The Nollywood Forever Website Makeover

The Nollywood Forever Movie Reviews website has undergone a makeover.

As some of you may be well aware last week there was a problem with the comments showing up on the site, as well as the fact that new comments couldn’t be made. So I rectified that but then I was looking at the site and thinking it needs a makeover so decided to revamp.

Everything is still more or less the same but laid out differently. All of the website pages like the A-Z Movie Review Index and How Nollywood took Over My Life are on the first navigation bar right at the top of the site. Next to that is also a search box, should you be searching for anything. The next navigation bar (the black one) lower down contains all the categories from Must Watch to Bin It.

The new site has a sliding feature box which will contain any of the posts that I think that people are most interested in, and then next is the most recent posts in category order, followed by the other recent posts.

At the very bottom of the site is a footer area containing Nollywood Stars, Recent Comments, Recent Posts and Nollywood Movie covers from Flickr.

On the sidebar we now have a subscription box which is a new feature. You can connect with me on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Flickr and Twitter. I stay tweeting so holla! You can also put in your email to receive updates that way or subscribe via RSS feed.

Also in the sidebar are the things that were there before like the Google Friend Connect Box, links to other sites and the latest comment excerpts. Additionally I have linked the NollywoodLove YouTube channel, so the latest video from their YouTube channel will show in the sidebar.

A little bit about NollywoodLove for all of those who don’t know about them, because myself I was confused:

We love Nollywood movies and want to spread them around the web. For Free.

Whaaaaaaat? For Free?

Yes for free. We have a partnership with YouTube which enables us to run adverts alongside or inside the movies you are watching. This means we will be able to ensure a film is free for NollywoodLovers globally.

Do we buy movies legally? A little clarification. Firstly. Yes, yes and yes! we have invested tens of thousands of dollars buying the right to stream movies on YouTube and the internet. These are multi year contracts which go directly to the film production houses. This is very different and many times more expensive than what used to happen (buying a market copy and simply uploading and sharing), and is patently illegal.


You can find further information about us at

For information about how we license and protect Nollywood content onilne check out our our Corporate dudes website.

So my people that is the new layout in a nutshell. Genevieve Nnaji’s eyes will no longer be looking at you when you log in. Tell me what you think? What do you like? What do you not like? Are there any suggestions that you would make for improvement?

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  1. First to comment? I'm honored!!!!

    Simple but beautiful design…

    I discovered NollywoodLove four days ago and since i'm watching one movie per day…because of the slowest connection I have….

    It's even trough their channel that I watched FATHER'S BLOOD….What I can even propose it's for you to give sometimes, a movie to watch on their channel per week, or per month, so that we will all discuss it on your blog and give our impression… can call this "let's debate"…"the debate"…'lol…I have such a little imagination right now, but i hope you see what I mean….


    • My dear you are welcome!

      Oh lawd that must be a nightmare trying to watch a movie on youtube with slow connection! LOL

      I like your idea except everyone leaves their comments on the Nollywood Love channel.

  2. Alright NF, the verdict is in….

    It's easy on the eyes :). I like… very much.

    Only downer is that I can no longer see the categories of watch definitely, it's ok or bin it before going into read more. I generally just want to watch the ones you have rated over 60% really. So if there's a way to show your classification at the top of each post, then my review will be 90% (just being cheeky). Welldone on a pleasant redecoration.

  3. I love it so easy 2 more 'live feed' blocking some part of d review on my phone.

  4. GigiChiny says:

    Love it….love it…love it. My power to you!!! 🙂


  5. Nice makeover..Just need time to get used to it now Lol,it is still full of nice stuff in it so it is G-R-E-A-T!

  6. Nice makeover…Just need time to get used to it now with the new colours,layout etc….Apart from that it is good,it looks a bit smaller though,the most important thing is that it is still full of nice stuff in it so it is G-R-E-A-T!

    LOL about "genevieve eyes will no longer be looking at you" LOL

    Anyways job well Done!Is nolywoodLove the name of your youtube account?

  7. Thanks Nolly for the upgraded site, we gonna make use of it!

  8. I do like the makeover. Looks nice…

  9. Nice work. More Navigation options. At last I can view the site in multiple tabs Instead on one page per view.

    • Ohhh before I had a no left click script because I kept seeing all my stuff all over the internet with no credit given. I have taken it off now though because I realise how difficult it make it for the reader to do things other than copy and paste.

  10. How can I search for a review within your site? Is the search option right in front of me and I can't see it. That happens to me many times 🙂

    • There is a search box right at the top of the site on the right hand corner or you can go to A-Z movies index where the movies are lsited in alphabetical order.

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