Ghanaian Movie Review
Chelsea ~ 2010
Story – Abdul Salam Mumuni
Screenplay – Afe Olumowe
Director – Moses Inwang

Producer – Abdul Salam Mumuni

Majid Michel – Sylvester
Brenda Bonsu – Katy
John Dumelo – Marlon
Nadia Buari – Chelsea
Sa-Ada Sadiq – Cashier
Rispa Nyumutsu – Waitress
Amanorbea Dodoo – Chelsea Mum
Roger Quartey –Chauffeur
Jonathan Pali Sherren – Chelsea Dad
Dan Tei-Mensah – Greg
Artus Frank – Gideon (Chelsea’s Brother)

Spirituality African Movie
Dreams in Nollywood
Revenge in Nollywood

 My Rating – 76%

Sylvester played by Majid Michel is an artist who for the past four years has been obsessed by a girl that he has never met. He sees her in his dreams, and has such a clear picture of her in his head that he is able to sketch her portrait in detail. He cannot believe his luck when he actually meets the girl of his dreams in person. She turns out to be Chelsea (Nadia Buari) a friend of his childhood sweetheart Katy (Brenda Bonsu). He begins a relentless campaign to win her affections. Will he ever get the girl? We also see Chelsea’s boss Marlon vying for her affection, but everything is not as it appears on the surface.



This movie started off well for me. I loved the dramatic beginning with the tension filled chorded music. Even the credits made an impression on me with the names shown as splashes in waves of water. A very nice touch I must say. The stylishness of it all made me want to watch more, and I’m happy to say that the level of dramatic tension was sustained throughout the movie. I never felt bored or like I was sure what was going to happen next. Ghana

The mystery starts from the very beginning. We hear Sly (as he is fondly called by his wannabe girlfriend Katy) talk constantly about “her” and immediately you begin to wonder who exactly “her” is. Is she a ghost, a figment of his imagination or someone he once saw that will not leave his mind? This whole scenario reminded me a bit of Emerald and the whole being connected on a spiritual level storyline but this story was executed a whoooole lot better and more thought provoking.


The “Porn” Element

John Dumelo gets buck naked. It was not gratuitous or “pornish”, it was simply a man getting into a bath No doubt the purists will be on their game, stomping their feets and outraged at the sight of a man’s behind. Fugg what ya heard I loved the sight of it, and so will all of the women out their that love sexy, brown, hot chocolate Even the sex scene at the end of part two I thought was very tastefully shot. It was more sensual than explicit, with just flashes or arm, back and hands gripping the bed.



Both Majid Michel and BrendaBonsu played their roles well and I could feel the pain and emotional anguish on both parts. Majid excelled himself. I felt every portion of what he felt. He is most definitely in my top 3 Nollywood Actor list He just needs to make sure he stays away from movies like Gangster Prince and he will soar. John Dumelo was great as Marlon. Charismatic, cocky, arrogant, callous and scheming, he was all that and more. Nadia Buari fit the innocent virgin part well. Great casting on the part of the film makers.

The one actor that really put a spanner in the works was Jonathan Pali Sherren who played Chelsea’s Dad. In the beginning I didn’t notice how dreadful he was because he didn’t say more than one line. Oh the horror when Marlon came to ask him for Chelsea’s hand in marriage! I was CRINGING. He was so unconvincing; it was as though a prompter were right in from of him as he was reciting with no attention being paid to the words being said. If you must stick in horrors like this it is a good idea that they DO NOT SPEAK!


Memorable Scenes

My favourite scene was the part where Chelsea ceremoniously refuses Marlon’s proposal in front of all the company staff and tells him about himself on top of it. I had to give her a round of applause on behalf of all the women that he toyed with. It was great to see Marlon get the comeuppance he so deserved.

I was sooo sad for Chelsea at the end of Part 2 just before he takes her virginity. I just knew that Marlon had something wicked was planned for her when he told her,

“Nobody is going to understand what will happen afterwards except your husband”

Her naïveté wouldn’t let her read between the lines, but then again you wouldn’t expect your own husband to set you up on your wedding night after you have vowed to remain with each other through thick and thin.


You What?

There were a few things that I found to totally defy logic. There is a scene were Marlon turns up at Chelsea’s family house, not long after she has gained employment with the company and offers her plane tickets to “5 European countries, 2 Caribbean.” He tells her to take a month of work to use them. This was completely unnecessary and far fetched. I mean seriously, why not just one country? Who is doing 7 countries in one month? I understood that it was to show how extravagant Marlon could be, but it just did not work for me. Ghanaian Movie

Another thing that I shook my head at was the scene where Marlon newly born again comes to a work meeting and starts doing some hardcore preaching like it was a church service. That was totally inappropriate in a work setting. He didn’t need to do all that for the viewer to get that the guy is crusading for Jesus. It could have been a little more subtle. Chelsea of course was impressed by his big show of faith.

There seemed to be some confusion with the stance of Chelsea’s Dad, played by Jonathan Pali Sherren with regards to the marriage. Marlon asks Chelsea’s father for her hand in marriage and is told that the choice lies with Chelsea, but then it was strange because we then hear him telling his wife how the marriage between Chelsea and Marlon will be beneficial to him as he is seeking a contract with Marlon’s company, then we see him try to persuade Chelsea to go ahead with the marriage. You are either going to have him leave the choice to her or force her into it, not both, that didn’t make sense. Ghana

Why was Chelsea harping on and on about not wanting to marry Marlon because he didn’t tell her parents that he loved her. I thought that this was very weird because he DID tell them that he loved her. It was also weitd that her parents didn’t correct her on that. ghana

I loved the dream storyline but I am so surprised that Katy fell for it and did not at least accuse him of knowing Chelsea beforehand. As a girlfriend or someone that was interested in him you would think that that would be her reaction once she saw the picture that Sly drew of Chelsea, or perhaps she was confident that there was no possible way that they could have met before. If indeed that was the case I would have expected her to be way more freaked out than she was. That would have been a more realistic scenario to me.


I would highly recommend this movie. It was well casted, intense and original. I was however disappointed that by the end of two parts there was more to watch that I didn’t have. I guess I’ll just have to anxiously await the release of part 3. There was also eye candy for the guys and the girls. It just goes to show that you don’t need to get these awful non actors to play roles based solely on their good looks. There is beauty and talent out there. THUMBS UP!


After watching the part 3 to this movie I amended the rating from 82% to 76%. I’d still say it is well worth watching because the beginning was so good but the part 3 let the whole movie down big time. Alot of the beginning was repetition and the ending was just anticlimactic. I don’t know whether the fact that I had to wait around to watch the Part 3 just made me that little bit more disinterested.

I too had a problem with the timelines used. A few weeks or 4 years? Why did Chelsea sometimes refer to them having been together for 4 years. She wasn’t the one dreaming about him so how did that make sense?

What was up with her referring to Marlon causing her father to die? She just threw it out there and then there was no elaboration. Why mention it at all in that case?

My main problem with the part 3 was Marlon suddenly deciding that he loved Chelsea so bad that he was going to go to the moon if he had to to find her… FAKE! If it really was only a few weeks then how did it go from her begging him to stay and him mercilessly throwing her out to him declaring his undying love for her?

I would have understood if it were simply a power thing and he wanted control over her, or if he simply just wanted to take what his brother now had but none of this was indicated in the story which made the whole thing so so bizarre. What made him decide that he now loved her? What was the turning point? We don’t see any of this which makes the whole scenario higjhly unbelievable.

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  1. gifty williams says:

    i totally agree there is beauty and talent out there, this article is well written, BRAVOOOO Who ever you are

  2. NF: Chelsea's brother Gideon's name is ARTUS FRANK.

    The movie was alright….I mean for Abdul Salam Mumuni's movie. I think Chelsea's dad role was not necessary. I got confused when I heard him speak and it didn't make sense t me at all.

    Marlon's being extravagant about taking a trip 7 countries was completely pointless!

    If you found GOD, that's okay but why should he have to preach it at board meeting?? CUT! CUT! CUT!!!!!!!!

    My favourite of the movie was Chelsea(Nadia) told off Marlon(John), that part was well played by Nadia. I loved it!

    I really felt Chelsea's pain after seing herself on tv being watch by Marlon's friends in their house.

    I'm waiting for part 3.

    • Thank you Adwoa, how did you know that? Has he been in other movies?

      I really liked the movie. I know they are prone to overdoing things but maybe when he and Frank are not paired up together their works are better.

      The 7 country trip sounded ridiculous and then to say Europe and Caribbean? HUH? Better you say round the world trip!

      ME too! I'm waiting for part 3. I hope it comes out quickly… I hate having to wait forever.

      • i just saw nadia's broda in a preview of a movie "who me love". it also features majid, jackie appiah n dis popular older lady veteran in ghanawood.

        • The movie is called "Who Loves Me" starring Jackie Appiah, Majid Michel, Veteran actresses Rama Brew and Kalsume Sinare Baffour and new comer actor Artus Frank.

          • He was so minor didn't get to seem much of the Artus guy. Wasn't that impressed though.

      • Yes he's in the new Venus Film movie "Who Loves Me" with Majid and Jackie. There is also an article about him on

  3. oops n u gave silent scandal 76% n dis 82%…aww nolly c'mon…lol

  4. i saw the movie, i think it was ridiculously over stretched and predictable, i knew the bboss was up to some payback, but i had no idea how massive it would be.

    i think majid captured the role of a haunted and eccentric artiste, his ex gf/ nadiad friend needs acting lessons. i think john dumelo has a sexy bum,lol and he embodied the role perfectly. Nadias family-her bro, father and mum are really bad actors, slightly better than john mgbere.

    i must how ever state that the the movie only came alive to me shortly before the end of the 2nd part. i wouldnt give it an 82, maybe a 50,

    i think dumelo is an eye candy 🙂 and nadia's acting has really improved. same cant be said about van vicker tho

    • Ooooh you brought John into it! LOL I must say it was alive the whole time for me from beginning to end. I know I do catch flack when I rate Frank or Abdul's works highly but I can't say I didn't like it because they mostly make crap cos it would be a lie! Imagine Van had beem in Majid role? That would have been horrible…

  5. I thought she has been in the US for 7 years. I didn't notice anything about walls LMAO… If someone have dirty walls what is your own now? I enjoyed this one more than Silent Scandals and thats just the way it is! We will see if part two lives up to the part 1, but until then 82%!!!

  6. This Is A Good Movie!

    I Loved The Suspense

    It Was So Unpredictable For me.

    It Is Definetly One To Watch.

    I Think There is a part 3.

  7. I absolutely agree with Tammy, I kept fastforwarding this film because some parts were mundane and not worth waisting time on. I think Majid did a good job but i thought he had too much talent for the film. John Dumelo was SPOT ON!!! i think he was too much for the film too!

    Nadia's friend faild to impress me, she spoke fluently but that was just about it.

    NADIA NADIA NADIA!, I'm craving to see this girl really act. She's always playing beautiful. i want to see her ripped of all that and play it raw. Totally forget how she looks, get rid of the accent and give us a performance. Until then i'm yet to be impressed by her.

    Nolly na wa for you oh!! you rated it 82%

    • I'm sorry Bebe I disagree with you. I cannot share your sentiments because nothing about the movie bored me. Not too crazy about the girlies though. Nadia was better than Brenda but it was the two guys Majid and John that stole the show.

      • i totally agree,

        majid and john were amazing,

        seems like them ghana guys got swag!

        i liked nadia in the movie (for once),she seems to be improving. cant wait to see john dumelo again and hopefully he'll deliver. but for now MAJID is the king 🙂

        • For real I am feeling these Ghana guys!

          • Nolly, am beginning to have a rethink about the Ghana guys to, I think they are doing a great job. The one I don't understand sha is the new addition to their movie, I mean showing off their back side. Do we really have to see their nakedness?

          • I think with them it is mostly hit or miss and very little in between… As for Johns backside… I AM NOT COMPLAINING! I havent seen any of the proper "porn" ones anybody is talking about. I tried to watch Heart of Men but it was too awful for me to continue pass 30 minutes or so.

          • I tried to watch Heart of Men but it was too awful for me to continue pass 30 minutes or so.


            Nolly, give it another try. Yes, there are a couple of risqué scenes but it's really not that bad. I know we agree on absolutely everything but you can trust me on this one.

  8. Nolly: There is one thing I didn't find convincing at all, what company provides uniform with earrings? I mean the female staff were all wearing the same uniform with the red scarf but how come all three of them wore the same red earrings???? I found that very weird!!

  9. My best scene was during d party when Nadia said "I'M TOO MUCH TO BE CONSUMED IN ONE NIGHT"! OMG! I've been telling myself that ever

    The movie was nice but as earlier said i think u shld've rated Silent Scadal higher.

    P.S – You really review movies well, though i only read ur reviews after i've watched d movies (coz i don't like knowing d storyline b4 i watch)I look out for ur recommendations and what to stay far away from all d time. I'm an aspiring director/screen writer and i must say dat i learn alot from you.u are an inspiration!thumbs up!

    • Thank you for the compliement! Hope to see your work on the big screen soon!

      Chatty you are entitled to you opinion and no doubt I enjoyed Silent Scadals immensely but I did find this movie a little better.

  10. So I watched this movie…. SHAMAZING!!! 82% I agree!!! But after reading the review (I watched the movie first), I'm wondering… Did Sly know Chelsea beforehand? I believed the whole dream thing… Did he say something about knowing her? Did I miss something? Anywho… Love the reviews… They are normally on point!

    • Nooo I dont think he did. My point was from a logical point of view, even if he never knew this girl and only dreamed of her, if you saw a painting like the one he drew of her wouldnt your first instinct be to accuse him of having met her before?

  11. I mean with all the money Marlon has why must his bride look the same?? I was hoping to see Chelsea in some elegant gown and something different with her hair…what's up with that curly weave in her hair??

    i found that Chelsea looked the same in the whole entire movie.

    • Whats wrong with looking the same. I think it is a bit fake for someone to have ten different hairstyles in one day. When I think of myself and people I know their hair normally stays the same. There are changes in style every now and then but I find it quite normal to have the same hair. I been rocking the same hair for years. I might switch it up every now and then but essentially it stays the same.

  12. Nadia played a good part she did actor according to her character drama queen as usual,i am waiting for 3 and 4

    1 and 2 had me on the edge of my chair,THE STORY LINE IS GREAT

    • Yeah I fully agree about the storyline… I thought it was something different even if it was far fetched…

  13. Long time NF, am with you on that so far I enjoyed this one oh more than Silent Scandal, even though Genny is my best actress lol. I enjoyed the movie to the point that I hardly noticed those little flaws you pointed out. Good review and wonderful website makeover lol!

    • Oooh thank you… I have tried…

      Jumoke… correct Gal LOL I love genny too and even thought Silent Scandal was most definitely a good movie soemthing gripped me more with this one.

  14. TheChuckylee says:

    I think the standout performance was Majid.I didn't even watch the movie very well after I saw John strip(he seems to love it).I don't know why someone has to go nude in these Ghanaian movies everytyme.What was the point? Although sex sells, but not in every single movie.To me It's just a mark of low self esteem on the part of the ghanaian movie industry since the only way to sell the movie is through nudity,gross sex or intense smooching.Nolly, if u like go checkout the trailers of these new Ghanaian movies on youtube:The game and 4 play. I feel so ashamed by this(I'm Ghanaian)if this is the only way we can compete with nollywood since thats not what got them to the top.

    • Maybe he does love it lol but it is simply what he has been directed to do.

      I dont know whats up with this Ghanaian nudity maybe they will address it sometime soon to make us understand… I do not want to watch gratuitous nudity. If it makes sense for the story then I don't mind.

      • You just said it Nolly, if it makes sense! was there any reason for that strip part in the shower, absolutly No! Just get into the shower and pull the curtain or move on to another scene haba!

        • Why wouldn't it make sense? It makes sense to me, apart from the getting in the bath with no water… Now I've never done that except once and I was in a rush and so started lathering up in the bath as the water was running. I digress… If a man is walking to the shower why wouldn't he have his butt out? Some men do so that was not a big deal or gratuitous to me.

  15. Nolly Part 3 and 4 are out did u watch it?

    • I started watching Part 3 and I just felt a bit bored. Perhaps I will get back on it this weekend. What I watched so far was just repetition and some other stupid stuff. I don't know if it is just that my interest has waned because of the waiting or that the 3rd part just does not live up to the 1st two parts.

  16. i just saw the 3rd prt of the movie and its really disappointing. i dunno, but i think the actors.writers,directors/producers had forgotten alot about what actually happened in part 1 and 2.

    they werent even sure of the time frame,ometimes nadia and majid said they had been dating for 4 years( which means its 4 years after the "wedding"), another time nadia states she has been dating majid for a couple of weeks;

    she claims marlons act made her lose her father(death implied) but we see her father hale and hearty along with the other horrible actors who play her family. we do not even know why/how marlon has a change of heart towards nadia…this is really disappointing. Nolly please rate this movie a -50%. to be honest, i would have watched a plank (yes, a plank) than waste 1+ hour of my life on this crap.

    • Hmm This part 3 is really dissappointing so far. I will come back with my comments after I have watched the whole thing, I can, however already see things that don't even make sense. The first one being… Why is Marlon chasing Chelsea and putting out rewards after he is the one that told her to piss off… Shouldn't he be glad that she is gone?

  17. Hi NF, I finally watched Chelsea 3 and I must say I really enjoyed it. Abdul Salam Mumuni works well without Frank Rajah.

  18. shirley says:

    Great movie, fantastic directing! I think salam made the right choice by cahanging his director this time as it deeply reflects on the movie. It is so matured and far better than silent scandal. Thumbs up to the director.

  19. After reading this thread, the one thing I can say that most of y'all seem to b forgetthing, is that everybody is entitled to their own Opinion.

    minus 2 for me, nd I agree with u NF it was good, not predictable at all. Nadia earned a B- in my book today. Hope she excells working with Sparrow production.

    I give props to the ghanean writer bcoz finally a dialogue well written. (None of that nonsense of sayin one word repeatedly to make a sentence.

    e.g The scene where she asked questions to get to the proper diagnosis of Marlon's problem . I found myself not cringing but glued to my seat in the suspense… not even wanting to go to the bathroom when I had to… watching anxiously of wat he'll say next. Omg best scene yet, I was never bored, amazing… whew! finally.

    Ok about Chelsea's dad, I mean the guy didn't do a very good job but come'on u gotta give props bcoz @ least English came out of his mouth though he ws kinda slow. Who ever did the casting, got sumone who incorporates with Chelsea's skin, not bad… finally . unlike others who would put a Caucasian guy with no sense of character n was mute through the entire movie.

    of course there were confusing parts in the movie such as; The trip, might as well take her around the world… yeah I got confused in the 4 yrs relationship part coz Marlon also said that they were together for 4yrs, if I remember correctly.

    The ending was great, we dnt need a 4th part, woevers thinks it wasnt good. I must say Finally I was surprised nd contented that the last scene wasn't dragged to a hospital scenario. And let me tell you that I was also surprised when security interferes on time, good job -_-'

  20. The part 3 reveals Chelsea telling the story to her friend Katty…so the whole 1&2 was Chelsea telling Katty what happened. In the beginning we see Chelsea telling her brother Gideon that she's going to Akosombo to stay with a friend….that's was after Marlon had disgrace her to his friends and she has lost her relationship to her father.

    To LindaN: the 4 years ago relationship between Sly and Chelsea is in his dreams. He dream and thought about her for 4 years in his dreams.

    Overall I think Abdul Salam Mumuni should continue to use other directors because it goes to show that his movies are better off without Fran Rajah Arase.

    • To Adwoa: I did captured that part for Sly… However, the scene im referring to was a 2nd conversation with C.&M only, this time Marlon was sitting nd Chelsea standing wishing he was dead…

    • Adwoa with regards to the 4 year thing then why is it Chelsea who refers to their relationship as being 4 years old? I don't think they thought very well about the logostics. I don't remember her telling her brother anything but then perhaps I wasn't paying good attention!

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