Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures

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Guilty Pleasures ~ 2009
Prooduced by Emem Isong & Desmond Elliot
Story – Emem Isong
Screenplay – Uyai Ikpi Etim
Directors – Daniel Ademinokan, Desmond Elliot

Ramsey Noah – Tessa
Mercy Johnson – Boma
Majid Michel – Bobby
Nse Ikpi Etim – Liz
Omoni Oboli – Nse
Desmond Elliot – Mr Okoro
Rukky Sanda – Chidinma
Rob Loner – Kenechi
Paul Frank – Oriafo
Beverly Naya – Bella
Esther Eyibio – Efe
Leena Mourgabel – Janet
Archie Sam – Lucas
Ibiwari Etuk – Tosan

Relationship Issues

My Rating – 80%

This is a story about relationships, infidelity, betrayal, love and deceit. The story is told through a conversation at the beginning of the movie between two women in a travel agency. Liz played by Nse-Ikpi Etim feels neglected by her husband. In all their years of marriage she has never spent more than 5 consecutive days with her husband as he is always working and as a result away on business trips. He is also possessive and controlling, not allowing her to take up employment as well as dictating her wardrobe and friends. She has had enough and is driven into the arms of someone who should have been off limits.

Nse played by Omoni Oboli has been married for a mere 3 weeks and already the cracks are showing. When she met her husband he was a struggling photographer and she was the one supporting him. In four years of dating there was never any sign of cheating and then one day not long before their wedding he meets Boma in a bar during a business trip and everything changes. This one affair has devastating consequences.


After all the hype I was sooooo excited to see this movie, with the likes of Emem, the great cast and especially after watching the masterpiece that was Reloaded I could only imagine that this just had to be better. WRONG. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad or anything, as you can see from the rating, in the grand scheme of things it was a whole lot better than the average Nollywood fare. I guess having read the rave reviews and having watched Reloaded I was expecting this one to top that and for me it just didn’t.

I liked the way the story was told from the end backwards and the way the women’s stories were interwoven back to back, however the story with Nse, Boma and Kenechi was not properly explored or developed. It was as if it were a mere afterthought. It would have been better to either develop the story properly of scrap it totally. I also liked the use of the Facebook status to announce Bobby’s arrival in Nigeria. That was a nice touch.

Majid was the stand out performance for me. He is on fire as Bobby, Tessa’s brother. There was great sexual chemistry between him and Nse. With a smile that lights up a room he was so positively smouldering that he could create fire with a brick wall. The passion between him and Nse was intense and convincing, definitely more so than with Nse and Ramsey.

One scene that was very powerful for me was the face to face gut wrenching scene at the end of the movie between Liz and Tessa. Nse and Ramsey played their roles in this scene to perfection. Although Ramsey’s character is a heavily flawed individual and to some extent took his wife for granted we can still feel his pain in this scene and equally we can feel Liz’s turmoil in hurting him and ruining the relationship between the two brothers.

Two things that didn’t add up for me were the choice made for Liz’ friends. We had 3 young girls that were her friends that she would go shopping with. They also came to the house and were swooning over Bobby. These girls looked waaaaaaay younger than Nse. It was just not realistic to me. On one shopping trip it seemed like the clothing and baseball cap put on Nse was in an attempt to youth-ify her and it failed miserably. It only served to add age on her. These girls looked to be between 18 and 24 and Nse looked to be in her mid to late 30’s. It just didn’t add up. We see Nse shopping, no talking, just music for what seems like forever, just unnecessary.

The other thing that didn’t feel real at all to me what Nse as a fashion model. Yes she is pretty. Yes she has a nice figure, but fashion model. No. And the shots taken by Bobby did not look like they would be on the cover of any magazine either. Perhaps it would have been better if we didn’t actually see her modelling and pictures being taken of her, then we would only be able to use our imaginations. Actually seeing the modelling confirmed what we were thinking already – “Nah she doesn’t look like a model.”

I would recommend this movie. We learn a lesson about consequences for ones actions. It was a slow starter but it got way more engrossing towards the end of the first part. The picture was glossy and seamless. The special effects that were used were integrated well and used to great effect. A great cast was used with the exception with Rukky Sanda (I don’t know what she was doing there.) My only complaints would be that the movie did not feel finished, the undeveloped side story and the long drawn out non dialogue scenes that could have been cut out completely. However, on the whole… THUMBS UP. Nollywood Production Watch Nigerian African Movies Movie Reviews Review Lagos Idumota

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  1. Right! I have been waiting for you to review this movie as I kind of enjoy your down to earth take on these films.

    Will now go and watch it. Will let you know if I agree with your assesment later.

  2. i think majid was d icing on d cake…like u said, i felt dat d theme with mercy n d married couple was nt as detailed as i expected…too many unanswered question at d end of d movie made me wonder if i had skipped sm parts…lol..i actually had 2 rewatch d last 20mins again just 2 b sure…my fav movie will alwaz b Games Men Play…none of Emem's productions hav beaten it so far in my opinion…cheers!!!

  3. This Majid dude, that even has Verastic all wrapped around his finger…

    definitely gonna see this.

  4. Mmmm Nolly
    I thought you said you didnt enjoyit that much, so i was expecting like a 40% from you. What happened, Did you rewatch it and like it after all 😆

    Yes the part 1 was slow, but the part 2 made up for it and to me – I mean really – apart from Reloaded – in 2009 – name one other movie that beats this movie.

    None in my books.

  5. I watched the movie after all the hype and was disappointed. I would score it 60 myself. It was Okayish sha, they try.

  6. nollywoodforever says:

    I enjoyed it. I was just disappointed as I expected MORE! I was expecting like higher than Reloaded and after reading ur review I was so revved up with excitement so it was a bit of a come down. I mean comparison to all the other crap and repackaging nonsenese going on it was a breath of fresh air. Ur right there hasnt been anything that good this year. The situation is dire.

  7. nollywoodforever says:

    The one that I thought was a load of crap was Heart of Men… Although I cannot make an accurate asessment as I didnt even get half way!

    • OMG……………Heart of Men was a waste of my time!!!!!!!! I mean Abdul Salam Mumuni and Frank Rajah Arase…what was you two thinking maknig such nonsense???? This movie is beyond pitiful…in fact I was disgusted by it.

      Another one of his stupidity is coming soon entitled "Queen's Pride" with the same USELESS sex scenes between Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo.

      I don't even understand why these actors indulged themselves with such nonsense!!!

  8. The best scene indeed was the last one!! I really felt the pain of Ramsey and the fear of Nse when he almost raped her!!! I also adored Mercy in her role.
    But like you, I really expected more from the movie!!!! The women having an affair with her husband brother is déjà vu.
    I'm an ivorian but I follow you each time I can!! I like nigerian movies a lot!!!

  9. thanks a million think i can now try and watch it, have been waiting for so long, anyway think i will go and get one but was expecting a higher rating.

  10. I kinda like this movie more than the rating you gave it. The beginning was very slow but the movie picked up from the part two. My only problem was the lack of chemistry between Nse and Ramsey, THEY DID NOT REALY CLICK! Apart from that they were both great in their acting roles. Hmm Majid was the icing on the cake, he delivered very well. Am waiting on you to review garden of love and tears if you have seen it, if not please give it a shot. For the he

  11. nollywoodforever says:

    Jumoke what would you have given it? As for Nse and Ramsey do u think that it was intentional to show how distant they had become in the relationship?

  12. Nolly, I am yet to see this movie. But have been waiting to see it. it sounds good enough….

  13. So who thinks there should be a continuation to this movie. Do you think the movie ended well or you would rather there be some sort of continuation.

    If you were a script writer how would you twist the story line in the sequel to this movie?

    By the way there is no confirmation from Emem and her team of there ever been a continuation – but am just thinking out loud – cos i personally wish there was a sequel.

    • nollywoodforever says:

      Tell It Like It IS. I don't know that it needs a continuation, although perhaps if there was it would focus on the story involving Omoni Oboli and Mercy Johnson, so it would make sense to us why it was included in the first place.

  14. Nolly, I would have given it a 90% lool. 🙂

  15. Well Nolly, I would give Reloaded 95%. They are both interesting, but I believe Reloaded is more interesting than Guilty Pleasures.

  16. The acting was off the hook in this film. The wife Liz acting was fantastic, she was so believable. She should have ended it with her husband before screwing the brother, no matter what was happening at home. She should have gotten herself a puppy if she needed attention or go read a friggin book. She ruined 3 lives hers, her husband and his brother. Fabulous movie.

  17. Different strokes, I guess. In my opnion and so many others', this was even better than reloaded. I just so loved it. I have never seen Ramsey perform so good since Dangerous twins.
    Very simple every day story but well treated with a perfect cast.

  18. oh i left a comment on emem pg wen i 1st watched d movie, she replied dat she wasn't comin up wit any sequel…sad, cuz i wud hav loved a sequel too…lol

  19. Finally watched it and have to agree with you most of the way. I would give it a lower rating though.
    I don't know, but Nse did not bring the acting home like she did in reloaded. Whilst Omoni is extremely well spoken, I was unable to determine if she is a first rate actress. I reckon there wasn't much scope in this role to really exhibit.
    I totally agree with you on Majid. He was pretty good.
    On Mercy, talk about bringing sexy back in an earthy african way (sans bra strap; could the costume people not find her a strapless bra). I loved the scene where she told the Kenechi guy to take care of his nether region after the brief snogging.
    In all, I believe it is a commendable effort by Emem and Desmond. Hair and make up need to improve in Nigerian movies. I mean, how much will it cost to ensure everyone's hair is not looking frizzy. Otherwise good offering

    • Great comment. You make some valid points. I didn't see any problem with Mercy's hair like some people have been talking about. I too thought she looked good with it! didn't notice anythign about her bra straps though.

      I toyed with a lower rating but then I think that was only because I thought that this was going to be better than reloaded, in comparison to alot of the other stuff I have watched it was still better by miles.

  20. Thanks NF. Actually I liked Mercy's hair but thought I was a bit biased as I am into the natural hair stuff and all. May not be everyone's cup of tea. The bit about the bra strap was when she came to look at the house on Omoni's insistence.
    Another thing I agree with is the non development of the story btwn Omoni and Mercy. Have you ever been allowed to walk into the massage room when another client is getting done. Am I being to nice or something? That was lack of creativity at best. Meeting like that….

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