World Apart

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World Apart
Story – Sunny Collins
Screenplay & Director – Tchidi Chikere
Producer – Sunny Collins

Laz Ekwueme – King Idoto
Liz Benson – Mirabel
Kenneth Okonkwo – Promise
Hila Dokubo – Rhoda
Bruno Iwuoha – Benedict
Gentle Jack – Jekwu
Ini Edo – Uli
Geraldine Ekeocha – Thelma
Charles Awurum – Godwin

Theme explored:
Class and Social Status

My Rating: 70%

Uli, played by Ini Edo is warned by an elder in the village before she leaves for the city,

“The city girls dip their mouth in blood before they are going out… they call it lipstick”

I loved this imagery, not only was it vivid but it appealed to my humour too.

She is also warned by the same elder to never get, “talons like a witch” Uli is from a poor family in a village untouched by modernity. She is taken to a township (hey that’s what they called it in the film!) to become a housegirl for her uncle and his wife. It is her first time in the city.

We see Uli’s childlike amazement at all things technological. When a car goes past the house she hides behind the gateman because the sounds and speeds are unfamiliar to her. She is scared but at the same time in awe,

“It’s so beautiful!”

From becoming scared she becomes obsessed with the cars (In one day mind you!) This whole scenario seemed badly thought out in the sense that the filmmakers couldn’t decide whether she would be impressed by or frightened by the cars and so decided to make her both impressed and frightened which didn’t really make sense in my opinion.

Uli loves to watch the King’s procession of cars go by and positions herself every day to watch, she gleefully tells the gateman,

“Look how it shines like the sun! Me I like nice things o!”

We see the prinec, played by Kenneth Okonkwo begin to take notice of Uli, he sees that she is there everyday watching the procession of cars go past. We also see how the Prince despite his royal background is a very humble man. On one occasion his driver lays out a red carpet for him to walk on from the house to the car and he refuses to walk on it, walking instead on the pavement beside the carpet. He also tells his driver off for calling Uli a stupid girl,

“You must stop calling people stupid. Are you better than that girl?”

Another day goes past and Uli waves at the Prince’s car excitedly as it goes past. On this day the Prince insists that the driver stops. Uli and the gateman see this and think that they are in trouble and so flee. The prince is stunned by this action, but because of their disappearance has no choice but to return back to his car.

The Prince, however has not forgotten Uli and returns to the house only to find the gateman and ask him as to Uli’s whereabouts. The gateman believes Uli to be in trouble for “waving her dirty hands” and begs for the prince to spare her as she is a “bush girl.” He runs in the house to tell Uli, “You are finished… he has come to arrest you.”

Of course that was not the reason that he came to the house. He came because he was intrigued at her apparent innocence and wanted to get to know her better.


The Prince does get to know Uli and becomes very fond of her, which leads to a marriage proposal. The queen is outraged that her son has brought in a girl with no social standing, wealth or worldliness and demeans her at every possible chance. The prince transforms Uli in terms of housing, clothing and acquaintance with the finer things in life and after the transformation takes her to his mother The Queen. The queen is very impressed this girl, not knowing that it is “Uli the village girl” and makes her approval well known. It is when he has her approval that her son the Prince reveals who Uli is. The Queen is shocked into silence and ends up begging for forgiveness. In the end they are married and both families are accepting of the union.


Although this film was simply told and told a million times before it is still one that you will enjoy watching. This film teaches us that social status, clothing and money do not make a person. All these things are changeable. The prince was a man of great social standing and still was a humble and compassionate person. The gateman was a man lower on the social ladder, and had no compassion for those that shared his same background. It also shows us that what a person was yesterday is not necessarily what they will be tomorrow. They are good lessons to learn.

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  1. Ini Edo's first lead role…….nice movie!!

    • I now know you are a Nollywood Veteran! LMAO Nuthin do you…

    • Raji Temitope says:

      I watch world apart I really like it i even brought it 2 time when I learn some1 d first one she lost it I brought it again it has a lot of lesson never hurt the people who are lower 2 u or dat are workng for u ur house maid ur worker etc bcos what u do will surely come back 2 hunt u down dat is for her uncle nd is wife u will should b good 2 anybody

  2. This 1 was a beautiful 1… i fell in love with Ini Edo in this one, and kenneth muah i so love him too. my favourite part was the aeroplane scene it was funny.

    Beautiful cast ..beautiful story as well

  3. jennietobbie says:

    Please maam elevate this movie to 100%, pretty please? I love ini edo in this movie and the eeerrrooooprane part!! One of my best movies! And hilda's 'a Uropean' classic!!!

  4. Ya those were the days, when Nigerian Movies were taking you and made you feel like its playing live. The days where you will hear with the sound at first that this Nigerian movie. Nice one i keep on watching again some times

  5. This movie was magnificent,it is the kind of movie no matter how old it is, you never get bored of it,as her first major role ini Edo was excelent so were all the actors actually (LIZ BENSON COME BACK TO OUR SCREEN lool)anyways it was a great movie,the story everything,and i love the way the prince was so humble and respectful of others no matter what his position was,such an exemple.I could watch this movie many times without getting bored,no lie,the end was touching and emotional thats what made it nice.

    Be all bless.

  6. holler, World Apart. great movie wonderful story, interesting acts, amazing sites and locations. but there is one thing that kept me glued to that movie the entire play-time, the classical sound track. i love it. please may know the name of the composer and the title?

    i'll be glad to receive it by e-mail. thank you!

  7. honestly speaking, i so much fel,l in love with this particular movie. its so interesting with lesson. even now thay am reading the story all over again, it still make me laugh uncontrollable. especiall the part of the gateman saying ‘bush girl, i told you not to wave ur dirty hands again’, and ‘he has come to arrest you’ its funny to me. the naration too is nice.

  8. Please how can i get the background music of the Nigerian Movie titled “World Apart”

  9. I have seen many movies from Bollywood, Hollywood and Lollywood, but this movie has capitavited my mind. It is full of great life lesson

  10. I liked the film….infact everything..the cast, setting….not to forget that cool background music. I wish I can get that sound track

  11. Daniel yovo says:

    please i need the name of the taxi driver who took the prince to the village.thank you.

  12. Dats awesome.what a fantastic Nigerian movie i’ve ever watched!Beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder..

  13. i need the “world apart” nollwood movie in my mail

  14. ,

  15. Please its urgent i really need the name of the classical music that was played anytime d princes convoy was on transit.i learnt its yannis but am not sure says:

    Pls its urgent is it yanni music

  16. I watched parts 1 & 2 and was quite touched. Its such an educative and amazing movie. There is no condition that is permanent accordingly.

  17. I want to know the name of the artist and music playing in the background of this movie. Thank u

  18. Prosperogramz01 says:

    The movie is a nice one, I would like to watch it all over again..


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