Oby Edozieh’s Movie Premiere in Abuja


Actress Oby Edozieh is back in Nollywood and this time she is calling all the shots as the producer. I always used to marvel at the scantiness of her eyebrows but truth be told I have missed her a little bit since she has been gone. My most memorable performance of hers was with Rita Dominic and Pat Attah in IMMATERIAL. I picked up a copy in Tobago (See even when I’m away I need my fix) and I absolutely loved her in that movie. The way she was spitting lyrics in pidgen and being so razz with it, she was just on point! If you haven’t seen that movie, I reccommend that you do!

The movie “Save Our Souls” was shot on location in India and London, and is a story about cancer and the emotional and psychological trauma that comes with it, along with its effect on victims and their families. I’ve not yet come across a trailer, but as with any movie that covers serious topics like this I have high hopes that it it is well told.

So I received this Press Release and photos in my inbox, and what amazed me was the fact that they spelt her name as “Oby Edizien.” What can I say but WOW! How are you meant to be promoting someone and you can’t even get their name right? BIG BIG insult. I don’t even know the chick but I know enough to get her name right! Well I can’t figure out if it is with an H or without and H but I for sure know that it is not the way it was spelt on the press release!  And I’m not the one getting paid to promote her!!!

It is not common to see politics and entertainment meet at the same venue except at political rallies but this story changed on the 26th of August, 2010, at the prestigious Transcorp Hilton Hotel in Abuja as Government officials in the likes of the Minister for Health Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, Minister for Women affairs, Iyabo Obasanjo, and Nollywood stars mingled together at the premiere of Oby Edozieh’s ‘Save our Souls’. Here are some pictures telling the tale of the faces at the event. I see Lilian Bach too! She looks nice, even though I didn’t like watching her when she was around. Its also nice to see Enebeli Ebuwa in fine form after the incident with his eye.

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  1. babes is that izu ojukwu i see up there in ur blog header? and i was skeptical about this film but i'll buy it just cuz of u.

    • Ha Miss expert you tell me! LOL I don't know who it is its just a pic I came across! As for this movie please don't go and get it and blame me. I havent watched it LOL

      • Hey Nolly,

        Love your reviews. I love Nollywood movies myself but I don't want to waste my time watching crappy ones. I'll just stick to your "most definitely" tagged movies.

        Have you watched "High Blood Pressure" and "Letters to a Stranger" with Yemi Blaq? Please can you review them if you have?


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