War And Romance

War and Romance

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War and Romance ~ 2010
Continuation – Princess Myra

Story – Chidi Chijioke
Screenplay – Ken Steve Anuka
Director – Ken Steve Anuka
Producer – Chukwuma Okeke

Mike Ezuruonye Nigerian Actor
Nonso Diobi Nigerian Actor
Desmond Elliot Nigerian Actor
Biola Ige Nigerian Actress
Patience Ozokwor Nigerian Actress

Royalty in Nigeria
Mortality in Nigeria

My Rating 10%

Mike falls in love with a princess that he meets coincidentally at a hospital. He is there with the victim of a car accident. The victim of an accident that he caused, while the princess is there secretly donating blood. Mike makes it his mission to track her down and profess love, but then finds out that she is engaged to a known criminal and so sets out to expose him. It looks like the criminal is not the only obstacle that he has to contend with.


Part 1 was very slow. I gathered that Nonso, Desmond and Mike want to change the face of Nigeria and go into business buty not much else. There is a lot of scenes with them sitting around yarning in their dodgy American accents. Nonso’s was the WORST. So you went away for four years. How does that change your whole life’s accent? FAKE!

The character that was the criminal engaged to Biola was mightily annoying. He too had a dreadful American accent and was saying “nigga” all the time. It just was not believable to me this middle aged man exclaiming “nigga” every five minutes.

The whole blood story was clearly not even well thought about let alone researched. What kid of stupidness is it that the princess may die if she donates blood again within 24hours? The most that would happen is some faintness and if there really was such a large risk why would a doctor even take the blood? The other flimsy story was that the hit and run victim will die within an hour without blood. RUBBISH! How do you predict someone will die in an hour?

What kind of doctor is this that is breaking customer confidentiality so flagrantly after already stating that the lady who donated the blood would not want her identity to be known. I thought that was ridiculous. You are talking about confidentiality and how you are going to not break it and then in the next sentence you let a patient know that the woman that just left was the one that donated blood. Can you not see how easy it would be for him to run and chase the woman?

Why was the Princess going to a bar in full royal regalia and feather duster? OH MY! Nonso used to be my man but I don’t know what was up with those contact lenses. They made him look devilish.

Biola Ige is overacting instead of the more usual blank expressions I have grown accustomed to. We are also getting a lot of Rapid Eye Movement from her that make her look like she is paranoid or something, eyes darting all over the place.

I’m so sad for the state of Nollywood in this 2010. Crappy actors and crappy Movies like this make me lose the will to live. I got through 20 minutes of part 2 and I took this crap out. I just couldn’t make it to the end, it was pointless. Mike, Desmond and Nonso, MY BOYS! And MAMA G too! I was sure I was going to love this. Alas t’was not meant to be.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE. Watch it only if you don’t love your life. Absolute rubbish! Bin it or give it to someone who’s guts you can’t stand.

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  1. is it that bad? i mean mike and desmond (ahhh…drulin!)are in it! common nolly…say it isnt soo!?!???

  2. nolly…i would also love to recommend a movie for u just d way u do 2 us…u need a lil bit of credit ryt?lol……MY FANTASY..it starred Tonto Dikeh, John Dumelo, Ashley Nwosu and Jibola Dabo…..i hope to c ur review on it pretty soon…watcha say???

    • Hey Sally I am going to post My Fantasy when I have finished watching it. I only got up to the bit where she was sent away to live with the guy her father owed debts to. It wasn't bad up to where I had seen

  3. shakirat says:

    the fantasy was an okay movie. the first 2 parts was good but part 3 was terrible. there was no point to drag the movie out. it was a waste of time and got bored.

  4. lwkmd! nolly was it dt bad? lmao…cnt bliv u sd 'it makes u lose d will to live'! lol, so funy! i defntly wnt b watchng ds 1….n it looks so gd frm d poster!

    abt recomnding movies, i thnk u shud watch 'tricks of women' dnt thnk its 2010 tho bt its rily intrstng. if uve watched it pls review it. i'd love to c d review.

    keep up d gd wrk!

    • It is REALLY REALLY BAD… Can u imagine Mike, Dessy and Nonso and the film was still abysmal, Na wa ooo

      As for Tricks of Women. I don't believe I have watched it.

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