The Messenger's Wife

The Messenger’s Wife

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The Messenger’s Wife ~ 2009
Story/ Screenplay – Fred Asante Kotoko
Director – Samuel Nyamekye
Producer – Christopher Owusu Ansah

Jackie Appiah – Jacqueline
Joseph Pamfo – Chief
Ebenezer Donkor – Aygatu
Van Vicker – James
Tina Osei Owusu – Gina
Benny Agbemebiase – Mary Ann
Tony Osei Frimpong
Janet Ackon
Dora Kwateng


My Rating – 10%

He is half the height of a regular man but is due to be wed to a normal sized girl. Her parents are causing huge problems in the relationship in that they expect for him to cater to their every financial need and want. He brings them to Kumasi to live accommodate them and still they are not satisfied. His mother knows that the girl and her family are users and is determined to get rid of her.

James is jobless and lives off his girlfriend who is working. His girlfriend’s parents are putting her under to pressure to marry and have a man lined up for her. She is determined to marry James but his unstable financial situation is not one that she can present to her parents.


I found it funny how the little one’s mama called him chief.

The elders would talk in Twi (I assume) and the younger ones would reply in English. I found this strange. There was never any swap. The subtitles were annoying because someone would talk for a good minute and then you would see only two words in the subtitles so it was clear than probably half of the dialogue was getting lost in translation.

This is an absolutely useless and stupid film. The title did not relate to anything. The separate storylines and acting in itself were not bad but it seems like this film is two old movies put together and sold as a new one. The first paragraph relates to part 1 of the movie and the second to part 2. The two parts do not relate in any way at all and the characters do not overlap. It was not made in 2009 as everything in it is dated. Majid and Vivian Jill Lawrence are on the cover. I did not see them for even one second. BE WARNED! STEER CLEAR! Ghanaian Movie Review Ghollywood Nigerian Film Review

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  1. lwkmd…i had 2 laff at d 10% u gav dis movie…must b dat bad…hw hav u been…i haven't had a chance 2 watch movies in a while…been really crazy…i did manage 2 watch pass me your love…kinda funny…i hp 2 start watchin again more often soon…takia n keep doin a gud job!!!

  2. Oh lawd Nolly, 10%? You mean the movie is absolute rubbish, but the dvd's cover looks so interesting … lol. Ok, I get to keep my $10 in my pocket this time. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Wow!! Just like dat Nolly… Lol. dat Bad?? Man, I feel bad 4 u cuz u had 2 watch dis disaster. 10%? 4 wat? is it 4 writing woever plays in it da correct spelling name? From da look of it I dnt C where dis 10% actually fit, l0ll…
    complete ruubbiish, dats da first thing I sed. cuz dey got Majid paint all over n its actuallY van vicky or vicker der Lol. Total Wow of wat desperate peepl will do 4 xtra cash.

  4. No comment ooooooooo

  5. This two old twi movie put together.
    The part of Jackie, katawere and Janet Ackun is different from the part of Van Vicker and Tina.

    Don't worry you didn't miss out at all because both movies was crap

    I don't know why they keep doing that.

    NF: please beware of "Heavy Heart" it's the same movie as "Somehwere in my Heart"

    • Hmmm my guess was right!!! ROBBISH!!! This is taking 419 to an even higher level! As for HEAVY HEART I have that piece of trash movie… It is only the part 3 to SOMEWHERE IN MY HEART!!! Can u imagine? Split into 2 parts and i think maybe an extra scene but u still don't find out about the twin stuff! SHOCKING!

  6. Like I said please watch some of the movies online to be sure before you purchase.

    Some of these movies are a total waste of time.

    I'm really sorry for your loss! lol.

    • I prefer to watch on the big screen not ont he computer… Anyhow the name of the game is shift or swap, but this one I couldnt even sell cos it would be blatantly 419. And this one you would never find online cos its a lie! Its an illusion created by a greedy marketer!

  7. Wow B_S, they got u good this time..! lol

    • They got me twice cos this next movie I bought something about "angels" its in the flickr reel with Jackie on the cover, is the prequel or sequel to it! Na wa for my life!!!

  8. Nollywood Forever your review of this movie is on da money.I agree with you 110%..whatta waste of my time.

  9. Yes, the films were two old movies I am not exactly sure but I would say 2007ish. The films were Waso Eden & Me Dor. They are both Ghana movies. Some of it is in twi, the rest in English. You are right about the language they were speaking, you don’t have to assume because you are right 🙂

    – Doreen

  10. Nolly, don’t tell me i wasted my 3 bucks. I will watch this weekend, get back to you

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