Unbelievable – 2011
Story – Lucy Awoji
Screenplay, Director & Producer – Ejike Chinedu Obim

Muna Obiekwe – Angel
Ndidi Samuel – Akum
Chukwudalu Okonkwo – Ebe
Joshua Richard Dike – Agafu
Jennifer Kaosiso Nnaemeka – Nfecha
Etimbuk Fred – Ebenta
Azubuike Nwalie – Ndu
Tessy Nduka – Nneomma
Ben Nwosu – Maxi Okosun

Village Life

NollywoodForever.com Rating – 70%


Ebenta is a troublesome boy inside the house and out. When asked by his mother to even wash plates he deems it “women’s work” Agafo is holding Mazi hostage by demanding the use of his bicycle after seeing him place charms on another villagers land. He teams up with Ibeh and they use his bike to rent out to other children in the village. It is during this money making scheme that they meet Ebenta and Nfesha. The four children form a gang and get into all kinda of mischief causing trouble in their own houses and throughout the village, that is until Nfecha wants out. Will the boys join their friend?

I loved the soundtrack It is one that you will find yourself singing along to no doubt. A really feel good film about bad kids turning their lives around, although they really weren’t thaaaaat bad. This is the best kiddie acting I’ve seen in a looong time. The children were the main characters and held their own throughout the movie. The lines dropped from their mouths with ease and convincingly. Their chemistry as friends felt natural. I must say I was impressed and hope to see them again. The story was just ok, although it was consistent I wouldn’t usually watch a movie like this, so I was pleasantly surprised.


I would recommend this movie. A big thumbs up. This is definitely a clean one you can watch with the family. It is a nice kiddie flick that delivers a great message about doing and being good. It serves as a warning for what can happen if you veer on the wrong side of the lord. It must be said that f you aren’t religious the whole thing with the angel may make you roll your eyes a little, but even if you aren’t religious it is still a movie you can appreciate. Grab ya copy now!!!

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