Wise In Laws

Wise In Laws


African – Nigerian Movie Review

Wise In-Laws ~2010

Continuation – Best Honeymoon
Story – Aniedi Awah
Screenplay – Aniedi Awah, Charles Inojie
Director – Ikechukwu Onyeka
Producer – Victor Chigbo

Actors and Actresses Starring:
Majid Michel – Philip
Ufuoma Ejenobor – Stella
Seun Akindele – Bright
Charles Inojie – Uzo
Ngozi Ezeonu – Maria
Ejiro Okurame – Blessing
Hafiz Oyetoro – Omos
Chinyere Nwabueze – Ngozi
Kehinde Olorunyomi – Christine
Michael Omosu – Shalanko
Chioma Ndubueze – Rene

Nollywood Themes:
Family Conflict
In Laws
Social Class

My Rating – 60%

African Movie Synopsis:

Three friends make a pact that when the time comes for them to be married each of them will get to “test” each others wife’s to be beforehand. Bright played by Seun Akindele first offers his friends Philip and Steven his girlfriend to be “tested” and his two friends willingly oblige. The problem comes when Philip played by Majid Michel is thinking about marrying his girlfriend Stella. He is reminded of the pact but balks at the idea, not wanting to hear of any such thing. Bright feels afflicted and vows to “test drive” Stella, played by Ufuoma Ejenobor by any means necessary. Will he get to carry out his vow?

Stella and Philip’s parents are introduced to each other and it is from there that the bad blood starts. Stella’s parents feel that Philips parents are snobs and Philip’s parents feel that Stella’s are uncouth illiterates. Things really heat up when the families are thrown in even closer proximity. Will they ever learn to get along?

The Cast

The whole reason that my eye was drawn to this cover was the cast. All the main characters are excellent actors and actresses. I couldn’t fault any of them. The cast was great, it was just a bit of a shame that the vehicle they were riding in was not so spectacular. Ufuoma Ejenobor was fabulous as usual. Seun Akindele was great, Majid did his “intense” thing. Charles Inojie and Chinyere Nwabueze killed it with their yabs. They were more than comedic and likewise Ngozi Ezeonu and Hafiz Oyetoro. Of course Charles and Chinyere were marginally more funny, but that was because of all the razzness that they brought.


Why did Bright tell his friends to sleep with his girlfriend and then expect that they were going to allow him the same. When we actually watch the flashback in the movie it is a bit confusing, because it is not clear whether they really did have a pact or not. After his friends sleep with his girlfriend and he gets excited about having the favour returned they both look at him in horror. Wouldn’t he have then said, “but we had a pact?”

It did not make sense to me that a guy who loves his girlfriend sooooo soooooo much is going to set her up to be gang raped. Wouldn’t it make more sense if Blessing were only meant to be a booty call as opposed to full on “in a committed relationship” girlfriend. A girl you love and you are meeting with the guys that gang raped her in accordance with your instructions and listening to them describe the experience? Philip squeals with enjoyment,

“She is fluffy. She is as tight as a pin hole. I’m sore right now.”

Ewwwwww! Like how do you get a fluffy pinhole? That doesn’t even make sense, and when Philip said this Bright rubs his hands with glee.

They later try to explain it with Bright saying that he didn’t know that he was in love with Blessing at the time of the rape. So sorry ma dear. TOO LATE! That doesn’t make sense. It also didn’t make sense to me that the Steven is in agreeance with sleeping with Philip’s girlfriend Stella by any means necessary but before that we are shown the clip where he and Philip looked at Bright in horror for such a suggestion. This is a blatant contradiction. So which is it?

Unrequited Love – But Is It Really?

Both Bright and Christie Stella’s best friend feel aggrieved that the objects of their affection have according to them been “snatched away” and are determined to wreak revenge. This was so stupid. Stella never showed any interest in Bright and the same with Philip and Christie. How can you start plotting revenge for so something that never took place? So Christie claimed she saw Philip first. So it is when your friend is getting married that you decide to get upset? On what planet does this make sense?


I felt that the whole rape scenario alongside Bright and Christie plotting to bring downfall to Philip and Stella just didn’t make much sense. I felt that part of the story wasn’t well thought about. In part 2 both In Laws enter the couples home after the wedding and the battle of the in laws ensues. This is where the story really starts. I was a bit annoyed that only in the middle of part 2 did the movie really start to get exciting especially as I had only been sold part 1 and 2 and did not have the continuation Best Honeymoon. I see that Aniedi Awah dealt with both the story and script in this movie and in the movie Stange Act so that explains the messed up story. Story telling is clearly not his forte judging by the works of his that I have seen.


In the dream scene Philip says to Stella, “remember this is our wedding night.” this doesn’t tie in with the in laws moving into their home, because before this scene we have seen what seems like more than one day of the in laws in their home. We would assume that they move into the house after the wedding as Philip and Stella are nowhere to be seen.

In another scene Bright approaches his ex girlfriend Blessing and tells her, “I’m here to give you the names of my friends who raped you the other night” and she replies, “yes lets have them.” Why isn’t she angry? That is just insane to me. Why isn’t she asking more questions? If you got raped “the other day” would you be so calm about the whole situation? She then goes on to add, “I have waited all my life to hear the names that raped me that night. HOLD UP! so how is it the “other night” if she has waited “all [her] life”? Needless to say you can tell from these examples that the timeline was totally botched in this movie.

Social Class

The relationships between the in laws were way more interesting than any other aspect of the story. The prejudices that they both had based on social class started to be explored. It was clear that the feelings each had about the other were very real to them but to the viewer we can see how ridiculous such prejudices are. Philips parents lamenting over their situation and it had me in absolute stiches, Philips father says about his in laws,

“Arrant nonsense! How can they think that we are going to cohabit with them in this same abode? Nonsense… I am just tolerating those barbarians because our son Philip has stubbornly and doggedly insisted on getting maritally entangled with their half base daughter. Otherwise nothing will have connected me with that backwards and mad family.”

Stella’s parents came across like they had an inferiority complex and were offloading the feelings that they felt people had about them onto Philips parents. Mama Stella kept on referring to the “grammar” spoken by her in laws. All I had to say was – #istyourgrammar


I didn’t think that the way the honeymoon to Spain was cancelled over a dream was very realistic. Who would do that in the first place? And secondly things like honeymoons are booked and paid for months and months in advance so how do you decide the week or day that you are supposed to leave that you are going to postpone it for a week? Just like that? I also found it weird why they didn’t book the honeymoon for the day after the wedding. If they weren’t going on honeymoon straight away then why didn’t they go home? It’s not like they were staying in 5 star and just enjoying. The place they were at looked quite basic.


I would recommend the movie because it was funny and the cast’s performances were great. The things I liked most was the music and the dialogue. The music was well timed and very appropriate for every scene and the dialogue was very realistic and natural, with a lot of hilarity interspersed. However the timeline was hugely botched the comedy element alongside a storyline like rape was a huge error. They didn’t fit well together and the movie would have benefitted from cutting out the whole rape thing completely. I will be looking out for the continuation though, I have a feeling (and from the previews) that it gets a whole lot better.

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  1. okay..the name of the movie almost had me thinking it would be a "bin it" type but i love the funny man…Hafiz Oyetoro.

  2. Seun Akindele………..I'm sooooooo watching this movie!!

    • I'm seeing reviews for another movie starring him I believe it is primarily a Ghanain movie, so watch out for my review on that one. Let me know if you get to watch Wise In Laws and Best Honey Moon.

  3. Louisa King says:


    This movie seems not to be available anywhere on the online vendors' sites under any version of the labels you indicate. Neither have I been able to find "Best Honeymoon" Is there a source outside of your location in the UK?.

    • Hey Louisa!

      Sometimes they will just come out really early here and other times really late. Look at Mad Sex, that came out months later and under the title Mad Family. I don't know if there is any other source sorry. I just ask my vendor to give me whats new and sometimes its new sometimes its not… Its all a game of chance!

  4. omg..i laughed my teeth out, this was hilarious, but the whole rape scene was a complete waste of time it was just silly, other than that it was gr8. i loved chinyere she was awesome!

  5. da princess says:

    dis movie is sooooo funny,,,,,really interesting….i'm gonna watch it a 2nd tym

  6. abdul shetty says:

    Who sing the song played in wise inlaw2 as music background. I love that music, it soooo blues and romantic. Can any one tell me the title of the music and the artist name.


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