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Who Loves Me?naian

 African – Ghanaian Movie Review

Who Loves Me ~ 2010
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screen Play – Phil Efe Bernard
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Actors and Actresses starring:
Jackie Appiah – Chantelle/ Jasmin Ghanaian Actress
Majid Michel – David Ghanaian Actor
Rama Brew – Grandma Jane
Kalsum Sinare – Akosua (David’s mum)
Artus Frank – Rick Liberian Actor
Abeiku Segoe – Adjei
Lillian Larkai – Janica
Dan Tei Mensah – Dr Alfred
Roger Quartey – Henry
Louis Saah Acquaman – Walter Enoch

Nollywood Themes:
Obession in a Ghanaian Movie
Mortality in a Ghanaian Movie
First Love in Ghana
Sacrifice in Ghana

My Rating – 45%

Chantelle, played by Jackie Appiah is at a business dinner date one night when an artist by the name of David (Majid Michel) catches sight of her and becomes immediately mesmerised, sketching her portrait from afar as she dines. On completion he gives a waiter the drawing to give to her along with poetry scrawled along its bottom. He then disappears leaving Chantelle confused and shaken.

After the meeting David becomes completely obsessed with Chantelle and his obsession consumes him as he sits in his room day and night painting her. By coincidence David happens to be the son of a woman Chantelle gave financial help to at a hospital. His mother comes home from the hospital to see that the paintings she sees strongly resemble the girl who came to her aid.

David’s becomes increasingly obsessed with Chantelle to the extent that his mother is at her wit’s end,

“This show of irresponsibility is getting on my nerves.” She tells him that he is verging on insane and indeed it does look that way. From plastering his wall with his paintings of Chantelle he startes plastering billboards around town and kissing her picture on the wall every time he enters the room.

Chantelle sees 3 different billboards containing her picture and becomes seriously disturbed. Eager to find the mystery poster she returns to the restaurant where she came into contact with David to try and seek information about his identity and whereabouts but it is to no avail. Will she ever find this mystery man?


This movie had me all confused like a drunk on crack. There were so many things that had me baffled. Let me list:

*** At Chantelle and David’s first meeting after the restaurant episode why is there no mention of their first meeting and the billboards? Is it supposed to be a hallucination or what? I found that very bizarre. You have been searching for this guy all over town and now you come face to face with him you don’t think to ask him why he has been posting billboards of your face around the city? Then the next minute your are all pally pally visiting him at home and you still haven’t talked about how you met.

*** Chantelle supposedly has 72 hours to live because of a hole in the heart, but she is looking great, not a hint of tiredness… NOTHING. She has just 3 days to live and not a lick of pain? I DON’T BUY IT!

*** When David gets drunk and breaks his leg at the time that Chantelle is dying in hospital there is a scene where she walks into his hospital room, kisses him on the forehead and says sorry. It is weird because both David and his mother’s reactions are minimal so I assumed that Chantelle was walking into the room as either a ghost of a hallucination on David’s part as Davis is engaging with her but his mother isn’t THEN outside we see a hospital staff approach her outside and then David’s mother comes to speak with her. HUH? I really don’t get what is going on at this point.

*** The idiocy continues. We see David’s mother slit her wrists in the hotel bathroom. A note is then found where she says that she wants Chantelle to have her heart. What kind of nonsense? Your son is certifiable and now you are going to go and commit suicide and leave him in the hands of a woman he barely knows? Nonsense

*** It is funny in Nollywood every day people are dying of abortions but then when there is a heart transplant there is no talk of the risk of Chantelle’s body rejecting the heart which we know is quite a common issue.

*** Even the arrival of Ricky Chantelle’s first love is a bit like HUH? We have not even heard his name until he arrives at her party uninvited. So it feels very much like improvisation. Now one glance of him and she is ready to dash the man that she claims she loooves so much. His mother has died for her and she goes to insult him by offering to give him half her possessions. It doesn’t fit. From the person that we know Chantelle to be, this sort of whimsical behaviour doesn’t fit and there is no development to tell us how she became this way.

Chantelle tells her Grandma,

“Loving him has gone out of me.” HUH? SINCE WHEN? You were just at the party looking all loved up and singing his praises now you decide you don’t love him. The story is not well thought out at all. To top it off they have Ricky breezing in talking bout,

“The psychologists recommend that I leave the country for a while.” Oh please!

***In the credit’s Jackie is credited at Chantelle and Yasmin. I was hoping… Please please let this be a mistake and let this not be another twin story. That will take this movie from mediocre to awful. As it ended there was mention of Jasmin so no doubt  Jasmin will be revealed in the Part 3 that is to follow.

We see that the new guy Ricky, played by Artus Frank is a greedy opportunist, and this is what she dumped David for? She has just been through an ordeal and told the guy that she does not want to go to work or talk about work and still he is insistent on talking about it and specifically about taking lead in the company, so from that we can see that it is not her best interests he has at heart, but rather his own.

At the end of part 2 Chantelle throws in a twin sister *Rolling eyes* Where on earth does that comes from? Lawdhammercy! She gathers her two men david and Eric and tells them her dying wish is for them to find her sister, “Can you bring my sister back?” Back from where? Huh? What kinda bullsh** is this? At this point I am totally through with this movie so it is lucky that it is at the end.

Majid Michel’s character David is reminiscent of the character of Sly in Chelsea except that in this movie David is absolutely certifiable. There is no doubt about it. His obsession is beyond creepy and you would definitely come to the conclusion that the guy has mental health issues. The question I was asking is, was David ever actually sane in the first place, or was it the one glance at Chantelle that turned him bonkers?I am also wondering, why on earth Majid has been cast again, straight after Chelsea in the EXACT same role. Talk about overkill. I guess they felt “If it ain’t broke why fix it” they must have felt they were onto a winning formula. Well it sho is broke now and it needs to be fixed.

Majid is totally believable as the loony David. We can completely believe him as the sane David too but the problem lies with the character itself. The character is not consistent. Jackie was aight and the new guy I didn’t really see enough of to thoroughly assess. I had hoped that after Artus Frank’s (they put his name in the credits this time waaheeey! LOL) role in Chelsea this role would be much bigger, but perhaps his role will be bigger in Part 3. He is a hottie and from what I saw he has got some chops so it just remains to be seen if he will be one of the contenders to the throne for Ghana’s Top Actor alongside Majid and John.

If you are hoping this movie will be on the same level in terms of quality as Chelea then hope no more. I can tell you point blank that it is not. I found Chelsea as a story much easier to digest, or perhaps the execution in Chelsea was just better. The only way such a story would make sense to me would be if David had been a known madman for a period of time. It was just completely unrealistic to me that a man who was acting as loony as he was would suddenly turn normal with no traits of the madness again. I think that Venus are riding high on the back of Chelsea in bringing this trash out. The only similarity between the movies is that Majid is a painter with a crazy obsession about a woman. I guess it is true that Adbul and Frank work better separately than together and this movie is a perfect example of that.

In short I would not recommend this movie. It was nicely shot in terms of the picture and the sound was good. I cannot fault any of the acting but ultimately where it failed was the fluidity of the story and character development. They were just throwing in new angles at every opportunity and a lot of it simply did not make sense to me. Thumbs down.

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  1. i felt the same way as you about this movie, it had me confused because the story line was not flowing, and had me mad at the mother killing herself like that. i wont be watching part 3 because i have no time for predictable twin story lines.

    • Amen I don't want to watch either because it can only get more stupid. I may watch when bored just for the comedy value.

      • no oh.. Nolly. U must watch it. That's what ur website is about isn't it??

        U watch 'em and give the reviews whether stupid or not.

        Infact I know there are a lot of films u don't review just because they are just too stupid. I always check ur site for a film before I watch it and then end up gettin angry with u when i find out 4 myself that it's utter garbage; just because you didn't review it here.

        • Stu, Just so I'm clear…You get "angry" with Nolly when she doesn't review the movie you want to watch? Did you really mean to use that word, "angry"? Because if you did I'm confused. Are you paying Nolly a fee for this service? Is that why you "get angry"? I thought this was a free service. Did I miss something? Nolly, are you charging people to read these reviews? Sorry I didn't know. I've been reading them for free all this time.

          That's why I'm confused by your comment Stu. How does one get angry for utilizing a free service? Please explain it to me. I want to be enlightened. Nolly, please tell me if there is a charge for reading your blog. I don't want to be accused of being a thief.

          Stu, how much money have you paid so far? Because maybe you can take Nolly to court and get all your money back. Hey wait, maybe there are others like you, who've been paying and "get angry" too. All of you who've been paying can do a class action law suit against the blog. Hmm…perhaps, you can start your own blog.

          Okay….I'll stop now. I just had to comment on that one Stu. I couldn't help it. You left the door wide open for me.

          • LMAO@ Phina… I didn't take him seriously at all! Don't mind him…

          • I Obviously didn't mean angry angry.. Geez!!

            It's the same feeling u get when u watch a "don't watch it, bin it" film without prior warning of what ur getting urself into.


            "Oooohh.. why didn't Nolly review this film nww?? 3hrs of my life I can't get back. hiss!!!"

            Even sites that charge premiums don't have everything

            Besides, "I always check ur site for a film before I watch it" must mean I think its brilliant work being done here.. You just had to leave those ones and go for "angry"..

            Free/Not Free, Nolly still needs to keep adding as much reviews to the site

          • I didn't take offense after all I can only do whatever I can physically do no matter who demands what!

          • i get it….

        • Stu if you check the flickr page I put raings on there too when I havent reviewed a movie for whatever reason. Just click one of the pictures on the left hand side!

        • was i the only one that noticed when chantelle turned her head in the restaurant….like in the beginning, the matrix movement…gengen…for a second there,i thought she was going to break her neck in the name of turning around. I am tired of seeing majid play these cracked out roles,its getting annoying but he is such a good actor though,i love him sometimes. The parts i watched were just past "hot mess"..i am sorry but i couldnt finish,i could sense more foolishness ahead…and i just watched it cos Jackie was in it. I think some ghanian and even nigerian directors should work more on the execution of their movies cos some of them just dont make sense and for the sake of humanity,should not be made into dvds for people to buy

          • Yes I noticed the constant turning, it wasn't very subtle at all… Majid is the king of intensity hence why he keeps getting casted in such "madman" roles. You know it was watchable in a haha I can't believe this ish kinda way.

    • Do yourself a favor and some closure by watching part 3:) It's only about 45 mins long and wraps up the story very well. It's not too predictable and the ending is good.

      I'm waiting for Nolly to update her review based on part 3.

      • I have not seen Part 3 anywhere hence why I have not watched it. I hate it when a release taked so long because I just lose interest, especially if the movie was kinda crappy to begin with. Who do they think is waiting ten years to round of a pile of steaming…

        • nwanyiOwerri says:

          If you love yourself DO NOT SEE PART 3. I repeat DO NOT SEE PART 3. It will cause you unimaginable rage and damage to your viewing equipment may occur.

          Essentially in part 3 we get the "twin". Most of the movie involves live twin's interaction with the two guys from the previous parts. I shall summary the abomination that is part 3. First love ricky or whatever his name is, is all over the twin sister. He professes his love to her too. But has some girlfriend on the side. Majid's character can't get over dead twin and turns down live twin when she offers to ease his pain with [you guessed it] the gift of herself. Live twin is moved by Majid's character's devotion. She goes off to see first love ricky and lo and behold sees him kissing his girlfriend. He denies that it is anything serious. However, it is made known to us the unfortunate viewing audience that he is just after live twin for her inheritance.

          Live twin realizes this and invites crazy tortured artist (Majid's character) to her home. She then proclaims [I swear I am not kidding!] "You have been punked!" to crazy artist dude. She and her grandma start laughing. Surprise, Surprise there was never a twin! It was just her attempt to find out who really loved her. She never died. End of Part 3.

          After my multiple fits of rage, I have decided that only redress in a court of law can make right the pain caused by this movie. I ask all nollywood lovers to join me in a class action lawsuit against everyone {yes down to the drivers} involved in this travesty they called a movie. Surely, making something this bad must be a crime.

          I am overcome by the awfulness I had to endure. I can write no more. I have to go and lie down.

          p.s I think there is a part 4! Oh the horror!

          • Oh wow… It sounds so hilarious with stupidity that I think I will have to watch…

            Thanks for the breakdown. You had me cracking up over here… "YOU'VE BEEN PUNKED!" Na wa for this life!!! I'm sure Ashton Kuscher would be shaking his head.

          • I am very sorry for your heart break…….ooh I feel your pain my friend. Only Abdul Salam Mumuni would come up with this useless story. What a torture we've been through watching this useless movie.

          • Please stop making me laugh!

          • You are too funny!!!! Please, I'm laughing too much!!!..:):):)

          • Heuuu, I'm reading your comment and I thought I'll die laughing, lol. Didn't even get to a reasonable place in the movie, just couldn't handle all that stewpididty!!!!!!

          • @Tope I just read it again and Laugh wan kill me die! LMAO I still haven't watched a part 3, has anyone else got any other assessment?

        • charity2 says:

           @Tope where can i watch the part 3 pls…?

        • Nollywood says:

          @charity2 @Tope Speaking of this magical Part 3 I never got to see it either. I wouldn’t mind a good laugh…

  2. this movie sounds confusing

  3. where can i get the movie 30 days with gennyv

  4. Nolly for once me and you are on the same page! This movis sick, and it left me in a state of utter bewilderment. Majid I am starting to believe he is insane in real life. He keeps on getting all of these crazy roles.

    • LMAOOOO I think it is because he can do intense sooo well that he is perfect candidate to play a mad man. Other actors when they try and get them to play crazy they start jumping around and shouting like maniacs they dont really internalise the role and feeeeeeeeeel it like Majid does.

    • lol@ "majid…insane in real life…"

  5. nwanyiOwerri says:

    This movie had me ROFL. I decided it had to be a comedy, like one of those Monthy Python movies that never made sense. It is essentially about a guy who escapes from a mental institution and spends his days painting a woman he just met. He also has a crazy mother who is willing to kill herself over the so called "love" of her son's life. Then there is a murderous doctor who kills people, I came to the conclusion that the doctor must be a murderer since he knows the exact date and time people are going to die (72hrs????) and he is not God. Suddenly, the directors relative needed a job so in the middle of filming they cast this poor guy as Chantelle's first love. Also, in this alternate reality where the movie is set, heart transplants are like leg waxing. You are in and out in 30 mins or less, no scars no follow up no lengthy recovery.

    • OMG I was reading your comment on the bus and I was ROTFLMAO… People thought I was crazy. I can't breeeeeathe for laughing. My dear you have spoken very very very well. *round of applause*

      If David had in fact escaped from a mental institution that would have been perfect. That would have made so much more sense. We would then learn that the mental illness was genetic and that would explain why his mama killed herself.

      I was thinking the same thing about the 72 hours. Why not add a 15 minutes and 4 seconds to the end of that? How on earth so you predict to precisely when someone is going to die?

      Even with the second heart transplant it came just like that, no mention of where it came from waiting lists etc… that was just weird!

  6. NF: It's quite obvious Abdul Salam Mumuni does not have any respect for his fans, I'm definitely not his fan but it would be nice if he puts more efforts and builds his stories thoroughly. You are always on point with your ratings and I praise you for that.

    Chantelle is supposedly in love with another man but we hear his name mentioned or talked about. I strongly agree with you about Akosua (David`s) mom killing herself………ABSOLUTELY NONSENSE!!!!!!!!! who does that??????? Oh Mumuni…..where's your effort???

    You give someone a heart transplant within 30 mins time frame and they don't even go back for check ups. I guess there's no waiting list in GHANA because there was no mention of where it came from.

    Abdul Salam Mumuni…….before giving out a heart transplant you must run lots of test.

    Majid did very well. I love Rama Brew (grandma Jane). Overall this movie was a waste of my time, I'm so glad I did not buy this movie.

    NF: have you seen Burning Tears with Tonto and Mike? Tonto was remarkable.

  7. 1st…Nolly, your opening statement ("a drunk on crack") was too funny!

    I haven't seen the movie, but somehow I'm not surprised at Nolly's poor rating. The director, Frank Rajah Arase, seems to go up and down with the quality of his work. I haven't seen all his work and I'm sorry, I can't remember the names of all the ones I have seen, but I've found you can't rely on him for quality.

    Director Frank seems to go for the extreme in his movies. "Heart of Men" (with Majid, Yvonne, and Jackie) had a suspenseful story with sex scenes that were completely over the top, unnecessary, and shameful. (I know others will disagree, but I it was porn.) Another movie, "The King is Mine," (with John Dumelo, Nadia, and Jackie) is full of superfluous language and dialog. Even the wardrobes were extreme. (Sometimes the understated reflects class and wealth too.)

    My point about this director's movies is this. He seems to try so hard to go above and beyond anyone's expectations that it's hard to believe in the stories or the characters. Something always to the max, if not over in his movies. If it's not the wardrobe, it's the dialogue/language. If it's not that, it's the story-line itself. He doesn't seem to accept/believe that sometimes simplicity is better.

    The fact that this movie, "Who Loves Me?" has a convoluted story only proves my point about the directors penchant for the extreme. He always wants to shock you. Whether it be with sexual content, wardrobe, setting, or the story, it seems he wants the viewer to say, "wow I've never seen that before in a nollywood movie." With guy's movies, that strategy seems to be a hit miss kind of thing.

    • Oh! I forgot to add "The Prince's Bride" to my (short) list of Director Frank's movies that fit my description.

  8. I started watching the beginning of this movie and Im thinking so far so good, but instead it went down the drain with all these (sigh), I dnt know what to call it anymore. Im lost for words.

    The only thing that will come out of my mouth is that this new guy has potential, better than Vicker, there I've said it anyone got a problem with that go check yourself…

    He just needs to choose his next role wisely, but then again this is Nollywood. Oh well

    • I was really looking forward to the movie so was highly disappointed how things went… I'm hoping to see the new guy (Artus) again and in something alot better.

  9. nolly, this movie is wack.

    i regretted watvhing it.

    i think the writers or who ever must have been drunk!

    im getting bored with seeing majid as an obsessed artiste searching for a girl he has never met, its boring!!!

    the aryuras boy or wat ever is a wack actor.

    how on earth can she have 3 days to live and still be looking so great?

    was it a medical doc or a native doc that gave them that info?

    his mother must be a retard, she slits her wrist so the girl gets her heart? duuuuuh!

    did it occur to her that her heart wouldsa prob stopped beating and already be useless to the girl by the time they found her?

    did it occur to her that the girls body could reject the heart?i think the mother is as crazy as the son!!!

    where on earth is the twin angle coming from???

    and was i dreaming, or there was a scene in the hospital where jackkie is covered up like she is dead?

    and has any one noticed jackie is becoming really crappy at acting?

    and has any one realised i hate this movie??????????

    rant over!


    • LMAOOOO Funnnnay…. the twin thing is so overplayed. Its like when Ricki Lake started bringing out same sex couple… At first it was like BIG SHOCK!!! Then it got so *yawn*

      Maybe the the obsessed artiste storyline would not have been that bad if not Chelsea had JUST been released! Anyhow notwithstanding Chelsea the whole obsession was more psycho that romantic or any other thing.

      Who is Aryuras? Are you talking about Ricky?

      • Hi nolly,

        my bad, yeah i mean rick.

        i guess i saw the name arthur and subconsciously read it as "arturas" cos thats my friends name,lol.

        Majid def was psycho in this movie, at least in chelsea the obsessed artiste thing was kinda cute, but in this movie it was really creepy, he did seem quite mad.

        and i still dont understand why on earth the nurse and doc took him to the bathroom to see the gory scene of his mothers suicide.


        • I don't think Rick was bad. We haven't seen enough of him to make a good enough assessment. I think with what he was working with he did good. I mean think about it. You have been cast as a first love who has never before been mentioned and then you have to come in and tell your first love that you ran away and left her for gawd knows how many years because the psychologist recommended it for stress. You actually had to LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I mean how on earth do you say those ridiculous lines without cracking up!!!??? He did good as far as I am concerned.

      • Nolly, just remembered.

        have you seen a movie called "alice my first lady"?

        i think its one of my fav naija movies and my family and friends think im crazy cos i have seen it about 20 times. its a naija village based movie and is grreat. i would love to read ur review on it.

        (and no, i have nothing to do with the movie,lol)

        • Yup seen it, own it, loved it. Great movie… and where is CHINNY? She needs to come back cos she killed it in that film.

  10. aegoli says:

    i havn't watched dis movie, but after readin all d comments, i can't contain myself anymore…hilarious…nolly mayb u need 2 drop d ratings as well…is bursting out in d market yet? saw d poster genny/majid…keepin my fingers crossed…cheers!!!

  11. Firstly i usually refrain from leaving comments on dumb movies that Majid has featured in cos i love him too much and it hurts me to critique his bad projects. So in the past I just pretend i never saw them but this is an exception I cannot contain myself. (BTW I love you Majid your a ridiculously awesome actor)Lemme start from the end. A twin Ooooooooo wowwww I did't see that coming honestly of all the twists to come up with. Why in the world was she not home for her sisters recovery party? Or supposedly when she had 72 hours to live, shouldn't she have been around to be with her sister in her last days?( Huge question mark). For a sick person about to die like Nolly said it's amazing that she could drive her self around and she look as healthy as a horse. Majid's role was kinda of confusing I think they should add a new twist and say he's actually got mental health issues because at this point there's no justification for the writers to make him so coocoo however if thats what they wanted Majid play his role with finesse as always. The hospital location are you kidding me!!!???? The patient is about to go into heart surgery and she is walking down the stairs 'O my dayz' wowww (they should have just cut the scene and shown her in a wheel chair at least before then in bed after surgery). We were not told of any tests done to confirm that Majid's mother's heart was a match for Chantalle, we just find her dead with a note (very very shoddy work on the part of the writer). The long lost love who had to leave the country because of stress or whatever it was ummmmmmm why? what for? what stressed him out exactly I don't understand? I think its highly stupid that she falls right back into his arms with out being slightly suspicious. The way Chantalle's attitude changes when her fist love reterns and she's all better reminds me of a Nadia, Omoni, Jim amd Majid movie called 'Behind a Smile'. (Majid gives Nadia one of his kidney's and after she leaves him for his cousin Jim Iyke). The writer is horrible he combined to other movies and put in the very cliche twin. I have not seen the part three but i look forward to seeing where this story is actually going. As usual I agree with Nolly's review and lolllllll at all the comments above. Cheers

    • @Bibi…….this goes to show that Abdul Salam Mumuni has no respect for his viewers. He does not put in enough effort to develop his stories at all. "Tears of Motherhood" was not the only movie copied by Mumuni, he has copied lots of other stories from both Nollywood ang Hollywood. He remade the Nollywood movie "Unbreable Affair" starring Rita Dominic, Eucharia and Desmond Elliot and titled it Royal Battle, also Holywood movie "Out of Time" with Denzel Washington, Sanaa Lathan, Dean Caine, Eva Mendes, and many more and titled it Passion of the Soul. He is not original and lacks the knowledge and hard work as a movie producer/writer.

      Okay Bibi……the next time you see venus film production or Abdul Salam Mumuni's name on any production you know to look elsewhere. I don't buy his movies.

      • lolllllll I will remember that next time. I did see 'Passion Of The Soul' yh definately a remake of the Denzel movie. 'The King Is Mine' was a remake of the 'The Other Boleyn Girl' starring Scarlett johanssen and Natalie Portman.BTW

        • To be honest I don't mind remakes. So many films have been remade or reworked and that doesn't necessarily make it "bad" to me. Just do it well.

    • Trust me I love Majid too so I feel your pain but I guess he got to eat and that how he finds himself starring in these crappy movies with bad character development.

      It sounds to me like its some long lost twin she has never met that maybe a parent once mentioned… My question is if she doesn't know where her twin is how are these strangers going to find her? Absolutely REEEEEDEEECULOUS!

      You are sooo right with the BEHIND THE SMILE comparison I was thinking that too. I liked that movie and then it all went askew when Nadia started chopping and changing her mind. It didn't even fit in with the character. It was so out of the blue and didn't fit. Same as with this movie.

  12. I'm sooo sorry i forgot to mention I have a bone to pick with Abdul Salam Mumuni – The writer/ Director. His movies are 'nothing to write home about' as far back as 'Tears of Motherhood'- Jackkie, Majid, Yvonne and Kalsome.

    This movie was a remake of one of Bollywood's finest. Its KAran Johar's 'Khabie Khushie Khabie Gham'- Sharukh Khan, Kajol Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Rani Mukherjee, Hrithik Roshan and Amitamb and Jaya BAchan. Awesome movie(I love Bollywood). He completely botched it and since then from all his other movies I can't say there's one I really like. As writer he's needs to be more original. The only thing good about this movie were the actors.

    • I haven't seen the original but I loooved that movie. I reviewed it here too ages ago… (You can check the index) I guess it was original to me because I haven't seen the original

  13. Ralphina says:

    In a previous comment, I criticized the director Arase. Then I read people's comments, criticizing the producer, Mumuni. Now, I'm beginning to wonder if my own are misdirected. But that's less important than the theme present I've noticed in all our complaints. We want to watch movies with substance. We want to watch quality movies that engage us. We want to watch movies with excellent actors and actresses. We want to watch movies with quality stories. Arase and Mumuni work together a lot. The should work harder to produce quality. That's not an unreasonable expectation is it? I mean, If you're going to do something, do it right. Otherwise, why do it?

    • No it is not unreasonable and I guess time will tell. I have like some of their stuff… in particular Prince's Bride. Alot of people didn't like it as much as I did but it just did it for me!

  14. just want to say this movie deserves an "extreme waste of precious, irreplaceable, could have done sonething better in the two-three hour's, TIME"!!!!….

    U were too generous in giving it the "watch only if bored" rating…


  15. TheChuckylee says:

    Hi Nolly,the whole storyline was jst plain ridiculous.How on

    earth can a mother donate her heart 2 her son's fiancee whom she barely knows.I guess Abdul Salam shd either take a break or get anoda director like Tchidi Chikere,Lancelot or Izu Ojukwu 4 his movies. I now know why he resorted 2 doing the nudity stuff. He's simply run out of ideas! Currently 4 me Shirley Frimpong Manso is the only one whose movies are worth watching 4rm Ghana. Nolly hav u watched Tchidi's new movie "real wives",although the story is not new and has a royal theme but I liked how it was carried out.Pls review it as soon as u watch it.It features Stephanie,Pat and Tchidi himself(I know he's not a gud actor it was ok).

    • Yes Shirley is phenomenal. I haven't seen Real Wives but the whole Royal thing put me off. I may have a rethink LOL

  16. It was crap, jackie appiah as dry as usual, no glamour, stereotyped actress. i give the movie 10%

  17. I've seen previews for this one but haven't watched it. As a matter of fact I haven't seen anything recent from Jackie Appiah so I'm looking forward to this. It looks interesting and the cast looks solid and thankfully it's a two-parter.

  18. twittycrock says:

    Listen I'm absolutely a big fan of Jackie, but jackie why? Why did you take this role. This movie was so boring, you wonder why it was made. I tried my best to wactch it in its entirety, but I'm sorry just couldn't. Not even for Najid. In my opinion you could Skip it and I'm shouting. 3 rotten apples!!

    • I found it was a very stupid movie but it was too funny and entertaining in its stupidness that I didn't actually get bored!

  19. OMG………Nolly, the part 3 is about 30 minutes long and I think it could've been added to the part 2. So there was no twin sister after all. Chantelle only disguise herself and faked her death to prove a point.

    My only question is……Isn't it a legal to fake your death???????? I guess for Chantelle's case she really needed to go that extra mile to find true love.

    Majid (David) proved to be her true love in the end. Why is it that it is always the poor who always prove to love dearly? Rick turned out to fake and Chantelle found out in the end that he didn't have any love nor respect for her.

    ……….Abdul Salam Mumuni……please pay more attention to your stories! why is that Chantelle (Jackie) goes to Rick's house with piercings on her upper lip and nose and she manage to get rid of her upper lip piercing 30 seconds in the same scene?????? I really didn't get that.

    • So PArt 3 is out. I will probably watch it. What you have just described sounds absolutely ridiculous. You brought in a twin storyline that didn't even make sense and then you took it away again. Oga make up your mind ooo. Write and vert scripts BEFORE filming… NOT during the process!

  20. i felt as if the script was written the night the night before shooting commenced.

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