Wicked Affair

Wicked Affair

African – Nigerian Movie Review
Wicked Affair – 2010
Story – James Atolandu, Grace Chukwu
Screenplay – Ubaka Frank Ubaka
Director – No Director Credited
Producers – Hakeen Badiru, Ubaka Frank Ubaka

Oge Okoye – Chioma
Benedict Johnson – Austin
Desmond Elliot – Ayo
Halima Abubakar – Bisi
Moses Effret – Jim
Christy Okonkwo – Mama Chioma
Ani Williams – Ahmed
Patience Oseni – Mama Austin


Nollywoodforever.com Rating – 73%

Chioma played by Oge Okoye  and Austin played by Benedict Johnson have been suffering and living in poverty until Chioma secures a contract that catapults them into comfortable living. Austin has a history of cheating and spending extravagantly on random babes and so his wife makes him take a vow of faithfulness, a guarantee that he will not cheat on her if he wants any part of the money. Despite promising to his wife and himself that he will not cheat temptation is thrust before him and it is not long before he is up to his old tricks.

Chioma predicted that Austin’s extra marital affairs would ruin them and she was right. I felt that she should have divorced him directly after he battered her face. Her brother was right when he called him an ingrate. Austin deserved some major payback for his behaviour. After getting blackmailed for all the money he could lay his hands on the stupid ingrate was still flirting with women and then even running after Zainab. It is funny that all the wome nhe has splashed out on in the past are not interested in taking care of him when his luck is down. The last laugh is on him. They were all in it to chop and chop quickly because they knew that they were not the only ones.

How Outlooks Change From Generation
After Chioma is beaten up by Austin her mother tells her to apologise to him to save the marriage whereas her brother tells her, “that man is an ingrate he must be dealt with” In such different responses we can see the difference in the way different generations deal with issues. The mother is concerned with procuring grandchildren and Chioma not seeming like a slut who changes men like wrappers to outsiders, whereas the brother can totally see where his sister is coming from and does not see Austin’s behaviour as acceptable.

The Twist
Brilliant Brilliant twist but how did Bisi end up dead as a result, or was she not really dead? They went to dump her body. Perhaps that’s why the neighbour carried the body. I wondered why the neighbour would even carry the dead body and possibly implicate himself in a murder.

The Cast’s Performances
Everybody played their roles well. There is not one person that I can fault.


I really enjoyed the movie and would recommend you watch it. with tighter execution it could have been even better. It started off as the typical cheating husband Nollywood story and turned into a murder mystery. The story really started getting interesting after the murder. There is also a strong message to be heeded. What happened in the movie is one of the negative consequences that can come about when you are doing wrong? Austin ended up telling more lies to cover up his lies and in the end it was just a world of problems! And in the end all of those women that he risked his marriage for did not want to know him when he was poor. It was only his wife that stuck with his through the rough times and that was the same woman he wanted to beat and disregard. There is a very important lesson to be learnt here. THUMBS UP!

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  1. duncan asuquo says:

    nice movie.>i love it..all cast were really gud…kudos to oge ,halima,benedit

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