Timeless Passion

Timeless Passion

Timeless Passion African Movie Review

Year Of Release: 2011
Screenplay – Uduak Isong Oguamanam
Director – Desmond Elliot
Producer – Chisom Oz Lee, Emem Isong

Desmond Elliot – Kelvin
Ramsey Nouah – Andrew
Uche Jombo – Uzor
Mona Lisa Chinda – Mildred
Chisom Oz Lee – Ifeanyi
Susan Peters – Nkiru
Uru Eke – Jessica
Barbara Soki – Mama
Peter Pius – Toby
Chelsea Eze – Rukky
Valentine Agwulonu – Amadi


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 74%


Mildred played by Mona Lisa Chinda has been in Nigeria for 9 months following the death of her husband. She has been following the traditions as expected by her husband’s family but the traditions are never ending and she needs to return back to her life in London. She needs to go back to work and her children need to resume their studies. Her husband’s family refuse to let her return and hide the all the family members passports. She is called a witch and told to confess to killing her husband. Her life changes when she opens her door to a stranger who followed her home from church. Who is he and what does he want?

Uru Eke

Uru Eke is back. You don’t know how happy I was when her name flashed up in the credits at the beginning. I always remember her outstanding performance in Widow’s Men and since then I haven’t seen her in anything worthy so here’s hoping an Emem Isong vehicle is what she needs. I enjoyed her performance; she played a bratty teenager with ease. I don’t usually like British accents in Naija movies but for Uru I make an exception.

Susan Peters

I love Susan peters. She always gives any role that she is given justice. Her make up is always on point and her signature red lipstick is always popping. I know some *wink jinx* refer to her as the Paris Hilton of Naija but here at nollywoodforever.com we think that she is fab, not known for no good reason like Paris Hilton. I need her to be in a lead role though and not always some main character’s friend.

Desmond Elliot

I’m so happy that Desmond is directing and acting in quality films like this when he is not wasting time frolicking with Van Vicker, JJ Bunny and all the other useless Nollywood USA cohorts.



This isn’t the first time I have heard of a woman being accused of killing her husband. I have heard first hand stories from Nigerians about women being called witches after their husband’s death. Couples that were happily married for 30 plus years have the deceased man’s side of the family with the claws out for the wife that has been left behind. It is completely unfair. Because someone has died does not mean that the rest of your whole life should be lived in misery. In the movie there is not even a sign or hint towards there being evidence of her having anything to do with the death, yet sometimes death and grief can make people behave unreasonably. It is sad that it is also women playing a part in the oppression.


9 months after her husband’s death Mildred’s sister in law Ifeanyi expects her not to leave the house. Which kind of nonsense is this? One night she locks her out when she is returning home at 9pm. When her nephew confronts her she yells,

“Her mourning period is not yet over.”

Mildred’s family are Londoners yet the elders are requesting that both Mildred and her son marry people of their choosing. Mildred is to marry her dead husband’s cousin simply so that she remains in the family. Not a thought is made towards practicality or the woman’s happiness and all in the name of tradition… Imagine?

It was shocking that she was called prostitute for being seen in the company of a man. She is told that her husband is, barely cold in the grave” yet at the same time it is supposedly the right time to marry her off to her husband’s cousin. How does that make sense?

Memorable Scenes

There were a few memorable scenes in this movie. Let me list my top 3 for you all.

1) Jessica to her wicked auntie after a disagreement over what channel to watch on TV.

“Now in my room in London I have a TV in there that I paid with money that I work for. Now if you can’t pay rent you can at least afford a bloody TV.”

The auntie exclaims speaking of Jessica’s mother Mildred,

“She needs to come and explain who fathered these devil children.”

2) The church scene with Jessica screaming amen like a mad woman trying to act super religious so that she would catch Andrews eye and then her little sister copying her and getting dragged down to sit by her mother Mildred. This scene had me in fits of laughter! Hilarious!

3) Ifeanyi after being rejected by “her love” Andrew,

“I knew it this wicked woman bringing obanje to come and torment me. Back to sender!”

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Speech in certain scenes was dubbed over and it was OBVIOUS because it was echoey and a different tone to when it wasn’t dubbed over. It was a superhotmess.com!!! Say What? Not a good look at all. Major thumbs down for this DUD move.

How does Uru have a British accent and the brother has a Nigerian one? Say What? Yet they both supposedly grew up in the UK. Come like a Hollyoaks family (my UK crew know what I’m talking about!)


I would recommend the movie. It was moved at a steady paced, was well shot and well acted. I liked the subject matter because widowhood is an important subject matter that effect many women negatively. Traditions such as those highlighted in the movie that oppress women need to be talked about and changed so I give the movie kudos for tackling the subjects that it did Thumbs up.

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  1. abbibaprincewill says:

    hey i named susan peters paris hilton of naija am just a bloody 17year old am sure my opinion doesnt count..pple are taking my comment 2srz

    • @abbibaprincewill really when was that? Don't worry though your opinion will always count to somebody 🙂

      • abbibaprincewill says:

        on bella naija some months back

        • @abbibaprincewill Oh really! I didnt know that. My friend Jinx said it on twitter about a year ago… Thats where I got it from. I don't agree though.

        • abbibaprincewill says:

          @Nollywood i think she's finding herself as an actress nw.. before now she seemed to be everywhere with little or nthng to show for it but her performance in bursting out commands respect… she seems to be taking the acting thingy serz

        • @abbibaprincewill Yes she is usually playing a sidekick that's why it seems that way but she has always been good.

  2. nice movie.i enjoyed it

  3. plz i need the names of the two songs in this movie the one who has sang it and the name”plz can anybody help me”

  4. renee kufakunesu says:

    Wow!! I loved it especially that scene when jessica’s wicked aunt lied to Andrew that she’s a business women….nyc movie

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