The Pastor's Daughter

The Pastor’s Daughter

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The Pastor’s Daugter ~ 2008

Story – Obinna Nwagbo
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya & Ifeanyi Ogbonna
Director – Ifeanyi Ogbonna

Ini Edo – Rebecca African Actress
Van Vicker – Steve/ Joe African Actor
Ashley Nwosu – Reverend James African Actor
Kofi Adjorlolo – Me Baidoo African Actor
Benedict Johnson – Brother Chudi African Actor
Fred Ebere – Pastor Okorie
Chinedu Ejike – Pastor Peter
Amanda Ebeye – Uju African Actress
Ndidi Onumonu – Ebere
Bridget Brown – Franca African Actress
Morris Owusu Appiah – David
Emma Dickson – Mrs White
Eddie Jawhary – Rev White
Vivian Jill Lawrence – Ophebia African Actress
Priscilla Adjei – Dela
Omar Sheriff Captan – William
Naana Hayford Domfeh – Mrs Baidoo African Actress
Mary Asamaoh Nyamekye – Kate
Linda Serwaa Wardie – Linda
Franca Badu Prah – Jenny
Nana Ama Nkira – Gloria`
Esther Ameyaa Badu – Maid
Charlotte Perbi – Ophebia Aunt
Clement Sarfo – Kofi
Fred Ohene Boadi – Pastor Michael
Gottfred Opoku Mensah – Pastor Forson
Edward Waymas – Pastor Fokuo

Corruption in the Church Africa
Unrequited Love
Church African
Hypocrisy of Religion Africa
Rape in Africa
Stigma Africa
Justice in Africa

My Rating 82%

Reverend James tries to keep his home his home in good order, however his daughter, Rebecca is a thorn in his side. He believes that her seemingly wayward behaviour is putting his position in jeopardy while at the same time she seeks freedom from what she considers to be his“rudimentary religious beliefs.” At the beginning of the movie we see Rebecca scaling the compound wall after returning home late one night after being out with a man.

We see further evidence of the behaviour that her father is concerned about when she causes a commotion at church one day. She arrives at choir practise late, chewing gum and nonchalantly taking position in the front row. She knows the rule that late comers must take their place in the back row but she shows disrespect for the entire choir. When confronted about this behaviour a huge argument breaks out with Rebecca declaring,

“Oya some and move me from this seat… and you will tell me if this dad owns your church or mine? Non-sense.”

She has a clear disregard for the rules thinking herself above them because of who her father is.

Reverend James is not the only man of god having problems in his family life. These issues are spread across all the men of god and in this movie great hypocrisy, lack of compassion and immoral behaviour is unearthed amongst both church members and church officials.


Pastor William is pursuing another Pastor Baidoo’s daughter called Ophebia to the point of harassment.. They live in the same compound so he has easy access to her. She has expressly told him that she is not interested, yet he does not seem to be able to take NO for an answer. On one occasion she shouts at him,

“I don’t love you.”

He seems sooo desperate, replying,

“It will grow, step by step the more you see me you will fall for me.”

Ophebia is driven to her wit’s end and screams at him,

“I don’t want to know you… I hate you! I really do!”

His behaviour is unbecoming of a man of God and seriously disturbing to watch, that becuase he thinks he calls God’s name a few times that must make him really desireable.

Brother Benedict is the choir master. By day he is preaching and by night he is laying members of the choir, including Reverend White’s wayward daughter. He tells them all that he loves them and is not even using any kind of protection with them. One day one of his choir singer girlfriend’s busts him in a clinch with Jessica and quite rightly tells him,

“How do you expect us to look at you in church when all you do is frolic with women in your house? You shameless pig!”

This is a very true statement for the behaviour for many of those in the movie. The hypocrisy is widespread and what is being preached is contradictory to the behaviour that occurs.

The moral decadence in the church gets back to headquarters and a report is issued which leads to a meeting with all the pastors to discuss how to tackle the rampant fornication between pastors/staff and members of the congregation.

We are never told exactly what the report says. In the meeting reference to the report issued is very vague. How would information get back to headquarters and how would anything have been proved? Members of the church are suspended and the primary concern appears to be the scandal looking bad to the outside world as opposed too actually ridding the church or the morally corrupt. Pastor Baidoo gives his daughters a lecture on staying away from fornication. The only reason he gives to them is that any reports of fornication will tarnish the family name. What about the more important reasons? I mean is that the only reason to not have sex before marriage?

Ophebia is due to marry Joe, but is raped shortly before the planned wedding one night, in her own bed. It is only the pastors in the church that have access to the house so they are all under suspicion. She is distraught and tells her mother what has happened. At first she seems concerned for her daughter’s welfare only to descend into selfishness, advising her to keep it a secret as,

“It will tarnish the image of this family.”

Rape cannot tarnish anything. Nonsense? Did she choose to be raped? When the mother finds out Ophebia is pregnant, again she is only concerned for herself,

“Heeeeeeeeeey! I am doomed!”

Despite their so called Christianity she advises Ophebia to terminate the pregnancy. It seems the Christian moral ground is only to parade in public as a weapon for self promotion and to admonish the actions of others. In private it is a different affair.

When Ophebia’s father finds out about the pregnancy he is livid calling her a “fornicator” and throwing Ophebia and her mother out of the house. I found this shocking that the woman would get blamed for rape, and worse still obviously by a man that her own father allowed to live in the house. He should have blamed himself. This man even has the cheek to later tell her,

“You have made my life a misery.”

It was horrible to see Ophebia begging her father for forgiveness, for a crime she did not commit. She had a crime committed against her. Rape is taken too trivially in Nollywood. This is not a trivial matter at all. Why should she ask for any forgiveness? It should have been the other way around, and I wish there were just one person in the movie that would have stressed that. I would hate to think some young girl who is being raped would watch this movie and blame being raped on herself and keep the rape a secret because of the stigma attached to it.

Reverend White is similar to the Baidoos in that when confronted with his daughter’s wayward behaviour his reaction is of concern for his own image,

“I am a laughing stock.”

Saving face is a big theme in this movie with everyone trying to protect their reputation without seeming to care about the actions that bring about the reputations.

We find out the Pastor David was the rapist. This was a big shock to me. In the end justice is served as we find out the reason that Pastor has not been able to have a child with his wife is because of this heinous deed. I thought that this was an excellent storyline to add in as it was highly unpredictable and there was no doubt in my mind that Pastor William was the rapist and I was proved wrong. As is always the case with Nollywood anytime a man does something like this we hear those imfamous lines,

“It was the work of the devil.”

How about you take responsibility nucca?! All this devil stuff works my last nerves, makes people feel like they can do anything and blame it on evil forces. How about your azz is the evil force? Nonsense.

Brother Chidi is left in a bid as all three girls he is sleeping with including Reverend White’s daughter end up pregnant at the same time. That is karma for ya.

On the downside there were a few things that hindered the movie. The backing tracks were often highly unmatched and stopped abruptly without fading, which was very noticeable. In part one Van Vicker was called Steve. In part two he was now called Joe. What’s up with that? The icing on the cake was the character Steve being named as the actor Samuel Ofori. Please note that Samuel was not in the movie. The end of part two was too drawn out. I felt there were alot of unencceary scenes with Pastor David, his wife and the priest that they went to consult with regards to their childlessness. So much of it could have just been cut out.

Adjorlolo’s character could have been worked on more. He blamed the daughter for the rape but then went looking for the rapist. This didn’t make sense to me. You stopped talking to your daughter and banished her now you care about bringing the rapist to justice but you still are not talking to her. So do you believe that rape is the woman’s fault or not?

I wished that just one person had stuck up for Ophebia and said that it was not her fault. Even the aunt who took her in was not willing to do this and treating her like a criminal refugee. Of course this kind of behaviour may well be indicative of the society it is set in, nevertheless I still found it highly disturbing.

I would definitely recommend this movie. The scenes were fluid and contained the right amount of suspense and intrigue to keep you glued to the screen. It was my first time seeing Vivan Jill Lawrence on screen and she did a good job. All the storylines regarding the pastors and their daughter’s were woven together well,and many important issues were raised and tackled. ONE TO GET!

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  1. this movie sounds like Innocent Soul except that one didnt have Ini Edo.



  3. blackroses says:

    I didn't understand how the ended the movie. Rebecca begs forgiveness out of the blue? What prompted that? And Ophabia? What happened no explanation at all? I would not give this movie 82% No way..more like a 60% scenes dragged on forever and nothing made sense

  4. Fauve Mistral says:

    Your review read like a different movie from the one I watched. I hated this movie so much and thought the acting was universally awful. Why on earth did they blame her for being raped and why did she never tell her beloved finance who worships the very ground she walked on? Waaay too unrealistic for my taste.

    • I must say I really go into this movie… Different strokes for different folks I guess!

      As for the way rape was treated in this movie. Let me tell you that this is very common in NOLLYWOOD. Majority of the time a woman gets the blame or their is very little sypathy afforded the woman. This may well be indicative of attitudes towards rape in West African countries.

  5. Ndama Isaac says:

    I was so impressed with one of the sound tracks in the film. I will like to know the title and the name of the artist. It was played at the background of the scene in the super market where Pastor William met the Ophebia with another guy shopping. Please I will be very grateful if my request is granted.

  6. aurelie says:

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    Thank you

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