Too Much

Too Much

African – Nigerian Movie Review
Too Much (Also called Two Much) ~ 2010
Story – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Screenplay – Ubong Bassey Nya
Director – Daniel Ademinokan
Producers – Daniel Ademinokan & Desmond Elliot

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Sana Kanu – Sonia
Ngozi Ezeonu – Susan
Kizzy Kanu – Tanya
Nonso Diobi – Richard
Uche Jombo – Phina
Seun Akindele – Roland
Saidi Balogun – Bola
Arinze Okonkwo – Barrister
Ben Nwosu – Udenwa
David McKezie – Ejike
Stephen Okoye – Inspector
Daniel Ademinokan – Emeka
Doris Simeon – Julia

Nollywood Themes:
Stereotypes of African Americans
America Rating – 55%


Tanya and Sonia are sisters, played by real life sisters Sana and Kizzy Kanu. Their father dies and they return to Nigeria to handle family business and attend his burial after having lived most of their lives in the United States of America. As soon as they arrive back they give their Aunt Susan with whom they are staying hell. They are rude and obnoxious and this behaviour is turned up even more when they find out that their aunt is going to be in charge of their inheritance until they turn 25.


The Opening Scene

We see Sana receive a phone call, while she is out shopping with friends where she is told that her father has just died in a plane crash. She is sobbing and tells her friend, “My father has just died.” What does this imbecile reply to her? “Are you ok?” What a bloody idiot. How does someone tell you that their father just died and you ask them that? She should have got a red hot dirty slap for that one. Later on we find out that the mother and father have died in the same accident. It seems strange that she would only mention her father dying.

Stereotypes Run Riot

We see the same old thing here. Popular stereotypes of African Americans and Africans in America are reinforced. Kids raised in America apparently come back to their homelands and they are manner less, drink, smoke, are promiscuous and totally immoral. As soon as the girls reach their Aunt Susan’s house they comment on her weight and how old she looks as well as dropping her bags for her to haul as if she is their personal slave. Come on now who would be acting so ungrateful and obnoxious on your FIRST NIGHT? I thought the character development for the girls was poor.

Whoever is coming up with these boring, one dimensional, underdeveloped stories let me tell you something. WE ARE SICK OF IT. Do they not realise that a lot of people in the Diaspora watch these movies and CANNOT RELATE to the nonsensical idea that the west is corrupting to everyone of an African background. Can you imagine these girls touch down in Naija and put on their most revealing clothes and want to go clubbing by themselves. They don’t even ask their aunt or inform her. The whole thing seemed over the top to me, especially for the first night.

There is another scene were the two sisters are sitting outside the house drinking from glasses of wine. Susan gasps and tells them,

“Look at what foreign culture has done to you. Your parents must be tossing and turning in anguish right now.”

Even if they were hardcore party girls it does not make sense that they would be home because of their father’s death and not even comfort their aunt or grieve with her, particularly as it seemed that she really did care about them and their best interests.. The whole scenario wasn’t well thought about, even hardcore party girls have feelings and standards of behaviour. These girls leave the house in the middle of the night (separately and not even together) and go driving around the city looking for a club, not even knowing where they are going. On what planet does this make sense? How did they even find the keys to the cars (plural) when they just got there? Come on now!

The Kanu Sisters

The older Kanu sister Kizzy Kanu does not to be in any other movie. It was really quite painful watching her. Her acting was over the top and cringeworthy. Because someone in your family can act does not mean that you can too. And trust me this is the case here. Sana Kanu was good but her sister? BIG THUMBS DOWN. I got the feeling that the girls were just put in the movie to give the male viewers some titillation. They have banging bodies and they showcased them in the tightest shortest gear possible.


The dialogue was sometimes awkward and unnatural. Case in point where Sonya meets Richard outside her father’s funeral and starts seducing him with the opening line,

“You are so so handsome. I love your physical attributes.”

REALLY THOUGH? It didn’t even come over. You are outside your father’s funeral in full view of the service and you are sexing some random guy you just picked up with one cheesy line. The execution was poor. Of course somewhere this could happen. It is a possibility but in this movie it just was not even believable AT ALL.

Sexism and the Single woman in African Society

There is a scene where Roland tells Tanya,

“Why don’t you find yourself a decent man… You will be helping yourself maintain the level headedness required to manage this huge inheritace.”

HUH? I just had to shake my head. So a woman cannot be level-headed? It is always the case in African movies that a single woman equals slut and a REFUSAL to marry as opposed to having not met the right guy.


There is resentment from the village elders that the daughters of “their nephew” have not been to Nigeria for a long time. One states,

“I almost forgot that Udugo had children. Why wouldn’t one forget that Udugo had children when all of them have been left in the white man’s land for all his time… when was the last time our nephew brought his own daughters for an ordinary visit?”


The elders go away when they are left nothing in the will. One screaming,

“Udugo may your spirit never rest in peace. How could you be so wicked? Look at this boy. I told you he is very wicked.”

Haba! If he is so wicked why were you there at his will reading with your long hand? These elders never had anything good to say about Udugo and even on hearing about his death their primary interest was in his finances. Karma is indeed a BYAAARTCH Aunt Susan lets it be known that being left out of the will serves them right and reminds them about how she and her brother were left bereft by them when their father died. She tells them, “You cannot reap where you did not sow”

Nollywood Forever Says What?

How did the sisters bump into each other on that first night when they both left the house separately? Neither knew where they were going yet they manage to randomly bump into each other in the middle of the night. SAY WHAT?

How did Sonia take Richard shopping and they bought half the shop, only to come out with 4 medium sized bags? Even just the shoes they bought alone wouldn’t have fit into those bags.


I would recommend this movie as it did get more enjoyable as it went on. The picture and sound were good and it was certainly watchable but the ending felt rushed and character development poor. The cast were mostly great and I am especially impressed with Seun Akindele. This film was being promoted in 2008 and it is only now that it is being released. I remember there was big hype at the time. I thought that I was going to be blown away with both Daniel Ademinokan and Desmond Elliot on board, but t’was not meant to be. It was mediocre at best.

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  1. Kémi Pen&eacu says:

    Finally U review on "Too Much"…You are right when you write that it became more enjoyable as one watches on. Daniel A. acting as "Emeka" made me laff…my only issue with the Kanu sistas is that they tend to overact at times…but I still think they hv got potential (loved them in "Hope Alive")

    Loved the character "Ejike"…he really played a fast one on "Phina" [LOL]

    So like according to the category you tag it, I wud watch it again wey I am Bored…

    Thanks Nolly

    • Which one be Emeka again now? I dont even remember any Emeka!

      I havent seen Hope Alive but I did see Sana in Tchidi Chikere Movie Hope for Tomorrow and I liked her. I cannot say the same for the sister.

      • Kémi Pen&eacu says:

        "Emeka" no be movie but Daniel Ademinokan playing "Emeka" in the movie, "Too Much"…

        "Hope Alive" [John Uche]…it featured Desmond Elliot, Ngozi Ezeonu…and other unknown actors…

    • Sana and Kizzi Kanu did a good job in 'TWO MUCH' but they should not go without pride. In the movie there is a scene which I had to laugh at, and that is when a lady in the store asked Sonya (Sana Kanu) to check out a pants for her, Sonya instead took the pants for herself and her sister Tanya (Kizzi Kanu) condoned that. How can you take something for yourself when someone asks you to check it out for him/her, and worse of all,you refuse to hand back that item to the first person? THIS IS DISHONESTY!!!

  2. It was brief. I believe one scene where she made-out with a random dude played by DA. Both sisters are in another film called "Virginia is for Lovers" with Desmond. I bet you'll draw the same conclusion for both sisters if you get to see that flm.

    • Ok that explains it… Your assessment tells me that I do not want to watch Virginia with Lovers then! Desmond Elliot is letting me down if that movie is not any better than this one!

  3. Nolly, i had to force myself to see where this movie was going. there was so much hype about it coming out and just didn't make it for me. when Sonia receive the call about her father dying she acted like she actually cared but then when she travels home shows no concern at all. How in the world did that happen? speaking of the other Kanu sister, she cannot act at all. i don't remember any Emeka in the movie either.

    please don't waste your time watching Virginia Is For Lovers. absolutely dreadful. Just saw "The Beast" also. got lost in that and very disappointed. they just wasted the talented Majid!

    • Character development was minimal. It was weird that she seemd to care so much about her dad dying and then BAM as soon as she stepped foot on Nigerian soil all sense of reasoning and humanity left her body. Kizzy Kanu. Lawdhammercy H.A.M although she isn’t the worst one around she is pretty bad.

      I have been hearing good things about The Beast so I may just try it. LOL

      • ur very biased and jealous…give those gals a break da movie is not bad or u prefer watching ghanian porn movies…for there first movie its not bad at all…go and check the like of majid michel, jenny,uche, etc there first movies were not great as well so is there acting, so pls stop putting da sisters down…dey will eventually grow…practice makes perfect.

  4. Beginning their acting career, I feel that Kizzy and Sana are doing just fine. Some are commenting out of sheer jealousy! The girls are hot!! Admit it!!! Some of the movies that involve them fly off the shelves fast! So, people do appreciate them! Not bad!!! By the way, where can I find "Hope for Tomorrow" and "This is Houston"?

    Keep it up Kizzy and Sana!! Some people criticise even the best of films. So, kudos!!!!

    • Who said that they were not hot? Not me o. They are pretty and have great bodies. As for acting Sanu is aiight but her sister? Hell to the naw.

      I bought Hope For Tomorrow from my local movie dealer. I am in the UK. Where do you normally get your movies?

      • nolly i bet u cant act to save ur life give the girls a break…its there first movie dat dont mean she needs to stop becuz u think it not good..ppl like us love the movie..learn to appreciate others…

        • I have never claimed to be an actress which is why you don't see me on movie sets.

          Listen Uche, Mike, Emeka (one and the same person) you can use different email addresses to post a comment. YOUR IP ADDRESS STILL COMES UP. If you don't know what an IP address is google it and stop disgracing yourself coming here posting comments with different names having conversations with yourself! Its all rather amusing really.

  5. I kind of agree with most the comment about movie. However, I think most of the time, some of these directors and script writers are not well grounded. The directors are sometime to lazy or lack the craft of filmmaking. The writer are the number one culprit of lack of craftsmanship. They need to go to "night school". Notwithstanding keep up the work. keep getting better.

  6. This is there first movie guys. Give them a chance. I spoke to them both an dthey agreed with everything you guys are saying. They apologise to all of you.

  7. the movie is not dat bad as u guys claim give the girls a break its there first movie for crying out loud..u guys are just jealous…both of dem are good start crucifying dem in there 10th movie not one gosh…african ppl knows how to put one down…have watched dat movie like three times and its not as bad as da blogger is shouting about it.

    • The fact that you said not THAT bad says it all… Ok so just bad, thanks for the correction.

      Oh and why should we wait until their millionth movie? Let them come when they are ready. Credit where credit is due, they look good 😉

  8. Oh Mz Kizzy or whatever you call yourself – if you have agreed to be in this industry and going to start to be defensive on constructive criticism then you have a long way to go – Nollywood Forever was even nice with her comments to you – it was simply constructive criticism and nothing personal – she doesnt know you from adam.

    You must not know much.

    Welcome to Nollywood – opps scratch that – FAKEwood since thats what we call the make believe movie making lace front wearing fake contacts so called actresses with LAFA accents here in USA. Not everybody can be Genny, Ini, Rita, Nse etc etc.

    You cannot take constructive criticism and you want to be in movies.

    FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YALL BASED HERE IN USA – LEAVE AFRICAN MOVIES TO AFRICANS BASED IN AFRICA WHO CAN ACT. IF we wanted movies based here we woulda done netflix or blockbuster.

    PS: Oh and i heard plastic lace hairs must really itch and burn during summer seasons.

  9. When movie reviewers critique movies – it is nothing personal. Half the time we dont even know these actors or actresses personal – and we simply going by their performance to say yay or nay – it was good or bad in our opinion (not everybodys opinion has to match ours – that is why there is a saying "To Each His Own"). American celebrities get brutal criticism after box office flops yet they dont complain – they just improve and move on. Critics dont sugarcoat ish – we tell it like it is – take it or leave it.

    Since when did we start judging movies by how cute or pretty or handsome the person looks. Mchewwwwwww.

    • Thank you Ms Tilii for coming by and doing what you do best TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. I hate for people to get the knickers all bent out of shape over something that really is not personal. It just iiiiiis whaat it is.

      To update. Kizzy Kanu contacted me to say that she did not post the comments here. So I have to accept what she says as true.

  10. Comments such as "Oh the critic themselves cant act" is a weak ass come back.

    Critics dont Act – we critique. Same way Idol judge Simon cant sing a lick – yet he tells it like it is – why do you think his opinion counts for many people.

    • Yah thats just stupid. Like me going to buy a badly made and fit dress, with sewing all outta shape and then I go and complain and Donatella Versace tells me to shut up and accept it cos, "Can you design and sew?" KMT

  11. Nollywood Forever you too sometimes you dont listen to advice – how many times have i adviced you to stay clear from these Nollywood USA collabo movies – they are rubbish – absolutely rubbish – dont let cameos from Desmond Elliot, Ramsey Nouah, Ini Edo or Ngozi fool you – its still not worth a dime (i great actor in a movie vs 10 others who are not – doesnt make the move great) – i have seen a few and they gave me ultimate headache – and Oh when VV stars in it to – with combined collabo of these lacefront wearing LAFA chicks – its a done deal – you better have 911 on speed dial or something.

    Next time put them on Drive By. Matter of fact am putting all NOllywood USA collabo movies on my Drive by list esp those Virginia, DC, Maryland, Houston ones – just pitiful. At least Anchor Baby and Ije has had some great reviews cos REAAAAAAAAALLLLLLL actors/tresses played in it.'

    Next time listen to advice. Put that ish on ebay and sell it to some fool and get ya money back.

    • I do not have this movie in my possession.

      I also didn't know it was one of those USA collabos.

      You have to remember Sana was in that Tchidi movie with Mama G which was a good one added to that Daniel and Desmond I did expect great things. I do try and watch pretty much everything I can manage but USANollywood on the whole is not for me especially anything with JJ Bunny, that is the biggest offender for me on the scene.

  12. I thought I was the only one who was disappointed by this recent USA Collabo acting.I hope they can improve.I watched This is Houston and Ini Edo’s talent is just going to waste in that movie good thing she was a guset star Phew!!

  13. Jerome Hines says:

    I wish I could be able to get back the movie and download/watch it again. Miss it very much and me search all over the net for it and cannot find it. You can send me a copy of the movie or tell me where to get it from?

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