Tom Bigger

Tom Bigger
Tom On Fire

Tom Bigger African Movie Review
Continuation – Tom On Fire

Year Of Release: 2011
Story – Prince Mbanefo
Screenplay – Ugo Nwafor
Director – Ifeanyi Azodo
Producer – Anaele Ugochukwu Dominic

Dede One Day – Thomas
Junior Pope – John
Uche Ogbodo – Angela
Cha Cha Eke – Ijeoma
Queen Wokoma – Nkechi
Lilian Peter – Tamaka
Leo Ewuzie – Prophet Elijah


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 40%


Ijeoma played by Charity “Cha Cha Eke” and her husband Thomas played by Dede One Day have been living in poverty for a long time. Things appear to be looking up when he is given a job interview in Lagos only for him not to be offered the job. It is after this misfortune that Ijeoma has had enough of the way in which they live and demands to be freed from the confines of the marriage. She flees to Lagos and dies in a car accident on the way. The movie really begins 9 years later when Thomas’ fortune has changed and he is now the rich guy. He is that guy that girls leave their poor husbands for.


Marriage is a game of giving but when you are the one giving everything it may just be time to call it a day.  After she asks for a divorce Ijeoma explains to Thomas,

“You don’t do nothing. You have no strength for anything. You can’t keep a job. You don’t have money. I practically feed you. I clothe you. God knows I do everything for you. I even give you pocket money. All you do is eat, lie down on the sofa and sleep and grow big in your belly. God you can’t even hustle for money.”

To this Thomas replies,

“Ijeoma I thought we understood each other. I thought we love each other.”

Can a marriage be made up of love alone? Was Ijeoma wrong for leaving Thomas when he fell upon down times or was she justified because of his laziness and lack of trying?


Nkechi leaves her husband for the new and improved Thomas encouraged by his expensive look. When she has been used and left alone in the hotel room she realises the error of her greedy ways. At least her husband had loved her whereas Thomas clearly does not. Even Angela is willing to sleep with Thomas for money even though she appears to be virtuous on the first meeting. Why it is that Tom bigger is determined to become a wife snatcher, preying on women with poor husbands, women like his ex wife? You would think that he would remember how he felt at the time when it happened to him but instead he is determined to behave in the same way that he previously hated.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

What was with writing all the names in the opening credits with alternate lower and uppercase letters? Say What? That was so messy. That alone would have you thinking it was a primary school production.


I would not recommend this movie. Towards the end of part 2 the movie started getting boring and dragged out, which is an epic fail considering that fact that each part was only 35 or so minutes. The movie was watchable but seemed never ending and did not seem to have enough focus. I’d watch it if bored. Other than that a big thumbs down. I didn’t watch the continuation Tom On Fire. I just couldn’t endure any more of it.

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