Twist of Fate




Story, Screenplay and Direction by Wille Ajenge


Ashley Nwosu – Ambassador

Mercy Johnson – Buchi

Desmond Elliot – Jack

Ufuoma Ejenobor – Vivian

Benedict Johnson – Jude

Moses Effret – Oche

Christy Okonkwo – Asst. Com

Jennifer Uzoma – Stelle

Themes in the film



NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 25%

From the outset of this film I was bored, but still I persevered. The fist 15 minutes was boring and confusing. We see a girl going for a job being bribed by a doorman that will not let her into the building otherwise and we see a girl accusing her mama of favouring her son over her daughter.

Where did these people come from? What are they about? I am afraid that I cannot explain because I never found out what the significance of the opening scenes were.

Next we see a man and woman going grocery shopping. On leaving the store they are held up by a gunman. What a stupid scene!!! Picture this the robber shouts at the woman,


To which her response is,

“ARGGGGH (Crying) I think he is trying to rob us!

ERM! Naaa love he IS robbing you… NONSENSE!

The robber then shoots both man and wife and runs off.

The gist of the rest of the story is that as the armed robber is running off he collides into this random man (It is all a bit unclear what exactly happens). The man he ends up colliding into ends up getting shot by the police as they think he is the robber (since when would the police get to the scene in 5 seconds?) and shoot him.

From there we see the wrong person get framed for the shooting and friends shopping friends to the police all in the name of money. The innocent man is taken by the police to a hospital and manages to escape by tying up the nurse and stealing her clothes and wig.

The rest of the story is him running from place to place trying to declare his innocence and drinking at bars even though he is a wanted man…


This is what happens when you try to do everything by yourself! You should have had some people help you out, cos you clearly are not up to the job…

I didn’t finish the film it was just too dull. In don’t recommend it at all!!!









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