Wrong Number


Wrong Number – 2010
Repackaged as Divert Call Sequel – Screen Saver
Story – David Owusu
Screenplay – John Izedonmi
Director – John Izedonmi
Producers – Onyinye Chidubem, Chiamaka Omechi

Nadia Buari – Josephine
Ecow Smith Asante – Isaac Antwi
Ini Edo – Adjoa
Nikki Samonas – Julia
Khareema Aguiar – Daniela
James Gardiner – Jackson

Mistaken Identity

NollywoodForever.Com Rating – 28%


Trouble brews when oga played by Ecow Smith Asante calls home to have the maid played by Ini Edo tell him that he is in his bedroom with his wife (Nadia Buari). He asks her to go to the room with a knife and take whoever is in the room with his wife hostage. It seems to be a misunderstanding as when the maid goes to stab the man in the room it turns out to be her oga. So who was it that called?

The premise of the movie sounds good, if not good at least ok, but the execution was horrible. The movie was slow boring and too far from what one could consider realistic or believable.


At the beginning there is a while flashback scene where they are playing loud music over the dialogue WTF the story is already confusing then we are being hindered from vital bits of info. Hissss! The flashback scenes go on way too long. The picture is severely restricted by the thick black fuzzy border and then on top of the sound restrictions. I could only help to think, what is the point. Watching husband and wife swimming for hours on end *yawn* where is the editing here?


Nollyforever Says What?

What kind of stupid maid is this? Your oga is telling you that he is at work and you are telling him he is in bed with his wife? Say What?

How is oga going to ask the maid to go to the room with a knife bribing her with school. Say What? How will she go to school from jail? Nonsense!

The maid actually stabs dude with a side swipe with barely any force and the guy bleeds to death. Say What? Um ok

It is confusing because Ini plays both maid roles. If they are twins then this is all too far fetched to be believable. If the ogas are different how wouldn’t she recognise oga’s voice? How stupid can you be to take directions from a random man on the phone? Say What? Na wa o


I would not recommend this movie as you could probably already tell from the extensive SAY WHAT? List. It did not hold my interest. I watched it in a few different sittings. I just about got through it but I’d warn others not to bother with the torture. It’s not worth it and to top it off the banality doesn’t end after two parts. There is a sequel to the Divert Call called Screen Saver. Give it a miss!

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  1. Goat maid. That's the only type of maid that could do all those

  2. Dat waznt bad …..was it!!!!!!!!!

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