World Of Honour

World Of Honour

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Nigerian Movie
World of Honour ~ 2009

(Feel My Pain ~ 2008)
Story – Chinweuba Nneji
Screenplay – Afam Okereke
Director – Afam Okereke

Mike Ezuruonye – Nonso
Uche Jombo – Nneka
Leo Mezie – Uzo
Amaechi Muonagor – Okeke
Christabel Egbenya – Eunice
Rose Ofuzim – Ugodiya
Cynthia Okereke – Ugonma
Louisa Nwobodo – Obioma
Sunny Williams – Nduka
Grace Olonta – Juliet
Uche Nna Nna – Sandra
Stella Okafor – Juliet’s friend
Uchenna Ubanwa – Favour
Gabriel Okorie – Dr
Benson Okonkwo – Best Man
Pat Edeh – Peace
Just Chucks – Nneka’s Boyfriend
Okwudili Ogbukeje – Care Taker
Emeka Edozie – Car Dealer

Infatuation Africa
Tradition Nigerian
Obsession Nigeria
Charms Africa

My Rating 78%

Nonso and Nneka are the best of friends. The friendship progresses to a romantic love and all of a sudden Nonso’s best friend Uzo has a problem with the relationship, claiming that he had his eye on Nneka first and only did not make a move because he was “assessing her character.” At the time Nonso is living with Uzo, only for Uzo to throw him out giving him no idea as to whathas caused the rift between them. It turns out that Uzo’s father had picked out Nneka as the girl he should marry but had not pursued it any further than suggesting it to his son as Uzo labelled Nneka, “a villager” and “classless.” Nigerian Movie


Mike Ezuruonye does brilliantly at displaying Nonso’s disheartenment and confusion at his former friend’s actions. The chemistry between Mike and Uche is fantastic and they have a great rapport. You can tell they really are friends in real life. Leo Mezie is good as the jealous and psychotic Uzo.

A confrontation and mediation takes place at Nonso’s brother’s house. Uzo goes to report Nonso to his brother. It is here that we find out that Uzo had rejected the idea to marry Nneka by his father many times. His behaviour is a clear case of jealousy. Now that he sees that his friend is happy with Nneka he wants to sabotage his happiness. Nneka herself is shocked when she finds out why Nonso was thrown out of the house. She calls him a “clown,” as she had never expressed any interest in him and neither him in her, so the whole situation is a complete shock. Nigerian Movie

Uzo is deranged and vows to wage a war against Nonso and to claim back, “his wife.” His father too is in agreement declaring, Nigeria

“not to worry, you will still marry her.”

Uzo puts the first step of his plan in action and hires some cultist thugs to kill Nonso. Nneka is in hospital after fainting with shock at hearing the news that Nonso is dead(stupid) when Uzo goes to visit, introduction himself to the hospital staff as “her fiancée.” Can we say PSYCHO? He is thrown out of the room but waits for her at the hospital exit to continue with his psychotic claims, telling her, “Lets go home.” It is at this moment that Nonso is wheeled in on a stretcher. He is not dead after all. Some men are really dangerous and have no shame. Uzo will not leave Nneka alone despite failing in his attempt to kill Nonso her telling his that she is in no way interested. Nigeria

Nneka and Nonso’s relationship quickly turns from blissful harmony to turbulent all at Nneka’s hands. Uche Jombo’s performance of Nneka’s polarised characters is flawless. She becomes disrespectful and belligerent not only towards Nonso but his family too. Even when she is caught cheating after spending four days in a man’s house Nonso vows to stick by her. The police arrest the guy she was with for, “keeping somebody else’s wife.”  How can the police go and arrest the guy that Nneka was with? How is that a matter for the police? She was there willingly. She was not kidnapped, and they are not even married. Since when did Fiancee become wife?

In the end they break up as Nonso is at his wit’s end. He temporarily gets with a woman called favour until his pastor advises him that Nneka is the woman for him,

“God has spoken Nneka is the right woman for you.”

We find out that Nneka’s behaviour is the result of charms used by Uzo and his father. What a cop out ending. I hate these cop out endings that are blamed on charms its so unoriginal and uncreative and takes the blame of the one that should be blamed and puts it in someone elses hands. Nonsense. Nneka behaved like a byatch because she wanted to. Why must everything be because of rituals and charms? Of course they arrange their wedding again, only to have psycho Uzo turn up at the house beforehand with a gun. It is left for us, the viewer to decide what happens next.

I would recommend this movie as it was engrossing and funny in parts. Great performances by the whole cast, only thing I didn’t like was the cop out charm storyline. PLEASE BE WARNED this film was released in 2008 under the title FEEL MY PAIN. The marketers are doing 419 again. Do not be a victim!!! They even had the never to advertise the film FEEL MY PAIN at the beginning of this movie only for me to see it was the SAME MOVIE!!! Eiwooooo!

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  1. from d storyline, d nme of d movie has nothng to do wth d stry.

  2. I must say I'm really impressed by your type of blog! I wanted to do something likethis until someone told me a lotof people were doing it. Yours is the first that Ive seen to be consistent and does a thorough job of reviewing Nigerian movies.

    I usually review blogs and I'm considering doing yours as well.

    Keep up then good work!

  3. Joy Nwachukwu says:


  4. nollywoodforever says:

    Thank you afronuts! Joy I watched Marital confusion… It was good to see Padita Agu back!

  5. actually, i watched both and decided i would have saved myself a whole lot of time if i had just seen the 'world of honour'.'feel my pain' is actually the first part. they are not the same but you still get the gist if you watch only 'world of honour'. and yes, they did do 419 but not that they're the same movie, but that the movie really didn't need 4 PARTS!! they were only about 40-50 minutes long which is pathetic if you ask me.

    • Ty when I watched World of Honour… the “Feel My Pain” advertised showed clips of the same exact thing I saw when watching World of Honour. The film felt complete so I cannot even imagine what they wanted to show!

      Another thing I am noticing is sometimes movies are called one thing and they have 4 parts with the same title and sometimes the same movie they change the titles of two parts. Case in point Through the Fire and Entanglement. Some people have watched Entanglement 1-4, whereas I saw TTF 1-2 and Entanglement 1-2.

      Sooo confusing!

  6. I am very annoyed with nollywood marketers- I watched this movie as 'feel my pain' and now find they have given it an entirely different name!

  7. what is the continuation of world of honour? i already watched it and feel my pain

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