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Waterfalls ~ 2010
Story – Nneka Onyekuru
Screenplay – Uduak Isong Oguamanam
Director – Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Producer/ Consulting Producer – Nneka Onyekuru, Emem Isong

Nollywood Actors & Actresses Starring:
Van Vicker – Brian
Tonto Dikeh – Chidera
Patience Ozokwor – Aunty Philo
Bhaira Mcwhizu – Cynthia
Nneka Onyekuru (Nee Nneka Chris) – Nora
Zainab Boardman – Bukky
Ihuoma Nnadi – Didi
Paul Frank – Friend 1
Jerry Smart – Friend 2
Ime Bishop Umoh – Lecturer
Emeka Duru – Nora Dad
Tina Ndubueze – Young Nora
Wendy Boardman – Nora Mother
Benedita Gbemudu – Gran

Themes Explored:

My Rating 72%

Chidera, played by Tonto Dikeh is a brilliant student who lives with two friends Cynthia and Bukky on campus, played by Bhaira Mcwhizu and Zainab Boardman. While her friends are more interested in socialising than facing their studies, Chidera is the total opposite. As soon as she meets Brian, played by Van Vicker in class he becomes infatuated by both her beauty and brilliant mind. She, however tries her hardest to fight his advances, but finds herself reluctantly falling head over heels in love with him. This movie explores the complexities, trials and tribulations of their love.

Tonto Dikeh & Van Vicker

Van Vicker can sometimes be wooden, so I think that pairing him with Tonto Dikeh is is a great coupling for him as they have wonderful chemistry. When they kissed it was done with such formidable intensity.

Bhaira Mcwhizu

I was really looking forward to seeing Bhaira Mcwhizu after her wonderful performance in Cindy’s Notes. This is the first time that I am seeing her in a Nollywood movie since that time, so kudos to Emem Isong as the casting director for casting her. Bhaira plays a wayward girl on campus. She has not a key role for me to really explore her performance but I will say that she is a very natural actress that gives effortless performances. I’d love to see her in a leading role again.

Patience Ozokwor

It was great to see Patience Ozokwor and in fine form too. I haven’t seen her in many Nollywood movies recently, as opposed to when I first started watching movies and she would literally be in every other one. Patience played Auntie Philo, Chidera’s only family in Lagos, whom would certainly be called a cougar for her lust for younger men. Patience acted the role with much finesse, she was believable and added a huge comic element.

Ime Bishop Imoh

Ime Bishop Imoh was rib-cracking as the lecturer in the movie. He had me cracking up all the way through. The lines filled with longwinded over the top grammar attributed to him were excellent, and made all the more funny by his overgesticulations.

Nneka Onyekuru

Nneka Chris is back in Nollywood and with a new surname. I guess a congratulations is in order! I must say I havent seen her in a movie for a long while, and to be honest I was not missing her at all. I remember her from another movie involving Emem Isong called Jealous Heart. She is the producer on this movie, and behind the scenes is where she may want to stay. I was not impressed with her stilted, awkward performance at all and clearly she does a much better job producing.


I couldn’t believe that Brian dumped Chidera like that and after he just proposed to her too. In the beginning he seemed so genuine, and all of that just changed. We see how a person’s true colours really shine brightly in times of adversity. From calling Chidera everyday the guy just stopped calling. He turned off like a light switch.


I loved the friendship between the girls in the movie. Very often Nollywood does a poor job of showing positive female friendship so I welcomed this portrayal. It felt real because the girls didn’t always get along, neither did they always agree with each others choices but at the same time they showed support to one another when it was needed the most which is what friendship is all about. Even though Cynthia is a runs girl she still wants to do the right thing by her friend by trying to prevent her from entering that kind of lifestyle and uplifting her when she is at her lowest ebb.

Funny Scenes

1) Auntie Philo turns up on campus to deliver “urgent news” to Chidera. Chidera comes running to Philo’s car exclaiming,

“Did the house get burnt?”

Philo looking forlorn replies,

“Something worse than that!”

She then regales Chidera with a tale about how some young boy used and jilted her, pretending not to know her after the fact. This was hilarious because Patience was actually telling the story as if it were as serious as the house burning down, and perhaps to her character it amounted to the same thing.

Later on in the same scene Chidera stomps off after becoming annoyed with her auntie for requesting a hook up with one of her classmates. A male student standing nearby witnesses the scene and comes to talk to Philo. Thinking that she might be in with a chance at snaring the young man she starts furiously batting her eyelashes and giggling like a schoolgirl. When the boy then expresses interest in Chidera rather than her she starts screaming like she has been attacked,

“Everybody come and hear ooo! This id-iot has come to ask for my daughter’s number – IDIOT!”

Now if he had been asking for her number you know that scenario would have turned out much differently. Patience rocked. Classic Mama-G behaviour. Love her.

2) The lecturer who in the beginning confused an oxymoron with metaphor lets Brian have it as he walks off after questioning the test score given to him. He shouts after him,

“Jeri Curl! Can you imagine with the complexion of MTN coming to talk to me like that? Intellectual bulldozer… An intellectual caricature!”

Nollywood Forever Says What?

1) Brian gets Chidera 21 huge cakes in his attempt at toasting her. What kinda stupid gift is that? I get the gesture but it is just wasteful and pointless. At most she and her friends may be able to stuff themselves with 2 of the cakes. The other thing I was thinking while watching this is, even if she were going to keep even half the cakes, where would she store them. Even if there were electricity to freeze them, what freezer is holding 21 cakes?

2) There is a scene where Chidera and Cindy are running away from Didi. Chidera is wearing high heels , as the camera pans to the back of them and we see her wearing flats. Say what?

3)Why does Chief all of a sudden 5 years later starts referring to Tonto as as “sister” despite not having contact with her for all that time. When the secret was first revealed he was all for Brian and Chidera getting together, even condoling her mother and telling her that it was ok for them to be together so what changed? This really did not make sense at all and we weren’t shown any reason why the guy would have changed his mind.

4) Why would Chidera give the company to chief and not sell it? I understand that she was wanting to show her regret for some of her actions, but that was too much, Hwo many millions would she be out of? Wouldn’t it make sense to at least get her money back, or was her mother really balling like that to just be throwing away money left right and centre?

PAYBACK IS A BITCH! I liked this movie because the conclusion was different to the usual Nollywood; woman plays the idiot that always takes a man back no matter what he has done to her. Even though I love a soppy romantic lovey dovey ending. I liked this ending even more. It sent out a strong positive message to women. The movie was simple but well told, where it fell down for me was the predictability factor. I figured out what the main storyline was going to be within the first 15 minutes. Not good. There was also the issue of the side story with Patience Ozokwor not tying in with the main body of the movie. It felt a little “stuck on.” Despite this I would recommend the movie, it is an enjoyable watch.

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  1. U r really doin a gud job on dis site. Been ffn u on twitter but I never knew all dis. The movie is kool and passes with ur rating. Just requires some patience. Its so kool to see Tonto do dat role. And she did it well.

  2. It was okay. I just liked the fact that she did not end up with him. After she bought the company she immediately felt regret. i felt that was rushed, I want to see Brian suffer a little bit. Just my 2 cents.

    • That was the part I liked too. Too often in Nollywood we see the woman get completely trampled on and get treated like trash and she always goes back to the perpetrator. when it is the other way round and the woman is behaving badly there is no such luck! This sent out a good message. You can forgive someone and not necessarily have to be with them. Forgiveness does not mean acting like a doormat.

  3. do you know where i can get this movie, im in london btw… im been searching for this movie and waiting for your review. i think van and tonto have great chemistry, + patience is always a plus. are there any sites you could recommend that would have this movie? 🙂

  4. Why this movie called waterfalls?

  5. I have been waiting for this review before I order this movie…especially after watching "I sing of a well" [didn't like it]…I said no more orderin' for movies until I get Nolly's sowhat stamp of approval…

    So off I go to west African Movees dot com to order…LOL

  6. What does that mean, formidable intensity? 🙂

  7. that ime bishop guy is just tew funny…i usually avoid tonto's filmsbut ur review looks on point. this nneka woman, is she the same woman who acted one movie called govt house/governor's wife…i think that's the name..she's not bad but she's not good too.

    • Hmm Nneka used to be in a few movies back in the day and I always thought she was pretty bad, she wasn't dreadful like some that we have come to know, just bad!
      Ime is great.

  8. lool, i thought you meant that it was like forceful… thanks for the review, i'll try to buy it from brixton tomorrow or on friday

    • fawr-mi-duh-buhl] Show IPA

      1. causing fear, apprehension, or dread: a formidable opponent.
      2. of discouraging or awesome strength, size, difficulty, etc.; intimidating: a formidable problem.
      3. arousing feelings of awe or admiration because of grandeur, strength, etc.
      4. of great strength; forceful; powerful:

      I was taking it to mean number 4, as in very powerful, but now looking at the definitions number 3 could apply too! LOL

  9. oh, ok lool, i was just confuzzled, thanks!!! 🙂

  10. I enjoyed the movie. I liked the three girls and how different they were yet they were close. I didnt care much for the story but i've always been more interested in xters in movies than in the stories and in this movie, I liked all the xters. one of them reminded me so much of me. I liked the dialogue too. Happy to be seeing more faces in Nollywood than the same old.

    • Hi Emanuella!

      I liked the friendship between the girls too. They showed what friendship was all about. None of the husband snatching, betrayal and jealousy we normally see.

  11. I just watched the movie and I personally didn't enjoy it. It made no sense, so they end up being related, but they have an intimate history and it's just like whatever. What's ironic is that I've actually ordered the movie but I found it on some website so I watched it to make sure I wasn't wasting my money, which I am. It's just really dissapointing because I had high hopes for this movie. Just thought I'd let you know my views because you probably know I was eager to watch it.

  12. I was enjoying this movie but didn't like the ending. All that Chemistry went to waste, would have prefered if they were brother and sister for real then.

    Even Brian was still insisting that they were not siblings which makes me feel as if the movie could still have another part to it.

    • I thought it didn't make sense how the father was all for the relationship in the beginning at then at the end all of a sudden insisted that they were brother and sister and didn't want them to get romantically involved. What changed?

  13. Nope, I decided to order this movie instead 🙁

  14. Hi Nolly…….I strongly agree with everything you said about this movie. It was worth watching.

    Van Vicker………make the audience believe in u as the character you are playing. Stop reading your lines without conveying any meaning and please try and transcend more emotions to connect to your viewers.

    Patience was awsome as always!!

  15. The ending was rushed. Well I guess "giving back the company would mean selling it back, since Chief would have made money from the sale and he'd just give the money/shares back. It doesn't make sense to just hand it back. Also, one disconnect, did chief know that Nora kept the baby? So why did he ask her "She's mine, right?" like he didn't know he fathered a child. If that's the case, why did he send money to her to get her abroad? Nora said he sent money later on so I don't think it's the money for abortion that she was referring to.

    By the way, I thought her acting (Nora) was pretty decent. Not bad

    • You have made a greast point. I didn't think of that. Its true why was the guy asking about Tonto like he didn't know that she was if in fact he had been sending money like they claimed. Hmmm food for thought.

  16. waterfall is a veri stupid films. Wen would nigerian producers learn 2 produce maturd films?..all their movies makes me sick

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