The Prince’s Bride

The Prince’s Bride

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Ghanaian Movie Review
The Prince’s Bride ~ 2009

Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Frank Rajah Arase, Pascal Amanfo
Director – Frank Rajah Arase

Yvonne Nelson – Solange
Jackie Appiah – Bernice
John Dumelo – Akila
Kalsoume Sinare – Mami
Gavivina Tamakloe – Owusu
Beverly Afaglo – Navida
Ingrid Elizabeth Alabi – Kalisha
Sika Da Diva – Nina
Roger Quartey – Kasim
Jessica Baah – Georgina
Soraya Mensah – Alicia
Eddie Coffie – Dr Kay
Louis Saah-Acquahman – Roger
Timothy Benthum – Fred
Emmy Akah – Brutus
Sylvester Tetteh – Obstacle
Joseph Baddoo – Obstacle
Fred Nuamah – Steve
Peter Pierre Korshie – Dr Alex
Ken Fiati – Male Mc
Adriana Addo – Female Mc

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My Rating 80%

Solange played by Yvonne Nelson falls for the Prince heir to the throne of Mazuland (John Dumelo) after he takes her to the hospital following running her over with his car in the street. At first Solange thinks that he is an ordinary guy and verbally attacks him for knocking her down. She accuses him of attempted murder and then asks him in the hospital,

“Are you a drunk?”

This all changes when she finds out that he is a prince. Her behaviour changes; She is bowled over and wants his contact details to right her wrongs. The Prince does not seem enthused and in the meantime falls in love with his late father’s best friend’s daughter Kalisha. On the day that he is to propose to her he finds out that she is betrothed to another. He is heartbroken but soon makes it his mission to replace that love with another.

It appears that he is going to choose Solange to love. He sends her a gift and then invites her out on a date, only to see Bernice, who was accompanying Solange to meet the Prince, and become completely besotted with her. Solange is understandably upset and embarrassed at the interest he is showing her friend, but tries to keep a brave face. It is when he turns up at the house that they share, the next day on Bernice’s birthday with a brand new car wrapped in a ribbon that Solange completely falls apart and plans to win back the Prince by any means necessary.


I thought the movie opened well. A car crash is a sure fire way to catch someone’s attention. It had heavy impact and had me gripped straight away. Yvonne Nelson gets better and better each time I see her. Loved her performance as the woman scorned. I really felt for her when the Prince dumped her. I could feel her devastation and desperation even more when just before the prince was about to marry Bernice she declares her undying love for him. It is here that we find out that she engineered the accident at the start of the movie in an attempt to lure him.

I’m loving the new guy John Dumelo. I haven’t come across him before, but he is a nice piece of eye candy and a natural actor. Yaaaaay! He badly reminds me of Yul Edochie in his expressions and mannerisms. Jackie Appiah really showed her chops when she was playing the spirit version of her self. She did really well. The spirit scenes were reminiscent of My Everlasting Love with Oge Okoye and Rukky Sanda.

Why now it has been decided to move on and to Bey’s sister Solange? What is up with that? Why leave out Matthew and Tina… may as well have the whole family involved

Why did Solange turn up to her date with the Prince wearing her Tiara and sash from her victory as Miss Legon Campus. Even if you were Miss World, how would you turn up to a date with your tiara and sash let alone you won one local uni beauty paegeant? Nonsense!

Why when the Prince came back with Solange’s laptop did they decide to do a close up of Yvonne’s hairy legs laying on the couch. Was that supposed to look sexy?

Why when Bernice’s eye got gouged out did they have her holding some fake googly eyes in her hands like they were popped out of her head? That was soooooo stooooooopid!!!

Why did Yvonne Nelson tell the hitman, “She’s my best friend I don’t want her dead. Why don’t you just make her blind and paralysed.” YEAH! Some friend you are!

Why the introduction of the girl Alicia that could see spirits? I thought she was meant to be Kalesha’s child but then she was too old. After the scene in the shop we don’t see her again, so what was the point of her?

Overall I really liked this movie. There was a good mix of intrigue, suspense and drama. There were subplots and they all came together nicely. The timeline was a little messed up with Akila marrying Alicia’s daughter. She looked at least twenty and they said only 11 years had passed, so tops she should have been only 13, but luckily this cock up doesn’t happen to until the end so its not too distressing. This movie teaches us that what goes around will surely come around. Solange forced Bernice,  her friend out of the beauty pageant that Bernice would have probably won by hiring thugs kidnap her sister. In return the Prince picked her friend instead of her as a bride, and even after killing her friend he still had no desire for her, thus karma was revisited upon her. One to watch I say! Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

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  1. will be on the lookout for this one!

  2. http://myafricanmovi says:

    Yo B, forreal??? you sure this movie deserves 8/10. What did you love bout it, the script or the acting? I am surprised you gave it 80%, but hey i dont blame you girl, its been a long boring summer. 😆 i watched it and Jackies acting as the ghost was enough for me not to continue with this nonsense, part 1 was enough for me.

    Right now its all bout "Guilty Pleasures" – thats what i am eagerly awaiting, after emeralds luckluster.

  3. nollywoodforever says:

    I really liked it… Just the whole thing It was a good watch…The whole drama and intruige. It made me laugh in parts, it made me feel sad… etc etc… But you are right I have been deprived of anything good for a while and that Emerald just did not live up to the hype…

  4. Oh my, I am dying to see the conclusion to this movie… incredible plot, I mean what a story! It's about one's best friend actually turning out to be one's worst enemy but it's got a little of everything: drama, suspense, romance, tragedy… I like!!!! a lot!!!!

    So, I most definitely will be seeing the denouement tomorrow!

    Thumbs up to the Ghanaian crew! Good job, people!

  5. nollywoodforever says:

    DD There is a conclusion? I thought that was it… I mean it ended didn't it?

  6. Nolly there is a conclusion Part3 is out….

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    I thought it was finished… What more do they want to say now?

  8. The was confusing… who was that young girl he married in the end and i emphasize young…

  9. Nolly you did not get Part 3? I just finished watching it ….please you need to re-rate this movie. It was so weird I don't even know what to say except that they should have left it at Part 1 and 2.

    MAJOR SPOILER****@Monica – the young girl at the end was the lady that he was in love with initially's daughter. Weird I know…

  10. nollywoodforever says:

    And it was played by the same actress which was a bit stupid… Kalisha… Yes it was the daughter she gave birth to on her death bed. SG since you have seen the part 3 and told me it is rubbish let me not bother myself. I thought the way it ended at part 2 was fine… Well actually maybe if curiosity gets me I'll hit up youtube.

  11. I loved the first portion of this movie. It seemed to me that Kalisha's baby girl might have belonged to Akila, because he rushed to her see her when he got the phone call that she was in distress. I guess it appeared that way because he really loved her.

  12. nollywoodforever says:

    El no because they never even dated let alone sleep together…

  13. who,s calvin? n who,s stephen in de movie? both names 4 one person? pls check ur script…..

  14. chidi;' is that says:

    fred nuamah the part u played is dat ur faculty? by de way u did very very well, u also got missng in the movie, was dat ur child in de end?

  15. nollywoodforever says:

    John what on earth are you on about?

  16. I see this scrip no more than 40 Nolly. I had to fast forward on the hairy legs part, seeing that the camera was rolling all the way with the length of these legs, I've seen enough. And the gougy eyes fast-forward that part as well. I dont's recall her mentioning other siblings so why not with the only sister. The sash and tiara that is how it is in pageant. After you just won, you should represent, and she was also wearing it when she declare her love to the prince.
    When the girl was running up an down the stairs because she was afraid that the secret would be out about her being a ghost, I thought she was gonna trip an fall, Lol. And her bazukas were too much for this blue dress, I thought she was gonna be exposed lol!
    Whats up with the long horse hair those gurls been having, that was a bit too much.

  17. nollywoodforever says:

    Linda seems like alot of people don't like this one… I can't lie I loved it… I love drama and twists LOL When do u see Miss America going on a date with a sash and tiara? I thought that was just ridiculous especially as it was one local contest as well.

    The hairy leg bit was just ridiculous! Full on close up… I mean they could have just cut that out altogether!

  18. hi do anyone know what kind of weave bernice and solange were wearing especially bernice i loved her hair thanks

  19. Same recycled garbage, i think i watched the movie in less than 20 minutes. Nothing to me was breath-taking in the movie.

  20. nollywoodforever says:

    Seems alot of people felt the same way, but not me… I enjoyed every minute…

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