Unending Love

Unending Love

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Nigerian Movie Review
Unending Love ~2010
Story/ Screenplay – Bob Emmanuel Anosike
Director – Ugo Ugbor
Producer – Kenneth Okonkwo

Nonso Diobi – Bob
Tonto Dikeh – Sandra
Yvonne Nelson – Juliet
Kenneth Chukwu – Stanley
Ejiro Okurame – Cynthia
Vincent Opurum – Ken
Oliver Peters – Pastor
Stella Onyekwelu – Lilian
Omolisa Joyce – Lisa

Charms in African Nollywood
Prostitution in African Nollywood
Abortion in African Nollywood
Greed in Nigerian Movies

My Rating – 45%

Sandra played by Tonto Dikeh gets caught up in a big mix up after the events of just one regretful night with another man. Her actions threaten to jeopardise her relationship with the love of her life Bob (Nonso Diobi) and she will do anything to keep him. Juliet her friend, played by Yvonne Nelson is also having man troubles after being reunited with her first love. Her problem is his wife and how she can make him all hers. Nigerian Movie Review


What I wanted to know in the beginning is, was Sandra a full time prostitute or was the night she spent with Ken just a one off? My guess is that she is a proper hardened full time prostitute for her to take her abominable actions to the level of thievery. Her fiancé Bob is not short of cash so to me it does not even make sense why she is selling herself. Nigerian Movie Review

Sandra tells her friend Juliet,

“Just one messed up night.” How it is one night if this is something that she does on a regular basis?

In part 2 the story becomes a lot clearer and I actually like the twist, but I feel the storylines were very wishy washy and not developed enough. They threw in the use of charms to explain how Juliet and Sandra got their men back, which I feel is always a device used when a writer doesn’t know where to go with the story. The ending was very disappointing too, almost as if they gave up on the film. Car crash… hmmm original… NOT!

Another thing that disappointed me in this movie is the issue of abortion. Why is it that whenever abortion happens in a Naija movie there is death or a missing womb? I mean COME ON! How unrealistic is that? I get that they are trying to discourage abortion but it really is insulting to the viewers that this happens each time. Lots of women have abortions and go on to have children. Most women do not die and most women do not mess up their reproductive systems. It’s 2010 for petes sake! Medicine has progressed since the 1930’s.

I would not recommend the movie because the characters were not well developed and the story was slightly boring and a bit pointless truth be told. Unending Love my back foot. The story was never about love but pretending to love, so why call it that? The movie is however watchable should you have nothing better doing.

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  1. I was really confused too about Sandra (Tonto) being a prostitude. There some paarts that did not make a whole lot of sense to me. At the end all I gathered was Juliet and Sandra wanted to payback Bob (Nonso) for killing their sister. Why did Juliet's boyfriend had to die? Why must every Ghanaian and Nigerian's views on abortion be so negative?? It's very upsetting to see that one must always die after abortion. Why must someone always die in Ghana and Nigerian movies??????????????????? As much as I like Tonto, Nonso, and Yvonne, this movie was a waste of time for me and thank GOD I did not buy it.

    • I agree alot of it didn't make sense to me either. It kind of a felt a bit like imporvisation like they didn't know where tehey were going with the movie and so stuck the bit on at the end about avenging the sister's death.

      Africans portray abortion like that to highlight how "bad" it is… It is however just not realistic. Who on earth in this day and age dies after having an abortion and a recognised mainsteam hospital?

  2. nwanyiOwerri says:

    45% is too generous. It should be a -10%. I just could not understand the story. Even the made up plays my cousins and I did as children made more sense. The car accident at the end was the worst, how do you swerve away from thin air? Ridiculous. It would have made more sense if they got Santa and his elves to kill her.

  3. The movie was ok, Tonto and Nonso played their roles wells, the script might not be the best but obviously a 60% movie

  4. Is this movie the continuation of "Ghost in Love" or it comes first as its the same thing. I watched "Ghost in Love" was bored to death. Absolutely disgracefull

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