Through The Glass

Through The Glass

Nigerian Movie Review
Through The Glass – 2010
Story/Screenplay & Director Stephanie Okereke
Producer – Stephanie Okereke

Stephanie Okereke – Ada
Garrett Mckechnie – Geoffrey
Rainier Kenny – Martha
Brion Rose – Matt
Geno Giordan – Donald
Christy Williams – Nicole


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 41%


Tom Cruise lookalike Geoffrey played by Garrett Mckechnie is Ada’s neighbour and a womanising playboy. Day in and day out different women leave his house after nighttime rendez vous. One day a new born baby is left at his front door. One of his former lays leaves it there unable to cope and disgruntled with the fact that he has been ignoring her phone calls and texts. Geoffrey turns to his neighbour Ada played by Stephanie Okereke for help. She is reluctant at first to even talk to Geoffrey considering his reputation but soon warms up when she falls in love with the baby.

Stephanie Okereke
Stephanie is a decent actress, and sometimes she is even great but all her slip ups and mispronunciations were way too many in this movie. I hear people talk about her Americanisms and mispronunciations and I never thought that it was thaaaat bad until NOW. Oh lawd it was never ending,

Example 1:

“When you stop budging me with your problems…”
Hold up woman were u really trying to say BOTHERING? Oh HELL NAW!

Example 2:

“I thought you said it was only the baby thaaaaaart maaaarthuuurrs”
Oh lawdhammercy please Stephanie spare us!

The Storyline/ Setting
Stephanie was not thinking about where the movie is set when writing this movie. She has set the movie in the USA but then having things happen as if it were Nigeria. We had Geoff’s dad talking about how having a baby without being married would bring scandal to his advertising company. Erm? HUH? Not in America love. America is not Nigeria. How would people be all up in your private business like that?

In the hearing to get the baby back it was brought up that Geoff has not been in a committed relationship before. How would they know that and how would that be brought up? Not in America Stephanie. I don’t buy that at all. I feel like she had her Nigerian thinking cap on too much. If she wasn’t sure about cultural differences she should have stayed away from things she was not sure about or asked Americans for their advice. There ain’t know shame in knowing your limitations.

Character Development
The character development generally was very poor. All of the characters felt one dimensional. I didn’t feel like I got to know them at all. She tried to create some sympathy angle with Geoff and his whole daddy relationship issues but it just did not work for me. The druggy who was the baby’s mother provided some comic relief in the movie but even her small role was problematic. We see that she only wants her child for welfare however when she comes to hand the baby back she is acting like she is a caring mother when she never showed an iota of that before. It doesn’t make sense and is out of character. What has caused this turn around? Is she off drugs? Did she have an epiphany? What? We are never told or shown.

The script was rather basic. There was one line where Geoff goes to talk to Stephanie but he has lipstick around his mouth and Stephanie is trying to show some sass but it just really didn’t work. The wording was awkward and this wasn’t the only time. She says to him,

“By the time you wipe off the lipstick from your mouth you can check me out”
Hum er ok Steph.

Nollywood Forever Says What
Geoff and Ada’s front doors are always left open. SAY WHAT? Where is this where people can go in and out of people’s houses just any how?

The scene where Geoff calls “the authorities” and the guy is having sex with someone on the phone does not feel realistic at all. SAY WHAT? At first I thought Geoff was calling his friend. Not well thought about at all. Who are the authorities? Social services? The police? She needed to be more specific.

It was not realistic to me that no one would take the baby when Geoff told “the authorities” someone left it on the doorstep. SAY WHAT? How can “the authorities” be telling you, “Are you sure you don’t know the person whose baby it is?” Nonsense

What was it at the hearing to get the baby back that not once were DNA or drugs tests mentioned. SAY WHAT? Come on!!! How would the authorities have accusations of drug abuse and not carry out a simple drug test before giving the baby back. How would they not do a DNA test to see if Geoff was the father? Why wouldn’t Geoff insist on one?


I would not recommend the movie. The general premise of the story was good and could have worked. With a bit of crafting and character development it could have been a fine movie, however it was not. Character development was poor, too many things that happened did not seem realistic and the actors veered between mediocre and beneath that. It was just about watchable and Stephanie dey try but there were just too many gaping holes, however it was a completely solo effort so she must be commended for at least pulling the whole thing together.

Off subject:
Loved the black guy’s “token” shirt. Hilarious. He was hot too.

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  1. nolly it's been a while. i knew this movie wud be crappy from the trailer and the story. i didn't even bother to watch it, even with all the hype. nollywood talks about money even when they have money they can't do a good job.that's why i'm still skeptical about ije and co. even inale by jeta amata was not that good. the industry needs restructuring. i dunno if it's the acting or stories or lack of professionals but this is not the same industry we had in the 90's and early 2000's. and have u seen tonto dike's latest movies..all soft pornish..and i'm shocked that yul has started to act useless "porn" movies even the fact that he has a wife and his father is the great pete edochie. there are really stupid movies like blackberry babes, my yori yori, and stupid ish like thatt. u r really strong. i pity u having to go through most of the trashy movies.

  2. THANK GOD i skipped it at the cinema. i just knew it would be full of shit…. Stephanie has a degree in English but mispronounces words like she has a degree in Igbo. she is terrible actress with a terrible accent and from your review, i guess she is also a terrible scriptwriter and director.

  3. I think this movie would have been better if Stephanie had given it a Nigerian twist and the setting of the movie was in Nigeria. I don't understand her obsession with using going overseas in an effort to make herself standout when she is only a relatively decent actress. I am no racist but I really hate to listen to American accents in nollywood movies and I hate it even more when our actors speak with a fake accent as Stephanie seems to do in this particular movie!

    • I hear you. I watch Nollywood for the AFRICAN experience. With that being said; I believe that this movie was her project at the New York Film Academy, so that is why it is the way it was,

  4. Woww u have changed ur website background and colours…IT LOOKS GOOD …THE first 5 minutes of this movie turned me Off loool

  5. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi nolly, long time hope u're doing fine.For me I enjoyed dis movie 2 the fullest notwihstanding the bad acting from some of the cast.I like the storyline and the way she went abt it although I wish she had used an african cast 4 it to be more appropriate.I think u're being too critical or is it dat I'm the odd one out.Enjoy your day.

  6. Hey what did u do with my review? I thought I typed a lengthy one like last week. Abeg I can't remember everything i typed there other than doesn't anyone else find it odd that that baby looked 100% white while the mother was black?

    • Ah I'm sorry that your post disappeared. For about 2 days last week there was a problem with the comments and in the end I had to shut them off all together for a couple of days. Sorry eh. You know I didn't think about that at the time I guess because alot of babies are very light for the first few months od their lives.

  7. If you think Nollywood is that trashy, why do you bother with it? This blog used to be one without bias but I think the jobless people are getting here. Find your way to Naijarules, they'll accommodate you. Nollywood forever likes Nigerian movies, Her site is for them, if you're uninterested in them, pls go to american movie review sites.

  8. @NOLLY help me tell am

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