Turn Me On

Turn Me On

Ghana Movie Review
Turn Me On ~ 2010
Story – Priscilla Agyenam
Screenplay -Roger Quartey
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Ambrose Eledo

Yvonne Nelson – Julia Buckman
Jackie Appiah – Kendal Buckman
John Dumelo – Tyler Buckman
Beverly Afaglo – Mavis
Kofi Adjorlolo – Lawyer Banahene
Roger Quartey – Clark
Eddie Nartey – Marcus
Willie Halm – Dr Harry Buckman
Timothy Bentum – Lawyer Oswald
Vivienne Achor – Dr Wilson
Roselyne Ngissah – Peggy
Omar Dumson – Socrates
Alex Nnodi Jr – Ro
Khareema Aguiar – Sally
Benjamin Kwadey – Woody
Dan Mensah – Reverend
Dominic Demordzi – Isaac Allotey

Drug Abuse

Nollywoodforever.com – 83%

Clark played by Roger Quartey is Dr Harry Buckman’s chief butler who finds him mysteriously dead in the bath one morning. Following their father’s death Dr Buckman’s children return home to pay their respects and claim their share of the inheritance left. Kendal played by Jackie Appiah is Mr Buckman’s daughter a renowned fashion designer married to Marcus played by Eddie Nartey. They are being blackmailed by a mysterious stranger who is trying to fleece them for a second time and so are in desperate need of money. Tyler is Mr Buckman’s eldest son a lawyer who needs the money to fund his secret boyfriend. Woody is the youngest son, a struggling musician and drug addict. While they are all back at the family’s house on hearing about their fathers death they find out that there may be another heir to their father’s fortune, the child of a former maid Rosemary Nelson, Julia Buckman, played by Yvonne Nelson.

The movie has the same styling as all the other Ghanaian movies of late. We see the target and aim finder alongside vital statistics for each character. This movie also has a narrator.

All other Nollywood divas need to look at Yvonne Nelson’s lacefront and pick up some tips. It wasn’t fantastic but it was waaaaaaay better than what all the other are sporting. It was more natural and not stacked high on her head like a birds nest.

Drug Abuse
Why oh why do they show Woody with a wrap of coke that he sticks his tongue into which then causes him to rub his nose. What? Are they serious? Why will you rub your nose if you licked the drug and didn’t sniff it? Come on people this is 2010 and they still can’t even get a drug addict  sniffing a line of coke right. This is outrageous. There is a scene where Chelsea confronts Woody over his drug habit and tells him that his wife has told her everything about how he started on drugs in the hospital, then later on in the movie we see his wife Peggy talking with Chelsea saying how she can’t believe her husband is a drug addict and how she didn’t even know. Huh? Twist aside this bit didn’t make sense.

Mavis took the blackmailing too far. Why would Tyler he give her all the extra money he was getting by using her or at least almost all of it. By the time that he would give her all that she wanted there would be nothing in it for him. He would have been better of settling with his original share. After giving her half the extra money he may as well just let her spill the beans. It is no longer worth it. This movie shows that succumbing to blackmailers is never worth it. They will always want more.

Each of the relationships the siblings have with their partners is flawed. We see Chelsea’s husband as well as Woody’s wife’s real characters. The marriages are all not what they initially seem. Even Tyler’s gay relationship is flawed in that the man doesn’t want to be with him if there is not money involved so what kind of love is that? The movie also raises the question of, what does it mean to be a wife? Mark is upset because he wanted a submissive wife that he could control. Why did he never express that to Kendall before he was caught doing wrong? He seemed happy enough.

I love the way that the story slowly unravelled revealing twists at every turn. It kept me as a viewer engrossed and curious as to what was going to happen next. It was very cleverly executed.

My Favourite Scene
I loved the part where Peggy reveals herself. It was great acting on the part of Roselyn. She translated the pain in her eyesvery well. She slayed me when she addressed Kendall about her husband and said,

“And who is this houseboy of a husband staring at?”

Lmaooo! That part was too funny

You Are the Weakest Link. Goodbye.
Benjamin Kwadey who played Woody by was the weak link for me. His acting felt forced and you were aware every time that you watched him that he was acting. The same could be said about Willie Halm who played Harry Buckman, although that wasn’t too bad as he was barely in the movie.

Another big shame in the movie (again not too bad because we only meet him at the end) was Tyler’s lover Michael. Not only is he a bad actor but he was charisma less and not hot so why was Tyler killing himself over this guy? I didn’t get that bit at all. John Dumelo was way hotter than the guy, so what does the guy have to offer that he should be financially supported? BAD CASTING.

You Rock
Apart from the ones mentioned in the weakest link category the rest of the cast rocked and made the movie thoroughly enjoyable. I won’t go into detail or I’ll be here typing all night. Roselyne Ngissah was excellent. I loved that she wasn’t the downtrodden fat girl like she is normally portrayed, and although it looked like she was in the beginning it was great that we got to see her in a different role that also highlighted her versatility.

The Title
If anyone can help me out here please do. What was with the title? Who was turning on who? What did the title have to do with the movie?

Nollywood Forever Says WHAT?
Stupid ass Clark running around with the knife was just giving me no end of jokes. SAY WHAT? You would think that the guy would get some sort of photo of his intended target before running all over town breaking into houses and hotels trying to stab somebody. Bloody fool!

When the lawyer goes to the hotel to ask for Julia he asks the receptionist when she left. The woman says “about 16 minutes ago.” SAY WHAT? Who the hell says that? Any normal person would say 10 minutes or 15 or 20. What, was she sitting there timing the girl?

SAY WHAT? It is revealed in court that Tyler’s licence to practise law was taken away because of sodomy? I didn’t know that was possible. You learn something new every day.

The “hidden” tape played in court was so fake. Does it really take that much effort to re-film from a different perspective? The camera was zoomed in perfectly and spanned from face to face. If indeed it was a camcorder than had been lying on a shelf and left running then how in the hayle did it start zooming and switching from left to right. Huh? SAY WHAT?

I would definitely recommend this movie. There were a few little niggly bits but on the whole it was a job well done, from the acting, the story, the screenplay to the picture quality. Grab ya copy now! Thumbs up.

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  1. Morning, Noon and Night is a 1995 novel by Sidney Sheldon.

    • Are you saying that book is the basis for this movie?

      • yep…they copied the book totally… immediately i saw the preview i was like wow….sidney sheldon may b dead but come on… i think they should do things the right way honestly… so it wud be great because its not of their thinking…

  2. TheChuckylee says:

    I haven't watched dis movie yet but I learnt dat the storyline was copied in totality from a story book just like Duwli said including some of the names of the casts.Since it's Frank Rajah's work I wouldn't be surprised cos he usually directs copied storylines.

    • Wow I just looked up the book and this excerpt is from book review on the Sidney Shledon book:

      Morning, Noon and Night is another master piece of Sidney Sheldon. The story is no less intriguing than the other of his great works. It is full of twists, turns and a very shocking ending. The book consists of various sub-plots each more interesting than the other. This is a great thriller novel having all the elements of successful action novel like revenge, greed, murder and blackmail.

      The story is about a family which is very wealthy and influential known as Stanfords. The head of the family who is a billionaire man named Harry Stanford. He has three children by his wife Tyler, Woody and Kendal. He is not a very nice rich man. He has an affair with the live in nanny named Rosemary and has a child by her. When his wife discovers about the illegitimate child of his husband she commits suicide. She refuses to undergo any more abuse from an unfaithful husband. The nanny leaves the town before the child is born. He shows no concern for the child even after the girl is born named Julia.

      This is supershady!!! I still liked it though. If I had read the book I would have probably been incensed.

  3. da princess says:

    ive also watched a 9jerian movie exactly d same story line somtyn abt 'who killed pa rueben'm not sure datz d name buh i can remember nkiru sylvanus starred in d movie…di

    • I have seen Pa Ruben and that was not the same story at all the only similarity is a man with children who dies and the children fighting for his wealth and that we have seen in many movies.

      • da princess says:

        loolz,,sorry buh t'was,once i saw dis review,i just flashed back 2 dat movie….nd i just watched dis movie…..i found dat…dey just twisted it a lil bit

  4. Betty Boop says:

    @ Nolly –

    sodomy (in today's cases at least) refer to forced sexual contact/ sticking stuff up an unwilling dude's anus…

    I am guessing you can lose your license for that, just like losing it for rape, all alla that stuff.

    At least that is what i figure, because you never know what can happen in homophobic societies. In addition – if it was homophobia, they probably would have referred to it as homosexuality (you know, consensual)… I don't know – sodomy usually implies forced intercourse….

    so yeah, the long and short of it is that i can see why a person may lose their license to practice law or whatever for sodomy

    • sodomy doesn't imply forced intercourse…it's just a word the "LAW" uses to describe "unnatural" sex, it could be oral sex, anal sex or even homosexuality, heterosexuality, zoophilia which is also known as zoosexuality or beastiality(bestiality)

      • Yes I didn't think sodomy was a forced thing either. I actually thought sodomy applied only to anal sex but after research I see your definition is correct!

  5. Thanks Nolly I really loved the movie…like my friend would say it was very "INTENSED"(i have no idea if such exists). Thanks anyways!!

    • And yes I forgot to add….I don't see why ones choice of intercourse should make him/her loose a license to practice law…like u said we learn something new everyday right

    • um "intense" maybe LOL I agree it kept you watching and engaged and I thought the same thing about his losing his licence. If he isn't raping or molesting which one is their business now? Perhaps thats the way it works in Ghana I'm not aware.

  6. This is pure bull,if dis sydney sheldon's work must be used as a movie why couldnt they change the name of d characters?Where is their sense of creativity,cmon its so obvious dat there's no way they can reproduce the work exactly d way sheldon did it so why not improvise in an intelligent way?.For pete's sake they dont have dummies for an audience.I remember years back while i was stil in high school when i read The Running Man,ve 4gotten d name of the author.I eventually saw the hollywood version of the movie and it was so original and cool.Well i thank God i just saw dis review dat means am not gonna waste a second of my time watching the pirated,badly photocopied version of sheldon's work oops!

    • There is nothing wrong with making a movie out of a book. It has been done time and time over, even the names of the characters are the same. Look at Precious. That was based from the novel PUSH by SAPPHIRE (excellent book by the way and her poetry is great too) Where the issue lies is WHERE IS THE CREDIT? At the very beginning of the movie it should have been introduced as "Turn me on based on the Novel Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon."

      • Nolly, "Credit" is where the main issue lies. Of course movies like Precious, Twilight, Eat, Pray & Love and tons of movies are adapted from best selling books. But the author goes on to sell the right to the movie company and makes a lot of money off the sale, distribution, and any and everything they do with the movie afterwards. It's a legally binding arrangement, so it's just not enough to just say "“Turn me on based on the Novel Morning, Noon and Night by Sidney Sheldon.”

        They cannot afford this, and I don't think they'll be given the right anyway bcos the author will probably want a higher quality production or at least a movie industry that's reputable and clean.

        • You are right, so I guess the only solution is not to straight copy someone elses work if you cannot give credit.

          • Okay… the credit issue is valid, but why do we get our knickers in a tizzy only when the copy issue is from our end? Let me use the U.S. as an example. Where was the credit when Black Eyed Peas took an Indian song and made it their own (don't phunk with my heart), or Hollywood took an Indian movie and called it Hitch? What of the 100s of British shows they have remade in the U.S. and never once have they said it was based on XYZ show? I say if the storyline is familiar, sit back and see how the writer and director interpreted it. If you like it, applaud it. If you don't, that's okay too. But we must stop condemning the works of Africans who get an idea from somewhere else as if it's a crime or we're the only ones who adapt other people's work. I bet Sidney Sheldon is in his grave wondering what all the fuss is about. After all, some of his TV shows were based on other people's works too.

          • I see where you are coming from. for me I find it lacking in creativity but it usually does not bother me so much as I have never seen the movies that are being copied from. If I had I'd probably be a little annoyed. As long as I enjoy the movie that is my primary concern.

  7. I did watch this movie before the review, thanks to "online nigeria.com",,,It was really a good movie, well done to the whole crew,,,I never suspected that Lawyer Buckman planned his father's death,,,, and for a second I suspected Jacky's hubby, blackmail (what kind of life is this) With Peggy , I was like, whats with this quietness? there must be something,,,, Everybody had a hidden agenda, but Jacky's was better ,,,,

    By the way, I came to realize that Ghanains has better concepts, I mean concrete stories than Nigeria,,cos with Naija, sometimes u can't even get the logic of the story,,,,, Till then peace out and till next time

    • Yeah sometimes they do but this particular one is the exact story from Sidney Sheldon's Morning, Noon and Night novel.

    • You! Why are you coming here promoting charlatans like online nigeria? I'm not in support. This movie was copied from a Sidney Sheldon novel so I guess you could say that whomever they copy from have concrete stories.

  8. I'm jus glad u did a review on this movie! I was gonna ask earlier but i decided to be patient lol…even tho the movie was from a book, i still think they did a bangin ass job. Its the movie that can even make u like the book more and it also allows you to picture everything you read perfectly because u already saw the movie for it….kind like PUSH n all that other good books. Thanks tho gurl!! 🙂

  9. lol..

    Clark and his bread knife had me in stitches as well..

    And yeah.. The Camera thingy has since been an overlooked part in Nollywood films. And in this case, it wasn't even a scene that was to be shown as part of the film and then as recorded stuff. So they could have done it from the camcorder angle in one take.

    But for me the best part was finding out that Kendall's hubby was the blackmailer..

    No.. Clark and his knife was the best.. That was 2nd best.

    Also finding out about Sidney Sheldon somehow takes the gloss out of the whole movie.

    I'd like to say that as a guy, hearing John Dumelo call another guy "baby".. *cringe*.. and then telling him about getting "hard".. *quadruple cringe*

    • Oh and by the way Nolly..

      Imagine the feeling..

      From being potentially 1mill richer to being told you really have nothing and would even have to be relieved of some of ur own bucks..


    • I agree it would have taken very little time and effort to get the camcorder scene right, but I guess Frank and crew just didnt care.

  10. Drug Abuse

    Why oh why do they show Woody with a wrap of coke that he sticks his tongue into which then causes him to rub his nose. What? Are they serious? Why will you rub your nose if you licked the drug and didn’t sniff it? Come on people this is 2010 and they still can’t even get a drug addict sniffing a line of coke right. This is outrageous.


    I asked myself after I have read this critique. What are these people professional critiques or wayside critiques. Did they watch the movie or they watched it while forwarding the movie. Woody sniffed and leaked the stuff. You critisize as if you are quarrelling with the actors or producers. this is very unprofessional. Have ever sat in a class room to do film analysis and interpretation before. Go back and learn how to critique and stop the too known. Stop blabbering because you think you have the platform to critique. Please learn. Go and learn. watch the film again.

  11. New Persona says:

    The movie is ok. What I couldn't stomach was John as a gay man. When I see him in a movie I want to see him kissing a girl. Ghana and Nollywood should collaborate and make a movie where Ghana supplies the audio/video and the setting and Nollywood does the storyline and wardrobe. I find Ghanaian storylines to be a little bit unrealistic for the African setting.

    • You mean Ghana should supply the electricity and scenery while Nollywood brings the storyline and wardrobe? 😉

  12. GigiChiny says:

    So, is John Dumelo now the "Go To" actor for gay roles in Nollywood/Ghollywood?

    This is the 4th movie (that I know of) where he plays a gay character.

    Let's see, we have Men In Love, My Flavour (aka Never Again), Above Principalities and now we have Turn Me On.

    I guess as an actor it is fulfilling to take on such challenging roles. But there is the issue of typecasting. Nollywood is notorious for that and I just hope JD does not get typecast, in this regard.

  13. i alway love Gahna movie and also the actors and the actress ther in

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