The Real Player

The Real Player

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The Real Player

A Harrison Andeni Film




Grace Amah

Tuvi James

Peter Agocha

Judith Okereke

Sam Obiakheme

John Paul Nwadike

Judith Mazagwu

Kelvin Ikeduba

Abimbola Jegede

Grace Everly



Arranged Marriage in Nigeria


My Rating 10%


Ufoma is 30 and in her father’s house. He is trying to marry her off to a guy called Steve but she does not feel ready for marriage. Of course her father had to whip out that oh so famous line to try and reason with her,


“Don’t you want me to see my grandchildren?”


Let me note that the film makers seemed more intent on showcasing the actors/actresses faces as opposed to allowing the viewer to watch the freaking film and hear the dialogue without loud and overbearing music.


There were soooo many fast forward moments…


We find out that Steve’s plan is to marry Ufoma, grab her wealth and then flee to London with his true sweetheart. I guess that is the bit that makes him the “real player.”


I couldn’t even bear to watch anymore and gave up towards the end of part one.


The impression created to me within the fist ten minutes or so was that the film was going to be awful. In fact that impression was created almost immediately. I was highly disappointed as I am a big Grace Amah fan and have never seen her in a bad film, and trust me this one was shockingly bad. First we see the credits rolling. Some names are in lower case and some in upper case, and there is no sequence to it… It is just a hot mess.


The executive producer credit was given to “The Son, Father and Holy Ghost.” In my opinion there is a time and place to be a holy roller and in the credits of your film is not one of them. It made me think that the production was run by a gang of cowboys. Do not dare to even waste your time on this junk because you surely will regret it!!!

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  1. Please can you review more of Judith Mazaguw's movies, there some other good movies she featured in. Thanks

  2. nollywoodforever says:

    Sure! If you want to send them to me I can do that 🙂

  3. Cool! I can send them to you. How do I send them. And again, you must have watched the pirated version of The Real Player cause there's nothing wrong with the original one for it to be so lowly rated. Thank.

  4. nollywoodforever says:

    I did not watch a pirated copy! I paid top dollar!!!The film was bad… all aspects of it… I am saying that based on what I felt watching it… IT was not watchable… Things like the credits being in different cases is something that would be the same on the pirate and on the original… In general the whole production was just poor.

    I will email you privately about where to send the films.

  5. The biggest crap ever!! I almost fought with the guy who rented me this film!!!! He gave me one movie for free!!! I beg, 10 % is even too high for this!! I'm sorry.

  6. Yehni I am glad I am not the only one that thought it was trash… It is virtually unwatchable… I was pissed myself!

  7. haahahah haba nolly!!!10%

    i wont bother to check if dis is rite or not…i trust u wit dis .lol

  8. Well scripted story line & beautifully cordinated sound track…good actors[esp the cop in the last sceen]

  9. Well scripted story line & beautifully cordinated sound track… Good acting[esp the cop in the last sceen]

  10. well as the producer of this movie , it was done under pains from the crew esp the production manager emeka ugboma to the editor. But my major reason for the movie is to promote upcoming actors like myself/ i played the cop/ but check out my other flick on .jus like i always say ”beta to try than not” IT GETS BETTER.

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