Why Marry

Why Marry? Ghanaian Movie Review

Date Of Release: 2011
Story/ Screenplay – Not Credited
Director – Frank Rajah Arase
Producer – John A Dada

Majid Michel – William Fabian Hunt
Yvonne Okoro – Janice Williams


NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 56%

Why Marry


William and Janice are a married couple with a strong, loving and playful marriage. They enjoy each other’s company and married life immensely when one day out of the blue things change. William says that it is Janice that changed, “she talks to me with disgust like I wasn’t even there.” Her point of view is that his shadiness has brought about a lack of trust and thus her ill treatment of him. A very strong and loving marriage relationship turns to one full of bickering and resentment. Where did it all go wrong and can it be turned back around?

This is Ghana’s first two member cast movie and modelled upon Yoruba Movie Modupe Temi. We all know Frankie baby (and company) like to copy movies so this is no surprise, however I have not seen Modupe Temi so I couldn’t possibly tell you how close a copy it is. This two cast movie is a very risky concept to tackle because there are absolutely no distractions besides the two actors involved. Not only does the dialogue and story have to be tight, but so do the actors. If anyone has the chops to pull it off then it is surely Majid Michel and Yvonne Okoro? Both are charismatic and more than capable actors.

I found the special effect noises used throughout the movie to be overkill. This was not a daffy duck cartoon and those special effect noises were positively CLOWNISH and veering on inappropriate. It all started in one of the first scenes where Majid was tasting food from the pots. It got to the stage where the heavy chords used were actually becoming very irritating.

Love and Marriage

We see some issues that can affect married life such as sexual incompatibility, laziness, resentment, lack of support and nagging. These things all seem very important at the time to the person who is affected by it and particularly when they build up but we see that it takes something major like a (perceived) death for the married couple to stop squabbling over minor things and realise the immensity of the love that they have for each other and why they married.

Memorable Scene

Janice and William go out for their anniversary meal at a swanky restaurant and Janice overeats in an attempt to show off the amount and quality of food that they can afford to friends. When she tries to rush to the loo Majid questions her,

“You are going to take a shit? Wait wait wait. That’s not going to happen. 800 Ghana cedis just went through your system and you are going to shit it out? In my toilet bowl? In less than 15 minutes. Are you out of your mind?”

This scene was hilarious, both Yvonne and Majid did a great job, not just in this scene but throughout the movie.

Nollywood Forever Says What?

Why were they both sneaking chicken from the pot and hiding it from each other? Were they supposed to be on a diet, or was it that no one was meant to eat from the pot? Say What? This wasn’t made clear. On thinking about it, maybe it was just meant to be funny and put there for no particular reason. I dunno but it surely did make me SAY WHAT?

How does one decide that they are just going to take up and become a gynaecologist because they fail to get a business contract? Say What? I didn’t even hear William talk of being a doctor. Confused.com. If he had specialised in gynaecology but wasn’t presently practising why wouldn’t that have been mentioned? If you haven’t been practising don’t you need to update your skills? You don’t just walk into a hospital and start examining a woman’s pum pum. Nonsense.

How did the doctor work for one day as a gynaecologist and then that same night of his first day at work (when he should have simply been shadowing after being out of practise) women are calling him non stop for emergency gynaecological problems? Say What? That just seemed a bit far fetched to me.



I would recommend this movie if only to see Yvonne and Majid act alongside each other. The movie was an interesting one and a brave concept to tackle. Majid and Yvonne truly gave great performances and worked in sync as a married couple. There were some great comedic moments but for me there just wasn’t enough meat in the storyline to hold my attention for the entire time. There was too much dialogue less space and I didn’t feel like the characters were fully developed. There were no real issues discussed in depth, which meant that there was no focus to the story, neither was there a big climax. It was steady but some parts dragged for me. Towards the end of the movie I was too ready for it to be done.

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  1. the were sneaking in the kitching because the were supposed to be fasting, that is why majid cunningly moved the clock to six o'clock when they are supposed to break fast, and on the issue of the movie being a rip off of modupe temi, as usual with frank it was 90% blatantly copied from it.

    i was looking throught the movies u have reviewed so far i din't find a review for across the niger, can u please put up a review for it.

    • Thanks for the clarification! I musta missed that! I have not reviewed Across The Niger. I have not watched it. Once upon a time I had a copy but I didn't get into it. I have heard great things about it though.

  2. I would like to tell you that this movie was directly copied from the yoruba movie "Modupe Temi". Your assessment of this movie was right on point. You need to see the movie Modupe Temi it is a excellent movie

  3. I loved this movie..I mean, for two people starring the movie…It was superb. I watched the entire movie and I didn't even realize it was only them in the movie lol…LOVED IT!!!!

    What does it matter if the ideas were from a yoruba movie….I don't speak Yoruba so I'm glad they made an English version -_-

  4. I was hoping that the review entail the ending where they were asleep then quickly went and get dress in their wedding outfit. Was it all a dream? I did not get that.

    • Yes, the escalating marital crisis was all a dream. Waking up from that dream and dressing up to celebrate the wedding anniversary was intended to reinforce the message that married couples need to cherish and nurture the bonds that they have. Because once they take marriage for granted, it could end in tragedy. Carping, sniping, sabotage and infidelity are all a slippery slope to marital disaster.

  5. Molly habaa you be movie reviewer and Yu missed the fact that they were both suppossed to be fasting. Thats why they were stealing chicken from the pot

  6. fergusonsarah says:

    I think this is a good movie, I’ll have to see this.

  7. as a movie review this is the worst thing i have ever read either you didn’t watch the movie or you didn’t understand it and you were definately biased. the reason why they were stealing food in begining was because they were fasting for church i thought that was made pretty clear, Janice was cooking because that night the church was having a dinner to break the fast. now on the whole gyno thing William was a gyno before he went into business and after he lost that contract he decided to go back to being a gyno. i thought both of these points were made very clear in the movie but maybe you just weren’t paying attenion. i think maybe you should go back and watch the movie again so you’ll understand it better and give it a higher rating.

  8. I think this looks like a very nice movie and I am looking forward to watching this kind of story…

  9. NollyWoodRave says:

    Yes. i thought i was the only one that found the sound effects very annoying, Actually, the first time i heard the sound effect, i could not believe it was coming from the movie… it made the rating go down even more for me. I dont think yvonne and Majid were the best to play it though even if it was a stolen story line.

  10. i want to know what is the title of the end song in part 1 plz. i will use it in my wedding

  11. this movie is guud nd my word is I need the endtrack of this movie

  12. garvin mubanga says:

    this is my first time to watch a movie with 2 cast……………perfect,its really a wonderful movie
    What’s name of the song which was played at the end of the movie?

  13. i laughed so hard my stomach hurt. It is a good movie. Any idea of the soundtrack that was playing while they were celebrating their anniversary??


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