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Weeping Soul Nigerian Movie Review

Year Of Release: 2011
Story – Cornelius Ucheama
Screenplay – Chuks Okpala
Director – Okey Zubelu Okoh
Producer – Cornelius Ucheama

Mercy Johnson – Grace
Kenneth Olonkwo – Martins
Princess Egu – Franca
Micheal Godson – Kelechi
Collette Nkem Orji – Amaka
Vitalis Ndubuisi – Papa Amaka
Ikem Chude – Ernest
Gaddiel Onwudiwe – Uncle Anene
Obiogu Gina – Chinyere
Buchi Jeffery – Doris
Gideon Nnedu – Mike
Amaka Offor – Rose
Kennedy Kalu – Okeke

Gender Roles

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 74%


Grace’s mother’s death throws her life into disarray. She is unable to return to school and complete her education as her uncle has stolen all her mother’s savings and is encouraging her to take up a trade and get married instead. Unable to raise funds to continue her schooling she takes the opportunity to go with a family friend to Lagos with the promise of a living with and being educated by her sister’s family. Things are looking up, but how long will it last?


We all know Mercy Johnson can cry a river of tears and boy did she do that here. An absolutely excellent performance from mercy Johnson throughout the movie and particularly an early scene where she confronts her uncle over his refusal to pay for her education. She was excellent as the naive village girl. Mercy Johnson doesn’t just do sexy as occasional watchers of Nollywood may think. She really is versatile and can do it all. In this movie she does the heavy sobbing dramatic crying as well as the tears welling up in your eyes crying. Kenneth Okonkwo did a great job in his performance but I felt like the casting was wrong. It felt like he was supposed to be younger than he was, in the way that he was acting, but was around the same age as Mercy’s dad. They should have cast someone younger in the role. It beats me why they are always casting him and younger men when he clearly looks to be in his 40’s.


This movie was musical in a very bollywoodesque way. It reminded me of some old Chiege Alisigwe movies where she used to be running through fields singing to her lover. In one scene Grace is sitting in red dirt with her bald head grieving and crying about her wretched status is life through song. I don’t normally like musicals but I can acknowledge the fact that the singing did add to the melancholiness of the situation. The song actually became quite catchy after a minute or so.

Gender Roles

Graces’ uncle deems her unworthy of an academic education because she is female. She is encouraged to learn a trade and get a husband. Her father’s land is not granted to her simply because of her sex and whenever she confronts her uncles on these issues she is reminded that she is unworthy to challenge him on the basis of her sex. Even her father is accorded disrespect by her uncle in death on account of him not bearing a boy.


Through her mother’s death Grace finds that the people that were there for her no longer giver her any kind of support. Her own uncle has no interest in her and constantly attacks her both physically and mentally. It is an eye opener for her. Amazingly the strangers that took her in treated her with more care than her own blood relative.


I hated that a nice guy like Ernest ended up being a rapist. I guess it was realistic because”nice guys” rape too. I hate it that Mercy didn’t say HE RAPED ME. She more or less admits to sleeping with him. Consexual sex is NOT the same as rape and more often than not this is the message spread in Nollywood movies. In this movie it is the woman blamed for being raped, as usual no surprises there.


Grace asks Martins for help with her education and when they fail to come up with a plan she says,

“It’s all in the hands of god if he wants me to further my education.”

Hmm… Good luck with waiting for that. Why do Nigerian movies encourage this nihilistic attitude and reliance on god rather than move to action? I guess it is reflective of the culture and maybe just art mirroring life? In another scene Ernest and his wife go to see the doctor about their childlessness and he is tells them,

“God’s time is the best”

I would think that highly inappropriate when you go to visit a doctor. Yes your pastor may say that but a doctor?

Memorable Scene

The most memorable scene for me was Grace was dragged from the house crying. That scene was super emotionally charged.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

We have here yet another movie featuring death by abortion. Say what? How unoriginal, but nearly all abortions end in death in Nigeria apparently *end sarcasm* so why am I surprised?

Oh even better, next up we have death by shock. Say What? It must be noted that this is another Nollywood favourite.

When Kelechi looks to be about 3/4 it is made apparent that Grace still hasn’t paid rent. So the landlord has been letting her live for free all that time? Say What?

In one scene Ernest’s mother tells him to get his girlfriend something to eat. He says ok but then the mum gets up and then he only gets her water. Say What? What happened to the food homie?

I thought that it was funny that Mercy Johnson was supposed to be Micheal Godsons mother but she was barely aged, yet they put grey eyebrows on Kenneth Okonkwos even though he already looked old enough. Say what?

Kelechi turned from Coca Cola to Fanta. Was he bleaching? Say What?

How can they get a lawyer to fight for a grown man? Say What? He can make up his own mind.


I really enjoyed the movie. Mercy Johnson was the standout performance and did a phenomenal job as the downtrodden grace. Loved the ending then hated it all at the same time. This movie took me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions despite all the Say Whats? If you watch it you will know what I mean. All in all a very good movie heavily driven by the performances. The story was run of the mill but the execution made up for it. Grab ya copy now!

PLEASE NOTE: there is another movie under the name of Weeping Soul starring Mercy Johnson, and the storylines are similar. HOW CONFUSING! I know. that movie is reviewed here under COMFORT MY SOUL.

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  1. how cum i’m just finding this website? me nollywood junky. here in jamaica its only the bootleg copy of nolly films availabe and i think its a shame. any suggestion on ow i could get the original copy to buy?

    • Nollywood says:

       @quel Hi Quel! I know the feeling. I had the same issue in Jamaica, and I don’t even know where they sell them legitimately over there!

  2. Collete Orji says:

    hmmmmmmm,It was indeed a touching story. Playing Amaka for me was Fun…..Another nice movie 

  3. Tari Okiki says:

    Great Job Nolly wood, we are in Australia and will like to know how can we get original copies of these movies?

  4. Hi everyone I’m John Songwe from Zimbabwe , i myself I enjoy watching Nigerian movie ,bt there is the song tht I like from the movie called the Comforter of my soul ,can somebody tell me the name of the theme songs for tt movie

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