Throne Of Tears

Throne Of Tears

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Throne of Tears

Story – Chinedu Nwani
Screenplay – Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka

Emeka Ike – Phil
Olu Jacobs – HRH Igwe Udensi
Chioma Chukwuku – Olivia
Ngozi Ezeonu – HRH Lola
Onah Francis – Ukabi
Pope Nwodu Jnr – Ray
Browny Igboegwu – Nebraska
Escort Kamar – Inspector John
Don August – Wale

Poverty Nigerian
Materialism Nigerian
Status in Nigeria

My Rating: 50%

Igwe and his wife treat their driver like trash berating him for every action that he makes. He is afforded NO respect at all. On one occasion he introduces his girlfriend to his madam and who simply says,

“remove this filthy carcass from my compound.”

On another occasion he is chastised for washing the Igwe’s car using detergent. What else should he have used? He finds himself in a lose-lose situation.

After much abuse and humiliation the driver reaches the end of his tether and on this way to taking the Igwe’s daughter to school decides to go off track. This is pay back. He wants revenge and this is the only way he can think to get back at the Igwe and his wife. He grabs their daughter, Olivia from the car and tells her,

“Olivia! Look at my face. What do you see? I am misery and anguish personified and your parents made me so. They humiliated me – dehumanised me simply because I am poor.”

The driver’s plan is to kill and rape Olivia in order to humiliate and degrade her as he has been. Luckily she is found before this happens by a stranger passing by called Phil, who is played by Emeka Ike.

The Igwe is grateful that his daughter’s life has been saved but still behaves in a snobbish manner towards Phil when meeting him. Phil informs him that he plans to further his education and go into business too which the king patronisingly adds,

“Aaaaaah honest ambition marred by poverty.”

Despite this attitude he relents a little and reluctantly offers him the job as Olivia’s driver. Guess what happens next?


Poverty is a big theme is this film. The Igwe and his wife despite being rich and able to afford life experiences and education are incredibly ignorant and sheltered. They go to Phil’s house and are disgusted with the environment ignorantly insisting that he cannot live there as only “street urchins with no heart” can live in that kind of poverty.

We see Phil and his brother together and his brother always expresses to him the importance of honesty and working hard. It is the rich that are judging and holding pre-conceived notions whilst those living in poverty are busy trying to achieve their goals. It is also interesting to see that the driver at the beginning of the film was driven to his actions by constant bullying from his rich employers. From this we can see that although the rich in the film like to think of themselves as “better” than the poor in actuality this is not the case.

At one point in the film Olivia’s parents travel leaving her alone in the house with only the staff for company. This gives an opportunity for the relationship between Phil and Olivia to grow. They become very close, supporting each other during their times of need. Olivia has fallen for Phil big time and continuously tries to make passes at him which he repeatedly rebuffs, despite feeling the same way about her too.

There comes a time when Olivia straddles Phil and while he is attempting to push her off her mother walks in. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE and the police are called. Despite Olivia’s protests, he is taken away and badly beaten. After his release they make numerous further attempts to keep them apart telling Olivia pompously that an “elephant can never marry and ant.”

The Igwe tried to bribe Olivia with material goods to get her mind off Phil as if material things can fill her emotional void,

“What are you sad? Do you want us to buy you a new car? Aha! A jeep… with a driver.” Can she fall in love with the car now?

The film ends with her Olivia’s parents still trying to keep her away from Phil. We are told to watch out for “Battled Kingdom”

This film was watchable and there were some valuable lessons to be learnt about pre- judging people and treating people as you would like to be treated but I would not recommend it simply because is it soooo predictable and repetitive. I also find Chioma trying to play a “seductress” a little unbelievable. She always comes across so goody two shoes to me. I’ve only seen her pull off the non goody role a handful of times and this was not one of them. There is nothing original in the story and considering that it is a story that we have all heard before there is no need for us to be tormented with a part 3 (which of course I will not bother watching as we can all guess what happens)!

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  1. Nice Site layout for your blog. I am looking forward to reading more from you.

    Tom Humes

  2. I actualy enjoyed the movie:)

  3. i thought tht the film was boring and predictable. big fat *yawn*!!!

  4. this was just another pathetic princess/rich girl-falls-in-love-with-a-pauper-with-parental-disapproval-as-they-believe-that-the-suitor-within-their-social-class-is-more-appropriate-however-the-guy-is-a-either-mean-arrongant-playboy-cruel-drug-lord/trafficker/addict movie.

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