Twilight Sisters

Twilight Sisters

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Twilight Sisters ~ 2009
Story – Oby Somina Okafor
Screenplay – Oby Somina Okafor & Amaechi Ukeje
Director – Ugezu J Ugezu

Van Vicker – Micky
Oge Okoye – Alicia
Emeka Enyiocha – Joe
Andy Chukwu – Pastor Frank
Cassandra Odita – Mrs Davies
Ada Ameh – Mabel
Nnadi Ihuoma   – Angel
Uche Elendu – Havilla
Tom Njemanze – Micky’s Dad
Ifeanyi Nnaso – Buddy
Zubby Egwu – Bruno
Ijeoma Azuka – DPO
Okwudili Oguegbu – Angel’s Friend
Sharon Umoh – Micky’s girl
Ndidi Diala – Chief White
Oby Somina Okafor – Soso
Gloria Mba – Emem
Azimma Juliet Eboh – Joan
Walta Anga – Charles
Somina Anthony – Lucy
Oluchi Egbuska – Mimi
Martins Phil Odili – Doctor
Sylvia Amaso – Jane
Fugene Odu – Mark

Themes Explored:
Campus Life in Nigerian Univeristies
Cultism on Nigerian Campuses

My Rating – 37%

The movie is named after the female cult that feature in the film. They are called the Twilight Sisters, perhaps because most of their cult  like ceremonies are performed at twilight, or perhaps not. It is more than likely the makers just thought that the title sounded good. I digress.

The leader of the Twilight Sisters is Soso. Soso is in conflict with her boyfriend Joe’s sister, Angel. Angel is continuously battling with Soso to leave her brother alone. She believes that Soso is a bad influence.

In a bid to make Angel’s life a misery Soso enlists the help of Charles, a known ladies man. His job is to seduce Angel, make her fall in love and then dump her. The plan backfires and Charles and Angel fall madly and deeply in love, much to the chagrin of Soso.

After Charles and Angel fall for each other we see Charles’ ex girlfriend Alicia’s brother Micky goes and threatens Charles to get back with Alicia. He also goes to threaten Soso because he believes she is leading Alicia astray.


We then see Alicia and Mickey who are brother and sister get thrown into jail for Angel’s death. When they come out their mother is dead. On the other hand Soso leaves university but not before her younger cousin Havilla is inducted into the sisterhood by force. It is not long before Havilla turns from a coy church girl into a fearsome campus cultist.

Havilla has her eyes on Charles and mkes it her mission to seduce him. When he rebuffs her in anger she beats up Angel causing her death. She then starts seeing Joe and finds out deep into their courtship that Angel is his sister. She is racked with guilt and confesses. She then is thrown into jail and Alicia and Mickey released. It is only at the end of the movie that amends are made between herself and Joe’s family.

This one is a campus cultism flick a la Black Bra and War Game. The only difference being that this movie is NOWHERE near as good as the previous two mentioned. This movie was very poorly executed. Too many storylines made it very confusing to watch, and much of it did not seem integral to one central plot. It was just a mish mash of mess.

Overall I get the message that was trying to be sent out, which was basically “Whatever is done in darkness shall come to light” but the vehicle in which it was done was shoddy. The sound was bad varying hugely between scenes. The chemistry between members of the sisterhood was not natural and felt false. The dialogue didn’t flow and much of it felt disjointed. It did however get better and pick up slightly in part two as the story began to flow more, and intrigue added to the plot but still the flaws screamed at me like a new born baby seeing light for the first time.

There was one scene in particular that I thought was nonsense. Havilla goes to see Soso for the first time and Soso on seeing her with bags in her hands asks her what the bags are for,

“My mother bought some things for you.”

Please note that Havilla does not give any indication of what is in the bags, and Soso replies,

“She shouldn’t have. I don’t really need them.”

She then tells her to leave the bags outside on the doorstep. The camera pans over the bags and they are closed, leaving no indication of what is in them so how does this make sense? It would have made more sense for Havilla to have indicated what was in the bags or for a bag to have ripped open accidentally.

Van Vicker was cast as a bad boy cultist. How ridiculous! His attempts at playing the tough guy were pathetic. I don’t know if it was the cliché ridden lines he was given or simply his acting. Put simply he was very unconvincing and more comedic that anything else. The majority of the supporting cast were less than mediocre. Uche Elendu and Oby Somina Okafor were the standout performances for me in this movie. They were the only ones that had characters that felt believable and we not addled too much by the poor script and plot.

In short I would not recommend this movie. It was a watchable, as in I got to the end of it without slitting my wrists, but it’s best you save your money if you love yourself.

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  1. Tariah cynthia says:

    Pls, i would rily love 2 knw d location (which university ?), of dis movie.

  2. UniLag? Lmao I don't really know just throwing the suggestion out there…

  3. Twilight without a doubt should get 5 stars out of 5 according to my viewpoint

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