The Unwritten

The Unwritten

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The Unwritten ~ 2009
Story – Larry Koldsweat
Screenplay – Akinlosotu Femi Despy
Director – Akinlosotu Femi Despy

Francis Duru – Nnamdi
Bimbola Akintola – Sandra
Tuvi James – Nonso
Olu Jacobs – Alhaji Usman
Alex Usifo – Iche Okorie
Saidu Balogun – Ikechukwu
Larry Koldsweat – Mazi Odogu
Joke Silva – Nnamdi Grandmother
TD Jaja – Emeka
Shade Alder Hayes – Nnena
Pastor Ezenwa Emmanuel – Pastor Cletus
Ifeanyi Dike – Wazin
Amina Atairu – Rokiya
Regina Olakunle – Scorpion
Jumoke Olakunle – Smally


My Rating 72%

A family rift occurs when after the death of Nnamdi’s father his uncle Mazi refuses to give Nnamdi his nephew and heir to the possessions the documents to the properties. An enraged Nnamdi rents out the house that his uncle’s family lives in, that had belonged to his father only for a full physical fight to break out in front of the about to be tenant. Mazi in revenge then takes it upon himself to sell of some of his brother’s properties of which he holds the documents to, to fund his sons trips abroad.

Mazi’s family confronted by Nnamdi’s grandmother, lie and claim that Nnamdi’s father already sold his property share to them and are unrepentant and bold faced in their lie, shooing her away whilst calling her an “old witch.” Mazi’s vendetta against Nnamdi and his grandmother does not stop there for he frames Nnamdi for a robbery which culminates him running away to avoid being arrested and thrown in jail after being tipped off by a kindly neighbour.

In the city he falls upon misfortune until he comes across Sandra, who invites him to come and stay with her and promises to provide for him until he finds employment and can fend for himself. It is like a dream come true, but will meeting Sandra really prove to be a dream or will it be a nightmare?


Religious prejudice
Alhaji loved Francis like a son until his daughter starts seeing him romantically.  At this point he becomes “a useless Igbo boy.” We see how benevolent and caring people can be towards people that are different to them AS LONG as there is not the chance that the person will become a part of their family. It is cool to hang out with an Igbo boy, eat with him, laugh with him, support him but God forbid your daughter actually want to marry him!!! Hypocrisy in it finest form!

Age discrepancy issue
The age discrepancies in this movie were something else. Mazi’s wife wife looks same age as her eldest son. As far as Joke Silva I would not put her as being Francis Duru’s grandmother. This is a little too farfetched. It is true that he has a kinda babyface, but he has grown from that age where he can effectively play a 20 year old. The youngest I could possibly put him at, with squinting would be 28 and the oldest I could put Joke at would be 55, but more likely I would age Francis at 36 and Joke at 46 which is a ten year age gap barely enough to be mother and son, let alone grandmother and grandson!

We see true love and forgiveness when Namdi’s grandmother despite all that Mazi and his family had done to her bestows forgiveness upon him, caring for him when he is sick and in need having been abandoned by his wife and sons. She also treats Sandra without prejudice or judgment after hearing her story and takes her in after she flees to the village.

I liked this movie. Good job all round. I thought the Bimbo/ Francis pairing was spot on because they seemed so mismatched that it would be understandable that he would run away from her sexual advances. I found the ending a little unrealistic and far fetched but nevertheless it was a feel good movie that highlighted the basic similarities between humans regardless of religious affiliation. We also learn something about the beauty of forgiveness. On a side note: Does anyone know how the title relates to the movie because I did not get that at all?

NB: Perhaps Nnamdi’s grandmother was supposed to be in her 60’s or 70’s but was looking so young because of the beautiful and forgiving spirit within her!

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