Hideous Affair

Hideous Affair

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Nigerian Movie
Hideous Affair ~ 2010

Story – Pascal C Ezenwa
Screenplay – Francis Umeh
Director – Ikenna Ezeugwu
Producer – Ikenna Ezeugwu

Chioma Chukwuka – Mary
John Paul Nwadike – Stanley
Enebeli Elebuwa – Chief Tony
McKenze – Chief Uzor
Esher Olise – Kelvin
Ochuko Kingsley – Mr Jack
Afeez Ayetoro – Monga
Eleonwu Umora – Dr Vincent
Sammie Lee – Emeka

Societal Norms

My Rating – 37%

Mary believes that her man Kelvin is completely and totally faithful to her, but he is in actuality moonlighting as a gigolo after his friend introduces him to a rich widow who will pay him to take her loneliness away. From sleeping with a woman for money Kelvin falls deeper into the seedy world of sex for cash under the influence of his friend who is sleeping with another sort of clientele altogether. Nigerian Movie


I am not one of those people that believes that if you don’t show homosexuality it will cease to exist. I am not one of those people who is opposed to showing homosexuality in movies. It is life, homosexuals are people too, and why shouldn’t they be represented? What I am opposed to is stupid movies like this using taboo subjects like homosexuality simply for the purposes of sensationalising. This movie did not to me represent real homosexuals Nigerians. It seemed to be conjured up in the mind of someone who has had no contact with homosexuals and had done no research. Nigerian Movie

The dialogue was just not realistic to me. Francis Umeh did you actually THINK before you wrote a lot of this trash? Nollywood

In one scene Mary asks Kevin,

“When we were at the hotel, the guy that was staring at you with a lot of curiosity and lust, do you know him or…?”

What woman is going to ask her man if he knows a man that was staring at him with lust? That means you think the dude is gay, and if you think he is gay why wouldn’t you just ask him, or dump him. RUBBISH. Is it normal to ask your boyfriend about guys that are eyeing him up? Nigeria

The movie was verging on comedic in parts. It was hilarious to me that all the men in the movie were getting harassed and ravished by the women and fighting them off., claiming tiredness and headaches but going completely gaga in the presence of young guys. We see Stanley bribing a guy with money not to tell anyone about their encounter and to keep on coming back for repeat episodes and the bald chief screaming and squealing like a girl as he is about to ravish his guy. Nigeria


The lusty sex mad gay man stereotype is upheld in this movie. In one scene we see the bald chief practically molesting Kevin in a restaurant; he is all up on him trying to grope the hell out of him, IN A FREAKING PUBLIC RESTAURANT! Come on now, where would you see that in Nigeria? Never I say unless it was a specific hang out spot for gay people. A man may be indiscreet when having extramarital affairs with a woman, but with a man? NO WAY do I buy it. Nigerian Movie

I didn’t like the fact that they tried to link homosexuality with paedophilia and incest. That is absolutely absurd. Because you are gay does NOT mean that you fiddle with kiddies. I mean you could fiddle with kids in the same was that a heterosexual could fiddle with kids but the two are not linked. This thinking is implied when Chief tells Kevin,

“I don’t have a child of my own, that’s why I need boys like you around me.”

Societal Norms & Taboos

We see these obviously gay men getting married to women simply to fit into the category of what society at large says is “normal.” Clearly homosexuality is a taboo in Nigerian culture so there is a fear of what people will say or do about it. Perhaps in Nigerian society were more tolerant then gay guys could just live their lives as they wanted without dragging innocent and unsuspecting women into the charade, as this can only cause feelings of hurt, shame and rejection on the women’s parts.

I would not recommend this movie. In short it was stupid and unrealistic. The ending was rushed and a cop out like they didn’t know where to go with it, loose ends didn’t tie up and the story wasn’t cohesive. It seems like they just wanted to make a movie about a taboo subject for shock value and didn’t put any real thought, research or care into it. Not impressed Chioma Chukwuku look how long you have been away and this is what you come back with. NOT GOOD!NIGERIAN MOVIE

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  2. Ralphina says:

    Nolly, I completely agree with you on your comments about homosexuality in movies. The writers seem to just throw it in the script to add shock value to the movie and it ends up being stupid.

    I'm reminded of the scene in Reloaded where Rita catches her boyfriend/fiance with the white guy. Pure shock value. And it worked, because I was definitely shocked.

    Usually, I agree with your reviews on movies, so I'm going to skip this one—Hideous Affair indeed!.

    • Ralphina… this one was just ridiculous… just pointless nonsense… I think that the scene where Rita caught her boyfriend with another man in Reloaded actually fitted in very well. They were making a point about "what seems to be" there was meaning and relevance in including that in the plot unlike this Hideous Affair nonsense.

  3. No story lines in those..


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