The Professionals

The Professionals

Professional In Charge

Nigerian Movie Review
The Professionals – 2011
Continuation – The Professionals In Charge
Story – Uchenna Mbunabo
Screenplay – Bassey Ubong Nya
Director – Pascal Amanfo
Producers – Henry Ikechukwu Simon, Uchenna Mbunabo

Chidi Mokeme – Donald
Jackie Appiah – Emelia
Artus Frank – Ibe
Kalsum Sinare – Ezinne
Prince David Osei – Nelson
Mary Uranta – Gladys
Emmanuel Amah – Ebitu
Chrystabel Ekeh – Ethel
Pastor Paul – Pascal Amanfo
Nana Ama Ohusua – Yvonne
Vivian Bijou Amegashie – Sharon/ Oluchi

Unconditional Love

NollywoodForever Rating – 69%


Donald played Chidi Mokeme and his wife Emilia played by Jackie Appiah come back to Ghana from Germany to a brand new mansion built from money he sent his younger brother Ibe, played by Artus Frank. Emilia on her return suspects witchcraft in the house after spotting a tiger that Donald doesn’t see. When she visits her mother in law in the village she feels a mysterious itching and again suspects witchcraft. Back in the city she finds a dead bat and is convinced that is a deadly sign and threatens to move out, as she believes that Donald’s family are responsible. What is really going on?

Ibe and his girlfriend Gladys played by Mary Uranta are at loggerheads because Gladys wants to get married as soon as possible so she nags him about not being formally introduced to his family. Emilia warns Ibe that Gladys is desperate and because of this will not make a good wife. Her words in his ears put doubts in his mind about her and soon he brings a new girl to the house. Again Emelia starts meddling. Not only does she arrange a confrontation between Ibe and his ex and current girlfriend but she starts trouble between Donald and all his family but at the same time paints herself as the good wife to all of them.


The Opening Scene

The opening scene is sort of strange and even when it ended it still didn’t make sense to me why Nelson was playing a priest in the opening scene. Was that his character in the last job that they did? The characters are introduced to us “Ghanian Style” (That’s what I’mma call these vital statistic/ target finder introductions from now on.) Nelson played by Prince David Osei is dressed in priest’s robes and we are introduced to his team who present themselves by coming to confessional. After each confession they are given a target by him after being told,

“You have sinned against god, now you must sin against man. Whatever you have to do you have to do quick,”

Ethel played by Chrystabel Ekeh is given the code name Zebra opens the movie making a confessional to a priest. Her target is Ibe. Yvonne played by Nana Ama Ohusua is given the code name Whisper and her target is Donald. Gladys played by Mary Uranta is given the code name Cobra and her target is Ibe. Emilia is given the code name Shutter and is played by Jackie Appiah. She has been sleeping with a man pretending to be a priest. We are not told her target we can only assume it is both Donald and Ibe as she is Donald’s wife and lives with both men. We see her given instructions to “immobilise the old hag” before we see her mother in law being hit by a car. The question is why are Ibe and Donald being targeted? And why would a 419 operation last so many years to the point of marriage etc.


This movie raises the question, where does one’s loyalty lie? Is it to the family you create or the family that pre-existed? Donald allows his wife to upset all his familial relationships. In my opinion it is a question of using common sense and doing what is right. None of his family have wronged him yet he allows his wife into manipulating him into believing that they are evil.

Unconditional Love

Even though Donald is not the father he has unconditional love for his son. After all he raised him. This is a first in Nollywood. Normally if there is no blood tie the child will get dashed immediately especially if the child is young. We see Donald shower him with unconditional love even after the evil treatment that was meted out to him by the boy’s biological mother and father.


The whole juju theme was not necessary. It kinda ruined it for me. What was the point? From a story about professional 419ers it turned into a story about spiritual warfare! The prayer warrior stuff in part 2 went on way too long. I started getting a bit bored of it.

Performances By The Cast

Chidi Mokeme did a great job as Donald. His character was believable and he excelled as a man losing his mind after his wife’s manipulation. His anguish felt real and my favourite scene was where he confronts his kinsmen and grabbed one of them begging him to kill him. It was a passionate performance.

Jackie Appiah too was on her JOB, manipulative, subtly evil beneath the caring wife behaviour. It would have been so evil to overdo the evil side of her character but the way it was done was cleverly balanced out. You can imagine how such a woman could easily deceive those around her even to the point to make Ibe think that perhaps he had imagined her wicked behaviour.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

One minute Sharon was being called Sharon and the next minute Oluchi. Say What? Consistency is key.

The poisoning scene was so fake with both of the girls clutching their stomachs at the same time. Say what?

Mary Uranta is making a “guest appearance.” This is announced in the opening credits. How can a minor actress make a guest appearance? That just means you are an extra! Nonsense. Now if they said Genny that would be another story. As it turns out Mary Uranta was not just an extra so why she had to be announced as a guest appearance I didn’t get. Say What?


I would recommend the movie it was an interesting storyline and was entertaining, however it could have been way better were it more concisely told and with the omission of the juju tangent. The ending sort of tied ends up but didn’t explain why Donald was targeted in the first place or the beginning scene with Nelson acting as a priest. How did that tie in with the story as a whole? How long had the operation been going on? Those questions aside the movie is worth watching, just make sure you get parts 1-4 or you will end up feeling frustrated!

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  1. Hi Nolly,

    you do a great job with ur site. I actually come here to red reviews before watching movies, but I have decided today to participate by leaving a message. Like you said, I didn´t quite get the movie introduction and guess what I haven´t gotten yet the continuation to watch. It is so frustrating! Wish u a good day.

  2. Hum, sorry about the mistakes in my previous message… That´s what happens when one does read his message before sending it 🙂

  3. buh dont you think the juju being involved meant jackie appiah gave something her husband to believe in so as to be a twat to his family thinking they are doing something bad

    if the juju werent there how else would jackie appiah be able to influence the husbands mind

    • No I don't agree. I think it gives people an excuse to blame juju for anything wrong that they do. We all know that in real life a man can behave like this just because he wants to or is being manipulated or coerced. It doesn't take juju.

      • I finally watch the other part of the movie and I have to agree with you Nolly. The juju part was not just necessary. Like you said men in love can be really manipulated. For instance, Jackie could have many other ways to win back the guy (to lie about been pregnant for him for exemple). That why the saying in french: Ce que femme veut, Dieu le veut! (what a woman wants, God wants it too)Well since we Africans like blaming juju for everything… I still loved the movie and the way Chidi loved the child despite the fact that it was not his. Never seen in Nollywood!!!! Happy estear to you

        • Yes that is a NOLLYWOOD breakthrough. A man fighting for a child that is not biologically his. I was impressed, now with the whole juju nonsense not so much. It shows lack of creativity to me.

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