Against All Odds

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Story and Screenplay by Funto Fatoba Thompson

Director – Tarila Thompson




Uche Iwuji – Sandra

Ramsey Noah – Roland

Enebeli Elebuwa – Anadi

Funto Fatoba Thompson – Rose

Chinwe Owoh – Agnes

Robert Peters – Mike

Joe Layode – Obi

Valentine Agwul Onu – Nna

Anita Hogan – Chizoda

Okocha Joseph – Johnson



Themes Explored:



“Saving Face”

Family Pressure

Traditional Worship






First of All… What’s up with Uche Ujuwi and the blue contacts? They look kinda scary… like she’s the devil incarnate. She’s chilling in her house in a wrappa, then *BAM* some ice blue contacts… I mean WTF? Are we supposed to believe they are her real eyes?


Roland is a playboy around town. His mother is desperate for him to get wed and more than once we hear that line that is so familiar among parents of adult children in Nigerian films,


“I want to see my grandchildren.”



Roland has promised Sandra marriage and although he does not really mean it his mother is pressuring his to find a wife, and so he turns up at Sandra’s house to use her for the task of appeasing his mother’s anxieties. He does not expect what he finds there. He enters her house only to find himself face to face with her Chief of a Sugar Daddy, who has just presented her a gift cheque for one million Naira. When confronted by Roland, she simply tells him,


“Mere promises from you will not make me compromise my social status and financial position.”


Roland is put in his place. He was under the impression that he was the one playing all the women in his life, and here is a woman that is playing him and not even ashamed about it or hiding it when confronted.


A fight breaks out at Sandra’s house between the Chief and Roland, after Roland smacks Sandra around the face. The Chief’s friend boxes Roland directly in the eye, almost knocking him out. This scene was so hilarious I could not stop laughing. After getting boxed up and squinting because of temporary blindness Roland tells his attacker;


“You are lucky eehh. Honestly – today is not the day I fight, otherwise eh, this chest that you are believing in eh… I would have done something TODAY.”


His bravado is too much. He then goes outside and tells his friend who is waiting in a car that FIVE men jumped him. The story changes dramatically in a bid to “save face.”


“You should have seen the way I scattered and destroyed all of them.”




Ramsey plays the character of Roland without fault. Roland is always getting himself into something and then tells lies to try and get himself out of a situation, only finding himself needing to tell more lies to cover the first lie.


On the day that he gets into the fight with the Chief at sandra’s house he goes home onlu to tell his mother and cousin that he had an accident on an okada.


His sister pipes up to say,


“But Brudda I saw you come with your car now.”


He then covers up the first lie with a story about crossing the road to fast and an okada smashing in to him (Oh yes of course that would explain the black eyes! LOL)


Roland gives up on taking Sandra to his mother as a potential wife and brings one of his girlfriends Linda to come and meet his mother and sister. Linda is jealous and possessive and mistakes them for his “other women” immediately launching into a verbal attack calling his mother an “old cargo” and his sister a “prostitute.” Roland is forced to physically remove her from the house to prevent utter chaos.


Later we see Linda bump into one of Roland’s friend’s Mike. She recounts the scene to him and Mike replies,


“Roland always told me you were short tempered. That is an understatement. You are a terrorist!”


This film has some wickedly funny lines and some really sharp one liners that will have you howling with laughter!


After the drama with these two girls Roland goes to the village to relax and get away from the chaos in the city that he has found himself embroiled in, only to get himself entangled  in fresh drama as a result of his falling in love with the village priestess, who happens to be his childhood sweetheart. You won’t regret watching this one!!! Nollywood African Nigerian film African movie


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  1. What ever happened to Tarila Thompson????
    This is one of the ones…..nice!

  2. Joseph unonu says:

    Helo friends , am i need ful detail of part 2 of this against all odds.

  3. Pls guys can some get me the movie “against all odds” 1&2. Have search for it all year but can not find it to buy not even online. Please help

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