because you keep coming here defending rubbish and you cannot explain to me why any movie you defend is worth defending. I admire your tenacity though LOL

    • I found it a very difficult movie to watch the whole way through. Biola lge is hard to watch because she couldn't act her way out of a crisp packet ZZzzzzzzzz Others I'm sure will disagree. 🙂


  2. Nolly i always read ur reviews but i never commented bcos i mostly agree with u on most of them……But i gotta disagree with u on d rating of this movie…i think it deserves something higher like the "yes an okay movie" rating. But i do agree with u on d Biola ige girl she cant act to save herself….shes very very very annoying lol

    • You are entitled. It was watchable after you got over the long drawn out part 1 but why should I have to fight my way to stay awake to watch a movie? It should have been watchable and have drawn me in from the get go.

  3. Nolly i was only trying to make you understand and see reasons with me thats all nolly..

    • Nonso Nonso Nonso… You know I cannot see reasons when you are bigging up rubbish movies and defending rubbish acting… I just CANNOT… I still lurrve you though *muah*

  4. whitney says:

    Yeah you are so right..started watching the movie part 1 was so long and boring tje princess's birthday party that i just fastforwarded it to the end to know what happened!

    p.s yeah that biola ige does really need acting classes ASAP..she cant act to save her life!

    • I think it is a bad move to start a movie off so long winded-ed… its like *yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawn*

  5. Dark&Lovely says:

    Hi Nolly, don't usually write on any website, I just read what interests me and leave it at that. First of all I must tell you how I found you, a friend who shares my passion for African videos told me to read your reviews before buying any movies after I complained to her about the many videos that I have purchased which did not deliver. I must say since then, I come here to read your reviews before purchasing anything, thanks for saving me $$! Also, I agree with most of your reviews because they are on point! As a trained performer who studied Drama/Television production to the MA level, I must applaud you for your "gift". I started watching these movies out of nostalgia, something to connect me with home, and yes there are so many that have delivered. But when a stellar cast of actors such as the ones in this movie give such a mediocre performance, it ought to give Nollywood cause for pause! All I can say about this movie is that it was like an aborted sneeze, you go a a a a a, but the chooo never comes out! Have a wonderful day and keep up the good work.

    • Well thank you m'dear for gracing my site with your words… Much appreciated.
      What would you rate this movie?

      • Dark&Lovely says:

        Hi Nolly, to answer your question re: what I would rate this movie, it's kinda hard for me to do so without stating a few things. In critiquing a production, one has to look for the following elements: the plot, theme, author/director's intentions, characters (do the characters grow or are they stagnant throughout), characters relationship with one another, delivery of lines, and then the theatrical elements such as sound, ambiance, costumes, location, etc. There is something called the "point of enactment", which is the moment in a movie when the viewer is pulled into the illusion, at this moment, you forget you are watching a movie as it becomes so real to you! Having said all of that, the movie failed woefully in 98% of the afore mentioned. I still do not know what the writer/director's intentions were with this movie. The point of enactment never came, the characters showed no real progression either in their thought process or in their relationships; except Kizito whom I felt showed a natural progression from the King's right hand man to a disgruntled employee. When he realizes that his friendship with the king existed only in his own imagination and that he was not as indispensable to the king as he imagined,the natural progression was desertion which he did when the queen was kicked out. That for me was the best scene int he movie cause it showed progression.

        The two percent that was good, was the delivery by the seasoned actors, Rita, John and the king's sister and I felt Kizito understood and interpreted his role very well, he was totally credible. The new girl Juliet, did pretty well and with some training I think she'll do an awesome job. Mercy I felt over played her role, which probably worked for some but for me it broke the illusion. And the notorious Bola Ige, well I wouldn't call her an actor. She made me almost cry I just could not believe anyone could be so bad! Her facial expressions and body language was horrible and her delivery was forced and pained.

        Because this movie paraded some top notch actors, I feel it does not deserve a better rating than you gave it (You were very generoud!)It is obvious that this is less about their craft as actors as it is about money. Actors should have enough self respect to reject roles that they feel lack depth. In the Western world, viewers drive the market but in our case, we pretty much pay for the movie before we find out how horrible it is. My friends and I have a 15 minute rule, if the first 15 minutes of a movie do not grab our attention, we move on to the next one! Which is truly why I appreciate this site because it affords me the latitude to read previews before buying a movie.

        Alright finally to answer your question, my rating would be 10%, I believe giving a higher rating would give these producer a false sense of accomplishment! When you have such a cast in a movie and the movie makes no impressions on you, the onerous is on both the cast and crew, it is their collective failure!

        • I agree with your 15 minute rule. The only way I end up watching longer is if my stash is depleted and I have nothing left to watch or if I am being distracted and doing other stuff while the film is running.

          My dear… YOU have spoken excellently. There is nothing further for me to add!

  6. hi nolly, i totally agree with you.

    i started the movie but after about 25 minutes, i gave up.

    it didnt seem to be going anywhere.

    its a shame,cos i had just started to like john dumelo, and then he is cast in this really dry role.

    and im seriously getting sick and tired of all these fake royalty movies, its so 2005!

  7. @tammy.stop blabbing man do you know how it takes to make a movie..just keep all this shit to your self and let go .@Tok.leave biola alone..ok

    • Nonso here you go again. Opinions are like aresholes… everyone has one and they are entitled to voice their opinions. You are the only one that thinks Biola is such a grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreaaat actress… Think about that.

      • It takes a lot to make a movie. To start with the basics, a great screenplay will make a great movie only if a great director is amongst the crew.

        It’s kind of hard for me to critique Nollywood movies. It’s like making fun of a kid that’s learning to walk. Getting to the core of it, a writer and/or director will most likely work in relation to the benefits involved. Don’t tell me talent isn’t all about money… a dissatisfied writer will end up writing unsatisfying scenes, maybe not always, but if you put in the time factor, a rushed writer will end up writing scenes that are either too short or too long. Or at worst, a scene that fails to connect to the viewers or that lacks an appreciable degree of emotional impact. There’s a lot that I can’t discuss here, but if you get the underlying meaning and realize that the P.W.M. are not much of entertainment professionals, then you’ll understand the frustrations a writer/director might face. I’m not going to dwell on actors, it’s their show, the onscreen promotion.

        Furthermore, I can see we are comparing Nollywood to the “Big boys”, Hollywood. Just a little insight, Universal pictures is over 100 years old. That would give a clue on how much Hollywood had evolved. And when you consider a minimum of $100,000 as writer fee for most big budget movies you might understand why they have such quality. Well, it’s not just the money. It’s the time also, Hollywood screenplays undergo series of rewrites before they get an executives nod. Even at that, their ratings average at 6, maybe 7. Take Snow White and the Huntsman for example, the movie was produced in 2012, the first draft of the script was written in 2002 before it was bought for $3,200,000 sometime in 2010 (about then). It still took over 10 rewrites to put it in shape, and yet it’s rating on is 6.2. Now, that is where time and money hones talent. Nigeria is yet to get there, yet to enjoy such luxury. But still there are very good independent movies, so I think more constructive criticisms other than sheer shredding from this site would move Nollywood forward. That is if it is the intention of the site.


    • eer, nonso are u this biola character hiding behind a fake name? or are u one of these crappy nollywood folks? keep ur shit off my screen then… FYI im a GIRL 🙂

      • I am sure Biola is his friend. If my friend was a crappy actress I would just keep quiet I wouldn't come and defend knowing that what I am saying is not true.

  8. Finally been waiting for you to review this Movie Nolly. I was looking forward to it cos I haven't seen Rita in a while on screen. Honestly I was disappointed, The actors were all very good in my opinion the new girl ( can't remember her name), Rita, John, Chiwetalu, Adaora, Emeka and Mercy. But Biola needs some coaching I liked her in 'Dream-maker' with tonto, jim and majid but not this one. Really most times she just about alright or just to aggressive. I think my best scene of her was when she died (she plays dead very well).

    I saw people on twitter going on about how great the Movie was, I honestly thought there was something wrong with me. As much as I love Rita and John I couldn't bring myself to tweet to them and say loved you in it but hated the Movie. Was waiting for your feed back so I could confirm whether or not I was going bonkers. Clearly I'm not. The storyline wasn't great,It was just toooooooo long.

    (I don't understand why a bunch of A-listers would star in movies like these. I thought they were supposed to be more selective about their projects) I can't believe this is a 2010 movie I was praying it was a 2009 0r 2008 so I could blame it on been made a while ago. That being said like I said earlier I loved the actors and I look forward to seeing them in projects that are 360 degrees away from this train wreck. I choose to develop Amnesia and not remember this movie. Thanks Nolly agree with as usual.

    • Hmmm I fell you. I too was reading the hype on twitter and even got excited by the preview so it was a huge disappointment. I thought I would be able to join in on the gushing on twitter but like you I just kept my mouth shut because I wouldn't have had anything good to say or it would have been a lie.

      LMAOOOOOO at Biola plays dead very well I don't know if you were taking the pee or what but I'm glad I was not drinking anything because it would be all over my keyboard right now. That sums it up for me. Have her play dead or nothing at all. If she does get to read this I hope she does not take it personally. She should thank her lucky stars that with her minimal talent she is getting jobs over and over and over… Now that is somewhat impressive.

  9. I totally disagree with you on this nolly, i actually really enjoyed this movie and trust me i'v seen a lot of HORRIBLE and Great movies and i think this one deserves at leat a credit!

    Mercy's acting was spectacular (altho her "my luv" and pause and go tantics are starting to piss me off seriously)" and a lot better than some of her previous movies and the chemistry btw her and john was more than fire (gotta agree with you on that one)…

    Rita's acting was almost passable since i did'nt notice her do or say anything spectacular…i think she should have put a bit more "ompf" (or watever) into it and it might have been a better movie….

    The girl that plays mercy's sister is a total disgrace to all actors, actressess and infact the nollywood movie industry in general! she should be BANNED if possible cos i watch her and my skin crawls!!!!

    Thnks for your reviews anyways, really preciate em'…lol

    • sorry meant at *least*…typo error!

    • We can agree to disagree. One man's meat is another man's poison. I have given it credit. 40% worth and that's enough for me!

    • Thanks Nolly for posting this movie. When I first saw pictures of the cast in this movie I was thrilled because of Rita Dominic. It's been a long time since I saw her movie but I must say I was extremly dissappointed with the role she play in this movie. I was expecting more from her character but the story goes on her character gets more softer. As one point I asked myself if it was really Rita Dominic, this role did not suit her at all. I've seen the most humble and calm side of her in All My Life and this is by far the worst role I've seen her play. (please Rita screen your roles because this one was dissapointing)

      The story was not well develop. The birthhday party was too long and I thought the movie was about the princess when it went up to the next morning when her father presented her a car for as her present. Most memorable moment for me was when Rhoda (Mercy) called Juliet a slave…….and the way Kazito turned around and looked at her, that was funny. Another memorable moment was when Adoara beat up Rhoda for insulting the queen and the Rev. Father. Chijioke's role was funny, I mean he looked soo sad in each scene and his role made it fun for me. Overall it was okay.

      Nolly.have you seen My Fantasy yet….I'm wiating for your reveiw because I have my owm on Biola Ige (she's dreadful, worst of the worst)

      @Bums….I agree with you on Biola Ige. Biola Ige (Linda)Mercy sister makes your skin crawl then please do NOT bother to ever watch My Fantasy because she's in it. Seeing this girl in My Fantasy is by far the worst I've seen her. I kept forwarding every scene she appear in.

      • I started watching My Fantasy but I fell asleep halfway through! I keep meaning to get back to it but just haven't yet. What I watched so far wasn't bad but I'm told it gets worse. Yah BI was the one who found John in an accident right? Gawd how very very annoying.

        Hmm yeah this wasn't the role for Rita… Especially as a sort of "come back" role (Not that she really ever went somewhere but she has been keepng a low profile!

        As for BI all I can do is shake my head.

    • lolllll the 'My love' thing really annoyed me forgot about that lolllll.

  10. Joanne Benjamin-Oder says:

    Long dull movie. Pure rubbish

  11. The Truth says:


    I totally agree with you, i was a little bit disappointed about this movie, there was sooooo much hype over it and it was an epic fail. I expected this moive to be good because rita was in it( by the way she is on of my favorite nollywood actress)and thought this was a major comeback for her since she has been absent from featuring in any flim lately. And Jhon he is soooooooo sexy, but am tired of seeing him play these same old typical royalty roles.

    And I also agree with BIbi, these Nollywood actors should be more cautious with the roles they choose to play.

    • Major disappointment especially because fo the hype no doubt. I need to see Rita in a fiery role. This character was lacklustre to say the least. Its like she was just "there"

  12. betty boop says:

    Ok – so let me steal your thunder a bit, nolly.

    this movie was good in parts but laughable as a whole. Are you kidding me? The whole storyline…..lawdhamercy is all i can say!

    but the acting wasn't too bad.

    Rita was the standout performance for me, I think. She really did carry herself like a queen, even though she was a doormat sometimes, putting up with all that BS from the so-called king.

    I am just realizing what a great actress Mercy Johnson is, so it was nice to see her onscreen.

    As for John – so he has more to offer than just showing his buttocks and being as randy as a he-goat all all the time. So they were good to watch. The kiing's sister wasn't too bad. The Biola Ige girl was funny, and I love Chiwetalu Agu, so that was the saving grace for me.

    I agree with your review.

    • Betty Steal Away!

      I for one am wholly diapppointed this year. I think I should just take a breal because it really is rubbish after rubbish with one or two passable ones in between.

      • Betty Boop says:

        Speaking of rubbish – have you seen 'Crime to Love" or "Crime of Love" or whatever it was called? BEYOND PAINFUL. And the director had the audacity to credit the Holy Ghost at the end too. Who tells these people that the Holy Ghost wants to associate himself with stupid, idiotic screenplays? Hmph! I can guest review it for you if you like. I spent two hours of my life, watching that crap, so I refust to le those hours go to waste. The least we can do is warn peeople.

        • I have not seen that one, although I have seen the Holy Ghost been credited before in REAL PlAYER with Judith, Grace Amah and Tuvi James I think… If u want to guest review email be your submission iluvnollywood at gmail dot com

  13. Kizito's character in the film is worth discussing,don't u think so? Or am i missing something here?

    • What would you like to discuss about Kizito? You are welcome to start the discussion… Everybody should feel free here.

  14. Beyonceh says:

    Any news????????

  15. TheChuckylee says:

    Unfortunately I couldn't get into dis movie.It was toooo long and boring.But Nolly,I've observed dat these directors Iyke Odife and Ugezu J.Ugezu are obssessed wit the royalty storylines.They seem 2 repeat dat theme a lot in most of their movies & dat makes dem boring.4 dis one I jst watched 2 see how Rita Dominic's comeback will be like but got disappointed.

    • I don't blame you and you are not wrong about UJU and IO and their obsession with royalty! I am getting a little bit sick of it though.

  16. Ok, afta so much noise around I braved up 2 see dis movie cos of Rita, Mercy & John & wat do I get? TUDORS!!! Nolly have u seen dat series? The whole storyline was copied from TUDORS & they only deviated @ d ending since Tudors hasn't ended…Even my 10 yr old daughter knew immediately d movie started & was predicting wat wud happen nxt…. No creativity watsoeva! Am so dissappointed @ Rita 4 acting in dis, dis is bad for a comeback lady!

    Absolute waste of my money & time…

    • I have not seen the tudor series. Did they copy the actual story or it had a tudor feel? I did expect more from Rita but we just gotta hope in the next movie she acts in the script is chosen a bit more carefully.

  17. twittycrock says:

    This movie had some big names, so I decided to watch it. I must say it was qiet redundant, also the story line seem a bit slow. I believe Rita Dominic to be a good actress but this was diffinately a bad scrip for her.Oh john got love John. he's diffinately getting better, but again a poor scrip for him. Mercy wasn't to bad though. Overall, I was yawning ohhhhhh. Skip it, buy iceream instead. You'll atleast be happy for a moment.

    • I think that so many big names took part made it even worse for me. Like why would they all entertain a movie so useless?

  18. Karen Smith says:

    I think this was a great movie; one of the best that has been produced so far (amongst the ones that I have watched!) by nollywood. I enjoyed the story and my best characters were Kizito and Adaobi. They were great! I felt that the king should have been given more responsibility in the movie than just walking around the house in robes and sleeping with maids. Juliet acted well too although sometimes it was so obvious she was rehearsing a script. Except for her grammatical gaffes, Linda was ok. Overall, this was a great movie. And the theme song was really good.

    • Wow you took it deep when you say,

      "I think this was a great movie; one of the best that has been produced so far (amongst the ones that I have watched!) by nollywood"

      What is a bad movie to you?

  19. EvyLynn✔Verified P says:

    Ok Nolly, I read your review…but I should disagree as everyone has their own opinion. This movie is the best Nollywood movie I have seen this year, and trust me, I know because my aunt makes me watch them every single day :/. Though I agree with you about chinwetalu..what a cheeky b****rd…that will not do justice to describe the hypocrite of a man 😛

    And then there's this proverb he keeps going on about:"E telu ogba, gi telu ose"…it actually got a bit irritating when he kept going on 😮

    Biola Ige..what to say..sometimes I felt she was deviating from what she was supposed to do? her character wasn't constant at all, as she went from supporting her sister to being her rival, and telling her to figure out what she meant by,"Before Jesus, there was Abraham"o.O what did she mean? that she had every right to be queen as her sister, because she had also 'spent a little time with the king'?

    Mercy Johnson….that is one helluva actress, and she did play her 'coy mistress'part well, though she went overboard with the queen act …and when she tells her sister to address her as 'your majesty' that is just jokes :))

    O.O I love the guy that played Kizito..he's fit lol..and he did well I should say…so did John? I liked the princess, and when she beat Rhoda up..loool that was some next jokes…I didn't like Rita Dominic's role…it just didn't suit her at all…I could see her holding back things, but then as a 'devout christian'….dunno what to say lol..All I know is that she should have replaced the maids with men, let's see if the King becomes bi 😮

    The end of the movie was jokes..Mercy's reaction when she ate the poisoned food O.O I wonder how that felt lol…and Biola does play dead very well hehe..When Chinwetalu went mad and started singing(or shouting?), "Desmond come and suck my breast….o.O" TMI..

    Well the movie was alright, and qite different from what I have been subjected to watch…and I liked the way the palace was built in the shape of a mercedes, and the costumes…those are the things that made the movie for me…Oh yh..about the sleeping off thing..I watched the movie in two days lol, maybe thats why i didn't sleep off…

    Stay young and keep writing..peace xx

    • I have heard you and what can I say but, I DON'T AGREE! LOL Well with your general opinion that this is a good film. I would have to oppose what you are saying and say that it was long, drawn out, uninspiring and dissappointing especially considering the cast used, which I would have expected a great deal more from.

      That this can be considered the best Nollywood film this year by ANYONE lets us know the state of affairs in Idumota.

  20. I just wish John Dumelo could be a bit more selective about the roles he plays. He stole the show in A Private Storm only to come and act in this shoddy movie!

    • Heuuuu, you stole the words right out of my mouth!!!!! Thank you so much!

      I tire, sometimes I will love him in a movie, other times I wonder if he even glanced at the script before signing contract.

      Fighting to love him though!

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